Monday Outfit: Rosy Knits


Let’s face it. As much as I can’t seem to stop sewing with linen, nine times out of ten, K will reach for the knits. I’ve long stopped feeling intimidated by the slinky, stretchy stuff, but I have to admit that it’s not my favorite type of fabric to sew. But I get it. I reach for the comfy knits too, both store-bought and handmade (I’m only into day five of Me-Made-May and I’ve worn knits four times).


So when K asked if I would make her a knit top with a giant honking bow where her boobs would be, well…I said, “one giant bow over boopies coming up”. That was her special name for the mammary glands up until last year, and I’ve always been partial to it.

It was handy that I happened to have a pattern that fit the bill exactly from this book. However, for some reason I didn’t love the way it looked with the long sleeves:


So I decided to go sleeveless, and bias bound the arm holes. Not my neatest work, but it turned out just fine. The fabric is a slithery, luxe/lush rayon blend, and I made a henley out of it a long, long time ago with it. So satisfying to use up every inch of a piece of fabric!



K gave it a professional appraisal, declared it “beautiful” and then had to knock off points because the neck opening was too tight for her noggin to fit through comfortably. I left the serged hem exposed to balance out the sweetness of the bow, and I love how the gathers make the top so swingy.


Because the bow is sort of loose, tethered only by the center loop, I’m inclined to call it the droopy boopie top, but luckily I doubt anyone would notice were it not for my penchant to point out these things.


As soon as I finished making the bow top (the literal translation comes out to “Ribbon Top” but that didn’t seem accurate), I spotted another piece of knit jersey that I’d used before but had enough left over for a long-sleeved version. This time, I left the bow off.


Not a lot to add for this stripey version since it’s a glorified tee, but it’s even swingier than the other one.


The fabric is extra special to me since it’s what I used for my initial grown-up sewing project when I finally decided to get over myself and my body issues. It was just a simple tee, but at the risk of sounding dramatic, it changed my life.


But we were talking about droopy boopie tops and swingy long-sleeved tees that are definitely not changing K’s life.Β Despite K’s complaint that the tops are hard to put on, I’m certain these two rose-colored tops will be in heavy rotation. They’re cute, comfy and cool (I was straining for a more original and clever alliteration there. Foiled) — what’s not to love?

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Ours was filled to the brim with fun activities and I’m looking forward to a productive week. I think my favorite part was taking K and her best friend to see the movie Bears. Utterly charming!



23 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Rosy Knits

  1. Both of these are so cute!

    How do you finish the end or a serged hem on a tube (like the bottom of the shirt)? is there something you have to do to ensure that it doesn’t unravel?

    1. Hi Jams! So I usually make a little knot as close to the edge of the hem and leave a tail of about five inches. Then I get a needle with a big eye, and weave the thread through the serged stitches on the wrong side of the fabric and cut off any straggly bits of the thread — does that make sense? I’m happy to do a visual too!

  2. I don’t usually use texting slang (my age won’t permit it:), but I must use LOL here! Droopy boopie top? I’m sure that endearing term will pop into your head every time K wears that top!
    I love both these tops! The swingy back is my favorite feature – fun to wear and looks so cute (see – I’m borrowing one of your alliteration words). And the colors are the perfect soft shade – I esp. love the heathered one. I chuckle a bit to myself when I picture K requesting a top with a big bow across the chest and you just happen to have the perfect pattern for it – of COURSE you do!
    Glad to hear your weekend was good, and hopefully restorative for your health as well. Are you super busy with the book as well?

    1. That was pure luck that I happened to have a pattern that exactly matched what she wanted πŸ™‚ Thanks for the well wishes, Lucinda! Yes, I got lots of rest, which was great. I’m steadily working on my book. I still have some time so I’m not quite feeling the pressure yet, but that may change soon…

  3. Er… droopy boopy top? You’re not exactly making me want to rush out and make that top, are you? Ha ha ha!

    Your daughter looks super cute in them, and I do think they are great tops. Great job!

  4. I love these! I think it was a good idea to leave of the bow on the second one. I agree that the bow looks better on the short sleeves. They look so comfy!

    1. They’re very comfy, and I’m a little suspicious of K’s claim that it’s hard to get her head through the neck opening…she was pretty cranky yesterday! πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Amber!

  5. I love the swingy-ness of the tops! They’re super cute. Is there a way to cut a little keyhole at the back of the neck and put a little button and loop to make them easier to put on? You could just use the serger to make the cut.

    My little one’s term for boopies is beeboos, I love when they have their own words for things πŸ™‚

    1. Love beeboos! So cute! That’s a good idea with the keyhole, Alana — I’ll have to investigate that, thanks!!

    1. Hanna Anderssen has such cute clothes! There’s an outlet here in Washington, and I remember I got K a pink polka dotted, fluffy white coat from there ages and ages ago before all this sewing shenanigan started…thanks, Rachel!

    1. Knits are the way to go, Isabelle! She wore the stripey one to school today and now loves it. πŸ™‚

  6. Droopie boopie?! LOL! Love the tops and had a good laugh at your droopie description πŸ˜‰
    I’ve been way too busy this last six weeks, hardly any blog reading at all, so lots of catching up to do, looking forward to checking out your creations of this period!

    1. Oh, I totally understand how busy life gets, Nienke. I’m not doing a very good job keeping up with my blog reading either (I’m blaming deadlines!). Thanks for stopping by!

  7. The 3rd and 6th picture of K from the bottom is/are(?) amazing. Her posture and expression are very strong and beautiful. What an incredible girl. The tops are cute, too πŸ˜‰

  8. Thank you, Ute! She’s got the modeling thing down, I tell you. Nowadays she’ll say, “Hang on, Mommy, let me get a prop!” πŸ™‚

  9. Love both of these. the swinginess is really nice and the fabrics look gorgeous.
    Getting dressed with my kids at the swimming pool my daughter was asking where I’d got my jeans from, where I’d got my undies from and then “where you get that boobie holder from, mum?”

  10. Droopy boopie – hilarious!! Both of these tops look so cute and comfy. I like that you left the sleeves off the bow top and then the bow of the long sleeve version. I think they look better that way. The tops also look really great paired with the skirt.

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