10 Minute Jam


No joke, this jam took less than 10 minutes to make. I do have to mention that a microwave played a major role, and I’m usually not one to rally behind nuked foods. But when a recipe claims to take a mere ten minutes, well, I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.


When it first came out of the microwave, the mixture had ballooned considerably and then slowly deflated, leaving a soupy mixture. As it cooled, the jam thickened, and I have to say, it’s scrumptious.Β K, of course, thought it was a fabulous science/cooking experiment, which I guess it kind of is, and sheΒ loves the jam.

I’m always happy to try out new things, but it does make me a little uncomfortable to consume microwaved food. Every time I heat up leftovers, I feel a pang of guilt. But oh, the convenience! At any rate, this jam was definitely worth the try, and now that my curiosity is sated, I’m back to healthy cooking!


Here’s a behind the scenes look-see of K styling the jam and taking test shots with her little camera, setting it all up for me to shoot. I think she might have a real future in this line of business…


10 thoughts on “10 Minute Jam

  1. I don’t think you have to justify your use of a microwave or feel guilty about using it. It’s a really efficient machine – and think of how many hours of electricity and stove-top cooking time you saved by not using the boiling down method of jam making/ canning. Also, the microwaves are merely activating the water and fat molecules to create heat. I think microwaves get a bad rap, but they have their uses. I just don’t microwave anything in plastic and it’s all good. πŸ˜€ No judging here! And thanks for sharing the recipe link!

    1. Thanks for making me feel better about the microwave, Adri πŸ™‚ It’s probably because I live in Seattle where I know too many people who treat the microwave like the devil!

  2. if she’s inherited any of her mom’s creative genes, then yes – she will have a great eye for photo styling:)
    we’re huge homemade jam fans here, and I’m excited about the strawberry season being a month away (or perhaps a tad longer than usual as spring seems reluctant to arrive). the trick for me is finding low sugar recipes that actually set up!

    1. I love strawberry jam, and a low sugar version sounds fantastic, Lucinda! I have a friend who swears by freezer jams – have you ever tried?

        1. That’s what I hear about canning, so I’ve been avoiding it like the plague! I’ll have to try freezer jam next!

    1. It’s a great recipe, Heather! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it (via Pinterest, where I seem to get all of my recipes these days). You have a beautiful blog!!

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