Cloud Pillows

It started with this.

Several years ago, I wanted to try fabric paint to make my own design. I took some grey linen and white fabric paint and voila, I had little rain drops because when you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are always thinking about rain.

And then I made this little number…

But it turned out that K did not like grey at the age of three (how can she be my daughter??). She has strong opinions, that one. She only wore it once. And it sat in the deepest, darkest corner of her closet, completely forgotten.

Until yesterday.

I have been ooh-ing and aah-ing over the many cloud pillows on the great interweb, and remembered the grey linen with white rain drops. How perfect!

So I drew a cloud shape freehand, but realized that the stuffing will spill out from the button back. A duplicate was traced onto a white linen/cotton blend and the grey became a pillow cover. Since I had the white fabric out anyway, I made a bigger cloud.

And got this.

They’re a bit puckered, I know, and the grey pillow could be shaped a little more cloud-like. But they are very sweet and K approves. There will be more cumulus nimbus pillows in the horizon…

7 thoughts on “Cloud Pillows

  1. not sure which is cuter – the top or the pillows! Either way, a win for sure:) What method did you use for printing? Freezer paper or silk screen? Or perhaps something different all together! Love that handprinted fabric!!

    1. Thanks Lucinda! I just took a small brush and fabric paint and literally painted the drops onto the fabric. Fun, but time-consuming.

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