Willow + Co Aster Cardigan


And we’re back with the light grey walls. I’m a big fan of Vanessa‘s style and sewing. I’m an even bigger fan of her photography – she captures the light masterfully and her daughter is gorgeous and seems so sweet.

I had the luxury of selecting a variety of patterns from the Willow & Co collection, and I definitely wanted to give the Aster Cardigan designed by Vanessa herself a whirl.


As I’d hoped, it came together in a New York minute (actually more like a Seattle minute, which is a little slower), and it’s my favorite kind of style: modern with a nod to vintage.

I cut out the size 8, and in retrospect, I should have gone up one more size as this knit jersey was stubbornly un-stretchy. On the bonus side, it made sewing with it very easy. You might recognize this golden stripey fabric from this dress,Β  a perennial favorite around here.


I cut out the sleeve cuffs incorrectly, so they’re not exactly matching, but I say it gives it character, and you probably didn’t even notice (see how I do that? It’s a sickness — I can’t help but point out what I did wrong).

The only change I made to the pattern was that instead of folding the hem twice, I serged and just folded once to finish the bottom hem. Otherwise, it seemed like it would be too short.


Such a sunny cardigan! Please ignore the rumpled linen pants (from here). The photoshoot took place in a New York minute as well, and ironing was low on my priority list…


Thanks again for including me in the Willow & Co fun, Vanessa!


18 thoughts on “Willow + Co Aster Cardigan

  1. This is so pretty, sunny, and cheery! I love the shape too with that adorable collar. It makes me want to make something like this for me!

    Oh, and I wouldn’t have noticed the cuff aspect had you not said something!

  2. Ah, love this! And how beautiful would it be with the olive green Fawn Lily πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Mie! I was actually trying to get the cardi done to pair it with the Fawn Lily, but ran out of time. I was inspired by a stylish camping backpack in olive and mustard.

  3. stripes + yellow – two of my favorite things!!! it’s so bright and cheerful and will look awesome with just about everything πŸ™‚

  4. such a perfect spring wardrobe addition! And slightly jealous you have so much of that wonderful yellow striped knit – it looks fabulous on K! This was my favorite pattern of the Glamping collection and the one I actually purchased upon sight (remembering the awesome outfit she had made Sydney for Project Run and Play). My Lilah loves to wear cardigans and once she gets over the collar thing, I”m hoping this will become a staple here as well:)
    As for the mismatched cuffs, it adds to the handmade quirky charm!

    1. I love this pattern! It’s such a quick and easy sew, don’t you think? And Vanessa’s instructions were so clear and thorough, it made the whole process a breeze. I bet the version you made for Lilah is adorable, Lucinda!

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