Happy Friday + Randomness


One of my big goals for the past couple of years has been to practice photography and get to a point where I could blow up at least one of my images to hang on our walls. My skills haven’t improved much, but I’m understanding my camera better and better every day. I started a “To Print” folder on my desktop for the images that might have potential. These are a few of the ones I’ve been gathering, and I thought I’d share. Due to my privacy policy, I had to cut off this photo above, but it’s the sweetest shot of M kissing K’s forehead and I love that they’re both wearing the exact same shade of orange.


There’s also something about this image that tugs at me — the delicate shadows of the trees and K’s crazy tiered tights from Target with her white skirt and humongo tennis shoes make me smile. I took this last week during one of our outings, and we found this delightful staircase leading down to a cobbled street.


We were on the deck of the ferry headed out to Bainbridge island when I snapped this shot of a seagull. It’s blurry and the background is completely blown out, but it reminds me of the cold winds snapping my hair every which way as I craned my neck to capture the bird in the frame. It felt, momentarily, like I was flying with it.

The practicing continues. I’m reminded of this Ira Glass quote — I’m somehow convinced that I have much better taste than my results indicate so I keep at it.


Last week, when I picked up K and her friend A after school, I overheard this conversation:

K: Hey A, when do you think you’ll start dating?

A: Hmm. When I’m ninety-nine.

K: Oh, that’s a good age.


Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I’m off to spend mine sewing up a storm. Lots and lots of projects in the works!

Next week will differ
from regular programming
only a little*

*I’m switching the Monday Outfit post to Thursday since I’ll be part of Heidi’s blog tour! Must get cracking…

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Let’s hope that K and her friend A make a pact not to start dating until they’re 99 😉 I’m hoping my daughter will join that one!

  2. I’m sure you’re not taking votes (as everyone responds differently to photographs), but that top photo of K and M just pulls at my heartstrings. Seeing that enlarged in my home and walking by it each day would make my heart smile:) Love the tenderness . . .

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