Monday Outfit: Coral Giraffe Print


Good morning! This week, I decided to sew up something that I knew K would absolutely love. It’s knit, it’s animal print, and it’s bright. The trifecta of success. This tiered tunic is from this book, and because the largest size goes up to only 125cm and K is squarely a size 130cm now, I added 4cm to the length. I need to try to sew more from this book before K completely outgrows it — so far I’ve sewn this and this and this from it and there are a few more that’s on my sewing docket!

coral-giraffe-print2 coral-giraffe-print3

And why stop at just a tunic when I can make a pair of matching leggings? The effect, admittedly, is pajama-esque and a little overwhelming, but my hunch was right and K loves the whole ensemble. I used the pattern from this book for the leggings, and I actually didn’t have enough fabric, so these are shortened by about 8 inches.


This very cool giraffe print is from Drygoods and is a rayon/lycra blend – super easy to sew!


I had a full day to sew on Saturday, so not only did I sew this top and leggings, but also cut out four more pairs of leggings in various colors. The leggings — or “spats” as they’re called in Japanese — situation has been problematic since she’s either outgrown or completely worn through all the ones I’ve made in the past. I gently suggested to her that perhaps she’d like to wear the top and bottom separately, so she styled it with one of the other new leggings I sewed up in some thick, mystery, aubergine knit (these are too long, so we had to roll them up a bit):


Nice. Much less jammies, no? But who are we kidding? She’ll be wearing the full-on combo out and about next time. The cardigan is the one I made for her first day of third grade – it’s one of her very faves. You can see it up close and personal here.

coral-giraffe-print4 coral-giraffe-print7

My little coral giraffe girl — such a sweetie. She told me last night, “Mama, I try really hard to be a good person. I’m very successful at it most of the time.” Gah. Love her.

14 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Coral Giraffe Print

  1. Little girls are beyond cute and sweet!! And , this outfit is divine. I love your fabrics and I love your styling.

  2. The outfit is really cute! I think is great that you this time make something that is not very your taste, but K is over the moon with it. That is very brave and nice of you. i love the print of the fabric, it is brilliant. Also the length of the leggings is very nice.

    1. Haha, yes, this is definitely not my typical go-to linen or stripey fabric, but it’s very fun and I love to see K’s happy reaction!

    1. I just can’t get enough of all the things she says and often wish I’d recorded more! The old brain isn’t what it used to be and I keep forgetting! 😉

  3. I love that giraffe print, I’d like some for myself! Such a cute outfit & your daughter really looks like she loves it! I’m looking forward to sewing more for my son as he grows.

    1. It’s so fun to sew for the itty bitty littles! I was thinking as I was sewing this tunic how BIG K is getting – I think I can sort of kind of squeeze into this tunic myself 🙂 Thank you, Kathryn!

  4. K, my little spiritual teacher. I will work on being very successful at loving myself most of the time now. How blessed you are to be her mother!

    1. K is a little Zen master! In fact, she went through a brief phase of carrying around this miniature Zen teachings book that my mom found at some garage sale and K kept reading me bits and bobs. I was learning a lot :-).

  5. I totally agree with Ute above. I find myself to be looking forward to her nuggets of wise thoughts as much as I am looking forward to your sewing.

  6. Man, after all this time reading about K, I feel like I know her as I would one of my daughters’ friends! And therefore, can’t help but to love her:) While I”m partial to the second outfit (with contrast leggings and cardigan), I can understand why she’d want to wear the giraffe prints together:) If one giraffe print piece is good, wouldn’t two together be even better?!
    And sounds like she has a great perspective for life – being a “good person” will carry her far!

    1. You and me both (regarding the outfit styling choice), Lucinda! Sometimes she bowls me over with these pithy comments that she makes. Why oh why have I lost so much of that inherent wisdom as I’ve grown older?? I feel like I’m constantly relearning the important stuff I probably knew and believed with utter conviction as a pre-teen. 🙂

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