Monday Outfit: Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress


Happy St. Patty’s Day! There is a marked dearth of green in the images I have to share with you today, but we’ll let that slide. You’ve heard the buzz, right? Oliver + S has several darling new spring patterns out, and I was lucky enough to be included in the sewing fun. There have been some amazing outfits popping up, and on this celebratory Monday, I’m adding my own spin to the Hide-and-Seek dress.


One of my all-time favorite tops that I made was this stripey pullover, and for a long time I’ve been wanting to do the same sort of multi-directional stripes with this pink and chambray blue fabric. I purchased a couple of yards of this wonderfully soft and drapey _______ (fill in the blank, since as usual, I have no idea what type of fabric this is) from here about a generation ago, and I’ve been pondering various patterns for it for months.


As soon as I saw the Hide-and-Seek dress, I knew I’d found the one. It had everything I wanted: various panels and yokes and cuffs, generous ease to showcase the bold stripes, the notch to accent the “V” I created by sewing the fabric together on the bias. I cut the size 7 and the fit is perfect.


Now, Oliver + S patterns are a commitment. As someone used to pumping out super quick Japanese patterns, I’m always initially taken aback by what seems to be innumerable steps. I’m also not used to understanding every single word of the instructions, and this too throws me for a loop for some reason. As much as it’s pretty much superfluous to mention how excellent Liesl’s construction guides are, it bears repeating. All the little steps add up to a pain-free sewing experience with so many lessons thrown in, I sit back at the end of it awestruck by the professional quality of the finished item. And all Oliver + S patterns are like that – to date, people still won’t believe me when I tell them I made the After-school pants.


The only snafu I ran into was when I accidentally lost my balance while serging (does this ever happen to you?), causing my hand to move the fabric in the wrong direction, and I overlocked a portion of the side panel onto the seam. It’s the section just above her right ribcage and I was horrified. Fortunately, the serger didn’t cut through the fabric and I was able to rip the stitches out. If you looked hard and long, you would be able to see a bit of raggedy-ness in that corner, but no major harm done. The fabric looks pulled just under the left welt pocket, but it’s really not that bad in real life.


K is crazy about this dress. When I tied off the knot for the last button, she came into my room and screamed (literally screamed) “I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! I’VE BEEN WANTING ONE EXACTLY LIKE THAT!” After I regained my hearing, I explained that I still had a little more to do. See the little pointy edges created by the chevron/”v” effect? They bugged me. Weird things like that get to me, so I decided to add a few sashiko stitches to soften the angular effect a tad. So glad I did.


Because this fabric is quite sheer, I quickly assembled an underskirt. I meant for it to be hidden, but K adored the way it looked tiered, so tiered it was. I’m quite smitten with the look too. I used this same fabric for the yoke facings, and it’s some kind of cotton lawn I got from here. How is it that I always remember where I got the fabric, but can’t remember anything else?


Anyway, this one is a thorough winner!! I love this pattern and hope to make another one again. But before that happens, I was generously bestowed this pattern and this one as well, so these will be sewn up in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

Oh, and here’s the obligatory addition of green for luck.






22 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress

  1. This is my favorite of the three new patterns- really sweet! I love the fabric, and how you did the yoke. I love how this dress hangs. Well done, Sanae!

  2. I was already crushing on that pattern, and your version only enhanced it! I super love the way you did the stripes all cool like that!

  3. Stunning as usual!
    i found that the last Oliver+S patterns feature a bit of Japanese inspiration – fluid and soft lines, while keeping their unique professional touches.
    I can’t wait to sew this dress to my girl – Yours is lovely and looks perfect with the added underskirt!

  4. I love the dress you have made including the few sashiko stitches in one corner. Honestly wasn’t sure of thep pattern when i first saw it but you haveme converted. lovely lovely dress and perfect fabric for it.

  5. LOVE! This was my favorite pattern of the new releases and I have it on order. . . impatiently waiting for it to arrive so I can get out of my sewing slump. Love that you chose striped chambray for your fabric – as you said, so much fun with all the multi-directional ways you can take it. And that little bit of stitching is my fave:) I love the little details like that which truly make a garment your own. Sounds like it’s a real hit with K too – score!

  6. gorgeous, sanae! i love how you played with all directions of the stripes, and that underskirt is awesome. the other version of this dress i had in my head had the yoke cut on bias like you did – i’m glad to see that it worked out so nicely, i might have to give it a go!

  7. OK, I had seen this pattern a few places and wasn’t thinking it was that cute (sorry!), but then I saw this version and I love it!! Wishing it was in my size (and that somehow it would be flattering on me!). This is an awesome rendition. Especially loving the underskirt (I’m so partial to that even for myself) and the stripes going all directions. No wonder she loved it!

  8. oh i really really like what you did with the stripes here! this dress looks so comfortable and fun to wear, i’m excited to sew mine up…haven’t had a chance yet though.

  9. Fantastic, Sanae! All the versions I’ve seen around the web have made me want to order this pattern. Especially this version! I want one in my size.

  10. We had that lawn too and it makes me miss it so much; but I think I might have a yard somewhere – so soft and that dress is perfect for it! Love the switch up of the stripes.

    1. I got the fabric from your store, Keli! It’s such beautiful fabric and I hoarded it for a loooong time 🙂 Must stop by the shop soon – I need to restock on some notions!

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