Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Last week, I found a note K had written, crumpled and forgotten in a corner. I love it to pieces and its sweetness bowls me over. It inspired me to digitally paint a bluejay, but I think her rendition is about a jillion times better:


*That last line is “I can hear my neighbor playing music” – gah, it kills me.


Have a spectacular weekend, friends! Yesterday was the first day of spring. Can you believe it?

O cherry blossoms
flittering amid the winds
a carpet of pink

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. That K . . . she is a wonder. I know we all have our moments of parenting doubts, Sanae, but you are clearly raising a sweet, observant, witty and delightful child! “Someone” is lucky to have her for a friend:)

    1. I’m riddled with parenting doubt every day, Lucinda! Most notably, I struggle with posting photos of her here. I try to maintain our privacy in important ways, but you never know, right? And yes, as a biased parent, I think she’s pretty darn delightful 🙂

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