PRE-SPRING TAGS – February 2021

I painted a little gift tag for a friend’s birthday present last week, and loved loved loved the organic way it looked so I painted a few more. Might they come in handy for your gift-giving needs? Even though we’re still firmly in winter, I’ve got spring on my mind, so let’s call these “pre-spring tags”. To download, click here.

As with most of my printable cards and tags, I recommend using thicker, textured paper like this one.


Here’s a Mother’s Day gif I made in case you’re running a bit behind schedule and have decided to opt for a digital card for this Sunday. :-). You can download the gif here.

I also designed some quick mini cards and a matching envelope. Print, cut out, glue the flaps of the envelope, write a sweet message (I included an all-purpose card that can be used for other occasions) and you’re good to go. Click on the images below to download:






This is a quick little puppet theater I put together with Easter in mind. We’re having a mini, quarantine-appropriate egg hunt this year, where the kids get their own sections (social distancing!). I thought this sweet and easy project might add a spark of creativity for the weekend and beyond. The “stick puppets” can also be used as tags/cards for any baskets or gifts. To make the puppets, simply cut out the shapes and tape a stick or pencil to the back. The puppet theater probably works best taped to the edge of a box (you’ll need to cut out or open up the back of the box too). You might come up with an even better idea — let me know if you do!


Click the image to download:


Here’s a fun little game I created based on the animals (plus a few extra) that I included in my latest book, ANIMAL FRIENDS TO SEW (publication date: April 2020).

In addition to offering up entertainment and some teachable moments via the classic Bingo game, if you print two copies of the labeled animal cards, you can play a matching game as well. Huzzah!


Due to the file size, I had to create two separate files. To download, click on the images or on the links below:

Download instructions and labeled animal cards

Download score cards

Click on image below for Instructions and Labeled Animal Cards:










Click on image below for Score Cards: