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Happy Friday! With daylight savings beginning this weekend, it feels like summer will be rapidly approaching and this, of course, turns my thoughts to vacation planning. We don’t actually take very many vacations. Mostly it’s because M’s work schedule is unpredictable and this makes it tricky to plan trips. One of loveliest family vacations we took was to Roche HarborΒ on San Juan Island with M’s parents a few years ago. We rented a cottage that K called the “trip house”, and the atmosphere as a whole was a lot more upscale than we’re comfortable with — it sort of felt like the Pacific Northwest version of the Hamptons. Despite the nagging sense that I wasn’t clad in appropriate designer brands, it was wonderful to spend time truly relaxing with loved ones. During one of our treks, we explored a nearby beach and encountered a small red fox. It was a scrawny thing, wild and famished. I found it beautiful: the shaggy auburn fur against the grey backdrop of the San Juan straits. K wanted to pet it, but we feared rabies and held her hand down. The fox gazed at us for a few moments, and disappointed that food scraps weren’t forthcoming, it turned and loped away, its tail held high with dignity. I thought of that fox while drawing the one above.

The trip house looked a little like this, but I think it was yellow. Mmmmm….vacation….



M and K continue to come up with weird nicknames for each other:

K: I love you, Buffalo Burger.

M: I love you too, Buffalo Chips.


Have a fantastic weekend, friends! Here in Seattle, cherry blossoms are blooming.

We’ll lose an hour
This means longer days to come
So so excited


14 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. The promise of Spring on the horizon has me hopeful . . . here in Michigan we are still buried under many feet of snow. Cherry blossoms! That sounds so delightful:)
    Love the islands off Seattle’s coast. Your vacation home sounds like a delight! We visited Whidbey a few times when living in Vancouver, but never overnight. Such a glorious part of the country!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Sanae, and get to enjoy some fun family time:)

    1. Whidbey Island is so fun! The last time I went was for a wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous. I have a good friend who sails in and around the San Juans every summer in their family boat. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Hope spring makes an appearance soon in your neck of the woods, Lucinda!

  2. Losing an hour means that I will be two hours away from my hubby again πŸ™ Beautiful pictures Sanae. Do you do them on paper or on the computer?

    1. Thanks, Tracy! The fox image is done entirely digitally, and the house is hand-painted on watercolor paper. Makes me happy that it’s hard to tell! And I’m sorry that the time change will add an hour between you and your hubby. I hope that a reunion is happening soon! πŸ™‚

  3. this post was so timely… i’m leaving in a half hour to vacation this weekend with a bunch of home school moms on Orcas! πŸ™‚ Love the islands.

  4. I’m glad you’re looking at the brighter(!) side to daylight savings whereas I always groan about losing that hour of sleep πŸ™‚ The fox drawing looks almost 3D which is fun. SF had an unseasonably warm winter and the cherry blossoms were done by mid January, I think! Have a great weekend!

    1. Our cherry blossoms are really early this year too! Hope you had a lovely weekend, and thanks for your sweet words!

  5. Cherry blossoms….and Mr. Fox! Thank you for some loveliness after a tough week. I will take these images into the weekend with me. (And coincidentally I have met “my” Mr.Fox this week! When I am out late with my dog I sometimes see him in my neighborhood and this time especially close…we looked at each other for a long time. He is beautiful! And I adore the way foxes walk.) Have a wonderful weekend with cherry blossoms and sunshine!

    1. No so much sunshine, but definitely lots of cherry blossoms πŸ™‚ You must live in a beautiful part of city to be able to take walks through forests (or maybe I’m assuming there are forests for some reason?) and to encounter foxes. I hope your weekend was restorative and that a better week is ahead, Ute. And glad you liked the fox image enough to print it up!

      1. This little fox lives in the city! We have quite a few in Berlin! Berlin is really green, lots of trees, so I guess he is happy here. (But the real forest is only 15 min away by car, I am very lucky!)

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