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I’ve been slowly incorporating yoga into my exercise routine. I can’t say that I’m a complete convert yet and K likes to mock me while I attempt the different poses (“You’re doing it wrong, Mommy!” screams my yoga coach from the sidelines. It does dampen the serenity a bit), but I’m definitely warming up to the whole concept. When I made my 2014 list of non-resolutions, my aim was to do yoga at least once a week. Surprisingly, except for one week, I’ve kept it up. Some lovely readers recommended various apps and dvds, so I’ve been trying different ones out. I’ve been rotating this app, and this one, and this series on dvds. So far, I’m liking the flexibility of the Yoga Studio app the best (some are as short as 15 minutes), but all of them have many merits. Trudie Styler‘s methods are supposed to promote weight loss, which would be a nice side benefit, but I can’t vouch for whether it’s working since my main goals are to increase flexibility and bring in some calmness into my crazy schedule with yoga. Barbara Benagh’s series is set on a beautiful beach, and there’s a lot of blanket folding involved. The sequence of poses meant for addressing insomnia actually put me to sleep! I’m thoroughly enjoying that I can just roll out my mat in the comfort of my own home, and that I can stop whenever I want to. No pressure! No fear of people judging my bare feet! It’s wonderful. Thank you for the recommendations, Xenia, Marit and June!


After I dropped off K at school yesterday, I saw a woman running while juggling. Juggling! In the rain, no less. I loved it. I wouldn’t have the coordination to manage such complex maneuvers, but the woman’s innovative spirit was a highlight in my day.


And this reminded me that I finally made juggling balls for K. After much beseeching on K’s part, I pulled out some pleather from my stash and made some metallic ones for Valentine’s Day. I made five, but when I went in search for them to take photos, I could only find two. They’ve been in heavy use since I made them, though again, not much juggling seems to happen. They’ve been tossed around in some makeshift game K came up with her friends involving plastic golf clubs. But here are the two, and I wish I could find the silver ones that I sewed up perfectly. I don’t say this lightly friends, since I’ve found these juggling balls challenging to get just right. No fault of the impeccable Oliver + S instructions, but completely due to my usual slapdash approach to sewing.

The pleather is super thin and from here. I can’t find it on their site, but I have the copper, nickel and silver colorways. It also came in a silvery blue, which I should have snagged. Soft as butter and effortless to sew, this is synthetic magic. I want to make more things with this great fake leather.

Are you a yoga enthusiast? I’m always open to more suggestions! And would you consider juggling while jogging?

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  1. I can barely walk the dogs around the block without tripping. They are not any help as they both want to run in different directions or chase the neighbors cat. So running and juggling are not in my future. But I love yoga. I had an injury and my PT recommended it. I did find a studio (koola in yoga speak) and found instructors that were very helpful. But I also do my own practice at home. Keep at it and soon you will be able to do handstands and splits at the park and K will be amazed.

  2. I think you have to be really brave to practice yoga by yourself. I know I couldn’t do it!
    I’ve been to my yoga class today, after being absent for almost two months, and I felt really good.
    I loved your juggling balls! I have to try and make the for my kids!

    1. The juggling balls are a consistent hit! Definitely worth making. That’s great that you went to yoga after a hiatus! I suppose it’s probable that I’ll develop the poses the wrong way, but it’s awfully convenient doing it at home 🙂

  3. I am very impressd that you are doing this at home by yourself! Bravo! Can´t wait to see you do a split 😉 Maybe even while juggling! I think yoga is wonderful as a home exercise, unfortunately, taiji does not work like this, you just need too many instructions and corrections to find the right body structure and alignment. But yoga appeals to me, too. If I just had a little more time…. (And I can totally relate to the relaxing factor of not being judged in class, especially since yoga has become so stylish and it appears only very skinny models in perfectly draped yoga outfits paractice it.)

    1. I had a friend who used to do taiji/tai chi with a group at the park in San Francisco. It looked so harmonious and dance-like! And you’re so right about the yogistas. It’s quite trendy now, it seems and those yoga-wear shops charge an astronomical amount for spandex pants!

  4. I just down loaded the yoga studio app – it looks good, I do a class once a week but want to try to do another session at home myself each week . Thanks for the recommendations – well done for managing weekly it can be so hard to form new habits.

  5. That’s so awesome that you’re sticking to your goal of doing yoga at least once a week. I started a yoga class in january, partly inspired by your post. I LOVE yoga, but need that little nudge of a class setting. For me it’s been a good excuse to get out of the house to do something different at least once a week. Haven’t tried any apps… but I think that’s probably also a good motivator to keep at it and practice regularly.

    1. So great that you’ve been going to a yoga class, Gita! It’s so helpful to have a live teacher to correct the positions. One of my more successful yoga class experiences was the prenatal class I took way back when. It was so fun and a great way to deal with all the little aches and pains. 🙂

  6. Juggling while jogging? You have some real over-achievers there in Seattle!:) It’s all I can do to lace up my shoes and get out the door sans juggling balls! As for yoga, I’ve been it a little more frequently at the gym but am not a convert yet. Perhaps too impatient for it?

    1. Ha, I’m too impatient too! There are all sorts of amazing things/people that I see every day in Seattle. One of M’s friends is a performer, and he can play the guitar and harmonica while hoola hooping! Crazy, right?

  7. Pitifully behind in my blog reading, as usual, currently my Feedly tells me I have nearly 3000 unread posts – eek!
    I have been doing the Daily Yoga app every day since November. Well, ok, not *every day* but most days. It is working out really well. I subscribed when they had a sale and got it for a steal. I like that it is very easy to fit into my busy day. Oh and I know what you mean about small people and their training ‘advice’!

    1. That’s fantastic, Nicki! Daily yoga is my far off goal — right now I’m pretty proud that I’m doing it once a week. I’ll check out the daily yoga app for sure to give me incentive! And I hear you on the posts backlog – mine is crazy too…:-)

      1. Oh you absolutely should be proud! I should have said it has taken me YEARS to get this far!! I started off once a week too, then x3/week but in between there were weeks or months of nothing. Such is the life of us busy mamas :o)

        1. So good to hear that Nicki! I think it will take me LONG time to get to daily practice. I’m totally inspired now!

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