Happy Friday + Call for Pattern Testers [CLOSED]


The house: a disaster. The food: completely reliant on Trader Joe’s frozen food section. The “studio” (aka my bedroom where I sew): unspeakable.

And in an effort to walk my talk, I’m calling uncle and reaching out for help: is anyone out there willing to pattern test for book #2? I’ve already roped in a few wonderful folks, but I definitely need more testers as the sewing book I’m currently working on has over 20 projects. If interested, please email me: sanaeishida13[AT]gmail.com. These are super simple (I hope), beginner-friendly projects and I want to make sure I’m not writing up gobbledygook!

[Update: Oh my goodness!! The response has been overwhelming, and I’m beyond grateful. I have more than enough at this point and will contact you individually over the next few days. THANK YOU!]


Okay, I feel better after typing that. Some housekeeping: Furoku membership sign ups will close at the end of today, and I’m so so so close to getting it done but I’ll need just a few more days for furoku #2.


I was giving K a synopsis of The Age of Miracles (such a great book!), about how each day keeps getting longer and longer.

She said, “Maybe the sun had too much caffeine.”

Love that.


Happy Friday, and have a lovely weekend!!

I’m behind behind
Not trying to humble brag
Thanks for being kind* 

*I’ve had to ask way too many people for favors (for babysitting, for extensions on deadlines, for moral support, for a hug) and I feel lucky to be surrounded by kind souls. That includes you, my friends.

P.S. I’ll be posting on Tuesday of next week instead of Monday to celebrate the official launch of Little Kunoichi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ack!!

17 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Call for Pattern Testers [CLOSED]

  1. This project sounds like lots of fun! I cannot pattern test because of my market commitment, but I am sending you lots of positive energy.

  2. you already know I”m available to you:) So eager to help make book #2 become a reality!
    May you have as restful a weekend as possible:)

  3. I would love to pattern test for you. So enjoy reading your posts, whatever the subject, your words often resonate.

  4. One day i forget to check your blog and I miss this! Sounds very interesting, this 2nd book of yours.

  5. Hello Sanae!

    I tried the email, but got an error… and I couldn´t resist volunteering as tester!
    I´m Andreia, I live in Portugal, and absolutely love japonese sewing books and patterns. I have women and kids books and sew a lot for them and myself.
    I blog at http://inamannerofsewing.blogspot.pt/ and i´m at IG @andsalgueiro.
    I know you closed the tester call a few days ago, but I hope I´m not too late and you may consider including me! I would be honoured and thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful project!
    Thank you!

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