Monday Outfit: Pink Cityscape A-Line Tunic


Good morning! We survived the epic teeth extractions (four!) on Friday, and K was her happy old self by Saturday. Her lips swelled up a bit, but she’s no worse for wear and I’m constantly flabbergasted by kids’ resilience. I was a class-A whiner when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.


So I made a few things this weekend, powered by who-knows-what. I turned to my sewing machine for relief many times this weekend and in an effort to make my life easier, I decided to show you one thing today and leave the rest for next Monday. This is unusual for me — normally I’m so eager to share, I would try to dump everything in one post. Look at me, planning ahead.


This top. SO cute. So very cute, I can’t stand it. Winter appropriate? Not at all. Though I guess we can easily layer long-sleeved tees underneath, and leggings would be oh-so-darling paired with this swingy tunic. Do you like how I made it so that the lining would peek from underneath, like a petticoat? In fact, I meticulously measured and ironed and hemmed to make the lining even with the main fabric, and maybe because the white linen stretches more, it ended up sagging. I actually love how it looks. Another confession: this was meant to be reversible, but when I sewed the hems of both sides together, it got all pucker-y and very unsightly. I re-did the hem three times, friends. Three times. I’m not sure that the sewing was actually de-stressing in this case. Technically it’s still reversible, but K prefers the riotously pink side. That giant button, by the way, is from my vast vintage collection from my mom, and it’s made out of shell. Gorgeous.


Details: the pattern is from this book, and the fabric is Jay McCarroll’s “Miami Downtown” for FreeSpirit. I got it from my fave store about ten thousand years ago, so it’s not available anymore. Pity, since i only had 1/2 a yard and had to reduce the A-line a tad to squeeze out this tunic. Do you remember Jay from Project Runway Season 1? Wow, that was a long time ago.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the pattern itself since it’s very basic and super easy, but it’s terribly stylish, no? The neckline and arm holes call for bias binding but I was going for the reversibility and all, making a lot of extra work for myself with all the re-hemming.


The skirt is from several weeks ago, and it’s one of K’s top picks.  You’ll see the white skirt again next week – it’s just so versatile! Here’s an outfit she put together a couple of weeks ago that I loved so much that I had to snap a quick picture:


Anyway, back to this week’s outfit. We’re big on traditions in our household, and every year, M gets K a humongous Valentine’s balloon. The cheesier, the better. Last year, it was a “Bee Mine” mylar monstrosity, and this year, we have a monkey:


The heart bloomers kill me. It’s been almost two weeks since K woke up to the primate staring at her with shiny black eyes, and it’s still going strong.


K loves both the balloon and tunic! I should have taken photos of the white side showing, I just realized. It’s pretty cool how the fabric print shows through slightly. Ah well, another time.

Look, there’s the grin sans a few teeth. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



22 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Pink Cityscape A-Line Tunic

    1. K was a trouper! She kept her cool while I was cowering in the corner watching the oral surgeon pulling her teeth with what looked like giant pliers. So glad you like the fabric, Brienne – so fun, right?

  1. Glad to see K so happy and smiling after her big day Friday! She’s probably so smiley because she loves her new adorable tunic so much! That fabric is so fun – love the geometric look to it. So sorry the hem gave you such problems . . . not such a great de-stressor, no?
    And that extra outfit . . . why do I not remember that grey striped shirt? I’m assuming you made it . . . it looks so very chic and French with the white skirt and grey stripe leggings! I’d wear that anyday:)

    1. Hems are my nemesis (nemeses?)! One day I will master them, along with pintucks, topstitching…hmmm, the list is getting quite long. As for the stripey tee, I don’t think I blogged about it the second time, but I made the same shirt a long time ago which she outgrew. I loved it so much and had extra fabric left over that I made a bigger size!

  2. Tha white skirts pairs so perfectly with the graphic tunic!
    My daughter is facing the pulling of four teeth as well. I wonder if we go to the same dentist, lol.

    1. Dr. Kelly is K’s oral surgeon and she’s wonderful! Her dentist wouldn’t pull her teeth for some reason so we had to go to a specialist. Good luck with your daughter’s extractions, -anu!

    1. Thanks for the shout out, Sonya! And I should have clarified – K got her canines and two bottom teeth out and not her wisdom teeth. She has yet to get her wisdom teeth, but it’s likely she’ll have to get those pulled too…poor kid.

  3. The tunic is lovely, Sanae. And the poking-out lining is a nice detail. Isn’t it great when mistakes work out that way? I’m glad to hear K survived the extractions. Her grin is as beautiful as ever!

    1. It’s a great print, and it came in a couple of different colorways if I remember. Jay is so talented! And thanks for the photography props – I was pretty proud of these 🙂

    1. Thanks, Courtney. My mom has the best buttons and I’ve been the lucky recipient of many from her collection. And the teeth that were pulled were insane! The roots were so long and sharp, they look like a deadly weapon!

    1. We’re having a beautifully mild week weather-wise right now, and it’s giving us a taste of spring! Hope it’s getting warmer up in Canada, Tracy!

  4. I think you look beautiful, not sumo-like at all. Don’t be so harsh on the curves! I know what you mean and how you feel though. Most styles these days are just not for curvy.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! And so true, many of the styles are for the waifish body types – not the kinds of looks I can rock, I’m afraid.

  5. I have a few yards of some various Jay McCarroll fabric, and just adore them! This top is so pretty on K and is making me yearn for warmer weather….

    1. Yes, summer weather would be really nice about now…:-) I have you and your family in my thoughts, Erin!

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