Monday Outfit: Bleu et Bleu


Good morning! We had such a great weekend filled with fun. On Friday, K’s school had a “Family Japan Night” which involved getting dressed in kimonos, playing Japanese games like “fish the water balloons”, and eating Asian-style hotdogs (they were regular hotdogs with topping options of the fish flakes variety). They even had karaoke in the library, complete with disco lights. We had friends over on Saturday, and I cooked up a storm – I’ll be sharing some yummy recipes later this week. Sunday was mellow and easy, and I forgot to turn our non-digital clocks ahead so we kept getting the times confused.

bleu-et-bleu2 bleu-et-bleu3

I’ve been hankering for warmer weather with all this rain we’re having these days (good for the vegetation, not so good for bored little kids stuck in a small house), and this is showing up in my sewing. K keeps wondering why I won’t make her warmer clothes instead of warm-weather appropriate clothes — I’ve been telling her they’re awesome for layering.


I can never get enough of blue, as you can probably tell. This outfit was not originally on the docket since I was planning on skinny jeans and a button-down, long-sleeved shirt. My mind wandered to balmier places, though, so when I saw this ruffled, girly top in this book, I couldn’t resist. The fabric is a gorgeous lawn or voile or something of that ilk, a tiny little bit I had left over from my Washi.  I think this fabric is infinitely cuter as the top compared to the dress. It’s pretty sheer, so she’s wearing a tank top underneath.



This was a tricky top for me, since the fabric kept sliding and my stitching got very uneven. You can see my drunken/undulating stitches on the ruffles above, and the bias tapes were a mere 2cm for the neckline and arm holes, and this required herculean concentration and a lot of seam-ripping. I found it interesting that the ruffles in the neck region are raw-edged. We’ll see how this holds up after the first wash. Oh, the button makes me think of a secret garden, and I heart it very much.


As for the skort, although I’ve made simpler version before here and here, I wanted to try the pleated version from this book. However, I had to modify it because I didn’t have quite enough fabric. I had to eliminate four pleats, and I’m really glad I did. I think the slimmer silhouette works well with the top. It’s a rich, dark blue, this linen, and though it will wrinkle like nobody’s business after two minutes, it’s super stylish. It’s a bit hard to see, but there are crest-shaped pockets on each side.

bleu-et-bleu5 bleu-et-bleu7

Not my finest work with the wonky, wavy stitches on the top, but it’s such a happy garment, I think I can be forgiven. These photoshoots are so funny. She’ll start off fairly reluctant and grumpy, like so:


And by the end of it, she’s doing the roger rabbit. Or the monkey dance. Or something.


Happy Monday, friends. I hope you had a good weekend!

14 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Bleu et Bleu

  1. Super cute! I think the proportions are perfect on this one. I just showed it to C and she loved it- she’s over pink now and it’s all about blue, all the time. 😉

    1. Ha, did you finish the pink quilt? Don’t worry, they come around to the color again — at least that’s been the case with K 🙂

  2. One can NEVER go wrong with blue! K’s blouse is just beautiful – and that button is the perfect finishing touch. It will be perfect for when warmer weather arrives . . . Love how she’s rocking the photo shoot:)

    1. Too true, Lucinda – blue is forever stylin’! K is so used to getting her photos taken by now, though she likes to complain that I don’t make it fun enough for her. At least we’re very efficient and it rarely takes longer than 10 minutes now!

  3. My goodness, when did K turn fifteen?! That first shot really shows a different side of her. But I guess that is typical for that age – big girl one minute, little girl the next. The blue top is wonderful and yes, I agree, the fabric works much better with this top then the washi pattern. I am sure, if she keeps wearing these wonderful spring outfits, the sun will be lured to your part of the country. (We´ve been having glorious weather! I took a walk in my t-shirt today!! I will try to send some of that your way!) Have a wonderful week! Can´t wait for the recipes!

    1. She does look a lot older, doesn’t she? Hooray for spring-like weather! I’m going to post one recipe at a time over the course of the next few weeks, but they are all very tasty 🙂

  4. That is really beautiful! I’m hoping for some warmer weather… today was gorgeous here!
    I’m starting to think linen for spring too. I purchased some brown linen to make into capris for me! 🙂 I got the women’s Ottobre magazine that just came out and they have some zip fly pants that I think I’ll shorten to Capri length. So excited!

    1. Thanks Kristi! Today was a glorious day, almost summer-like, wasn’t it? Good luck with your pants – I love brown linen!

  5. I would like exactly that outfit in my size please! Love the colours, the textures the ruffles, all of it!
    I think if I put white sheets on the bed and let my kids jump around then my photoshoots would go much smoother and I’d probably get better results. Making a mental note now.

    1. I used to have K stand on this wooden box thing in her room for photoshoots, but she kept falling or jumping off so I made the switch to the bed. I tell you, it was the best move! And yes, this combo would look great on you!

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