Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! This is the unedited and un-styled area that is my helter skelter “workshop” right now as I dash madly into the completion phase of my interior illustrations (I have a little more time to work on the final cover). I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and experiencing a generous dollop of self-doubt while having the time of my life. It feels a little like the moment I stood at the edge of the bungie jumping bridge in New Zealand, ready to leap. Terrifying and exhilarating and not knowing what to expect. June 1st is the day of reckoning when the illustrations are due, wish me luck! If you’re curious about the paints I use, here’s the 411:

Caran D’ache Gouache

Stockmar Gouache

Angora Watercolors

Schmincke Watercolors

I mix and match and have had these pan sets for many, many years. I have some tube gouache and watercolor paints too, but I’m partial to these types of sets. Some are more of an investment than others, but they all produce beautiful colors. I love them so much!


Giveaway winner announcement: congrats to sweet Em, you should have received an email from me already! Thank you all so much for all the podcast/tv show recommendations – there are so, so good and I’m checking them all out!!


K: Mama, if you could have 8 wishes, what would they be?

Me: Hmmmmm….I would wish for these things:

1. Good health
2. Loving and positive relationships
3. Meaningful work
4. Enough money to meet all our needs for the rest of our lives
5. Time to create and read and learn and have fun
6. My own studio
7. A comfortable and inviting home
8. Opportunities to travel often and all over the world

K: Oh. I was thinking pretty shoes or books or a big swimming pool…


Have an awesome weekend, friends!

For the second week
skipping the Monday Outfit
More free fabric though*

*I won’t be sewing for K this weekend, but look forward to another giveaway!

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Well, I could use a pair of pretty summer shoes 😉 I am happy to hear you are having the time of your life! May it last a little longer! Happy Friday, Happy weekend!

    1. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Ute! I too would love summer shoes, but apparently I felt the need to indoctrinate my child with cliched self-help ideology! 🙂

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