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Happy Friday! Mid-winter break is about to end, and K and I have been having a grand old time. It’s been a great blend of relaxed lounging around, quite a few impromptu playdates, tons of arts and crafts, and a couple of bike rides thrown in. I tend to dread these school breaks without any structured activities planned because I’m type A like that, but this time, it was no problemo. Because I had to do a lot of painting, it was a handy excuse to keep K occupied with assorted art supplies. I’ve been playing around with gouache so I can mimic the textures in digital format — I’m thinking that some of these would make some sweet fabric designs. What do you think? I’ve also been pondering trying my hand at more fashion-y illustrations…



While I was cleaning the basement, K found my unused dress form (it’s one of those cheapie ones that I could never get adjusted to the right size) and asked to use it. It’s the cutest thing; K and her friends love to drape fabric and sew up “party dresses”. Two days ago, this happened:

K: Mama! We made a dress for you. It’s SO fancy. You have to model it!

K’s friend: It’s so cool, you’ll love it.

[I squeezed myself into a sarong type garment with a ribbon sash, accidentally pulling free a few stitches]

K: Come down here, Mama!! Do the runway!

[I sashay down the length of the living room, the dress starting to unfurl. K is snapping away on her toy camera]

K’s friend: [on a pretend microphone] ladies and gentlemen, we have here a beautiful dress, made out of….fabric. Yes, fabric. Oh…no….uh, K’s mom? Your, um…back….

[Let’s just say our budding fashion designers could use a few pointers in basic construction. It turned out to be a very sexy dress]


We are off to get four of K’s teeth pulled. Yikes. I’m to give her a valium tablet an hour before the extraction, so this is going to be very interesting…I plan on having a lot of soft foods at the ready. Wishing you all a happy and pain-free weekend!

Four teeth seem a lot
Ever the pragmatic girl
K expects moolah*

*K is very excited to collect some serious dough from the tooth fairy

18 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. K is absolutely hilarious! K and her friend are absolutely hilarious! Your conversations with K remind me of talking with my daughter. And yes, before I even started reading the words in this post, I thought your paintings would make for great fabric designs. I have not known your work for very long Sanae, but you seem like one lovely person with a lovely budding brand. Keep up the great work!

    1. Oh, you’re so kind Tamika! I do love this whole blogging thing (not sure if that makes me a brand?), and who knows what amazing opportunities await? Thank you!!

  2. I would so love to make something with fabric designed by you! I especially love the bold dots!
    And thanks for the laugh! Living with K sounds like a lot of fun! And Iove how you changed roles. But she seems to have another style for you in mind than the things you design for yourself 😉
    ( I hope K will be fine! I had to have four teeth pulled after I got my braces, but without valium or gifts from the tooth fairy – she did not come to Germany back then….. And I had to chuckle, because my dog will have to get a few teeth pulled on monday!)

    1. Yep, K is a barrel of laughs, though I was shocked to learn at the Parent Teacher Conference that she’s extremely shy at school. At home and with friends, she dominates conversations and has everyone in stitches! This being Seattle in 2014, the whole process of getting her teeth pulled was very efficient and kid-centered. The valium was heart-shaped and tasted like candy! And she got ice cream scented lip balm as part of her care package. Crazy. Good luck with your pup’s teeth extraction, Ute!

    1. It was pretty embarrassing to have so much of my rear showing — especially since this is a relatively new friend of K’s and I don’t know her all that well!

  3. Yes please on the fabric designing! Any of those illustrations would just be lovely…I especially like the purple and grey triangles. K really is hilarious! My daughter does the same thing with fabric and a doll size dress form. She is always designing her own doll clothes with scraps of fabric. It really is so cute that they mimic the things we do 🙂

    1. The dress form is all the rage right now in the 8 and under set, Meghan! Every time K has a friend over, she roped them into making dresses using the dress form, and the girls love it! Thank you for your sweet comment about my illustrations!

  4. Sanae, I just had to say how much I love your haikus. They always make me smile. Every time. 🙂

    I hope all went well with K’s teeth extraction. I had to have most of my baby teeth pulled, too. Thankfully, I mostly only remember the ice cream afterwards. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you like my silly haikus, Rachel! I’m such a creature of habit, now I automatically start thinking of haikus when Thursday rolls around…oh yes, there was a LOT of ice cream after the teeth-pulling. K was a champ!

  5. I hope the tooth-pullin’ goes well! I wish K had been snapping REAL pictures of your unintentionally risque dress, so we could see it too! (Maybe just the front part, though, if it was super, uh, expository.) I would definitely like a skirt with a print based on one of your illustrations.

    1. Thank you, Sonya! There’s a bunch of things I’m still trying to figure out with textile design, but maybe by next year I’ll have something? And the camera is a toy, but it actually takes pictures. The snaps were really blurry though, thank goodness! 🙂

    1. So hilarious that you mention the talking, because even with gauze stuffed in her mouth, she refused to stop talking! Too funny. It went well, thanks!

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