Monday Outfit: Geometric Knit Cardi + Improved Khaki Pants


Good morning! Skateboarding was awesome. K rocked the skater girl look with a black tee, black shorts, black tights and even after two solid, sweaty hours, she couldn’t wait to go back for more. It was all very civilized, really. The youngsters get outfitted with pads galore for knees and elbows, helmets are provided (though K insisted on wearing her neon yellow bike helmet) and the first hour is devoted to a very hands-on lesson by hipster instructors. After a light snack, the second hour is “free skate” in one half of the space. K was gliding up and down ramps like a pro with her friend at her side by the end of the hour — how do kids do that?? She wiped out a few times, but dusted herself off without complaint and jumped right back onto her rented skateboard. The space itself is cavernous, but clean and roomy enough to accommodate several dozen kids zooming about. Very modern and chic, if you could call a skatepark chic.

One of the best parts was when there’s a sort of “show-and-tell” moment during snack time. The more confident kids got the opportunity to display their skills. I inexplicably got choked up watching a boy effortlessly slalom from one ramp to the next. He couldn’t have been older than four. Even the ones that wobbled and barely moved more than a few inches left me emotional because of their sheer bravery to try. The Winter Olympics were nothing compared to this. Like I said, awesome.


So. Monday outfit. I made a knit cardi in this cool geometric print last week, and now I know why I don’t wait to write about my sewing projects. My fishnet-stocking-like brain forgets all the details so I’m left staring at the screen at a loss for words. I vaguely remember it coming together pretty easily and the pattern is from this book. The fabric is from my mom — one of the few non-stripey and non-solid knits I own. They look like stylized monkey’s knots to me, but maybe there’s a proper name for this type of pattern? The cardi has an interesting pocket detail, which, due to the busyness of the print, you can’t really see. As I kept squinting at the cardi, I couldn’t figure out if it looked fresh and bold or if it looked like I ransacked a grandma’s closet and accidentally shrunk her cardigan. All that matters is that K likes it. She announced that it was comfy and that was that.


The pants should look familiar — I made them several months ago, but K never wore the pants after an unfortunate bathroom incident involving the drawstring ties tangling up and leaving her up the creek. It finally occurred to me last week to replace the drawstring with elastic in the waistband. Much, much better.


Lately, K is into trying different combinations of clothes for the photoshoots. Her obsession with the movie Frozen rivals her babyhood obsession with Elmo, and it’s relentless. I think I might have a nervous breakdown if I listen to the soundtrack one more time…Anyway, she put together this ensemble as an homage to her favorite movie, complete with a cape that is “ridiculously too short, Mommy”.


She’s requested a real-deal Frozen outfit, but sadly, I’m out of the metallic aqua that would be ideal. C’est la vie.

blue-knit-cardi8I don’t know, she looks pretty happy with the outfit, don’t you think?

And look at her go, my li’l skater girl:





14 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Geometric Knit Cardi + Improved Khaki Pants

    1. Thanks Brienne! It’s fun, right? I didn’t have much of it so was happy to squeeze out the cardigan!

  1. K has the best wardrobe. I do follow a couple of “fashion” blogs, and reckon K leaves them for dead.

    That cape is gorgeous and the lining. Mmm

    And you go girl on that skateboard.

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! K does have a remarkable wardrobe – about a million times better than mine! 🙂

  2. definitely fresh and bold! There was no sense of Grandma’s closet with this hip cardigan:) Of course, K’s fun style helps make it so cool:)
    So glad the skateboarding was a success! How fun for both mother and daughter.

    1. Oh good, thanks Lucinda! Sometimes I step back and wonder if I’m making weird things. 🙂 The skatepark was so cool – we loved it!

  3. Yayyyy for K! What an awesome experience to have. It’s inspiring to hear that there are such wonderful, supportive spaces for kids to stretch their wings and fly. Love the cardigan- looks so comfy and the print is cool- not something you’d usually find in a kid’s wardrobe, which makes it special.

  4. K is so into skateboarding now, she’s requested one of her own for her birthday! I love it. Thanks for the cardigan love – it’s definitely different and you can’t beat the comfort of knit!

  5. Awesome outfit Sanae and it’s nice to see K having some fun in the cold!!! I know my kids are getting tired of hats, mitts, scarves and ski pants.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! We’ve been having non-stop rain, and today we had unseasonably warm weather. So hard to predict the temps these days!

  6. Hi Sanae! Long time reader/lurker, first time commenter. I’ve got to say I love the outfits you and K put together. I came across this material on Etsy the other week and thought it looked similar to the aqua linen you used earlier. If it’s the same maybe you can make the Frozen outfit! The skateboarding sounded like so much fun, I’m putting it on my list of things to do the next time I’m in Seattle…for my son (and maybe me?! Haha!).

    1. Hi Susanne! Thanks for your comment, and that fabric looks like the same one for sure! Thank you!

      Skateboarding was fantastic, and I can’t recommend it enough. I was amazed that none of the kids got hurt, especially since there were a lot of kids! I’m not brave enough to try it myself, but I think they have adult sessions too!

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