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Happy Valentine’s Day!! My goodness, with the way I kept going on and on, you’d think it’s the only holiday that matters to me. Case in point: I can’t seem to stop making bookmarks, though my excuse is that I’m practicing my digital painting. So these are the ones we ended up assembling for K’s class (K helped punch holes, though she quickly lost interest; she did, however, write out all her classmates’ names for each bookmark bundle).

vday-bookmarks-dino1 vday-bookmarks-dino2

K said that the animals looked too girly and was afraid all the hearts would make the boys in her class think that she’s in love with them so I whipped up the dinosaurs. I’m pretty smitten with these dinos. I found these little glassine bags in our kitchen drawer and they’re perfect. Each classmate got four bookmarks and a handwritten note from K, and done and done! We’re all set. If you are a last-minuter or if you might want to use these for future v-day cards, feel free to download below! (I didn’t include a download for the “i heart books” tags though -sorry).





So today is the day!! Ute and I hope that the Secret Valentine Exchange gifts have arrived safely and soundly around the globe. If you’ve received your gift, it would be lovely if you have time to upload photos of them in the Flickr pool in the next few days, if you haven’t already. Or, if you don’t have an account, feel free to email photos to the secret valentine email and we’ll post the photos for you! I’m planning on doing a big wrap-up post next Wednesday and would love to include as many photos as I can on the blog. If you haven’t received your gift yet, please kindly let us know by emailing us at secret.valentine[at]gmail.com. So far it seems like the majority of you have had a successful exchange!

I literally just received my gift from the very sweet Sonya, and I am incredibly touched by the care and consideration that went into the gifts. Thank you!! I need to take some photos, but it will all be part of the wrap-up next week.


In the meantime, in addition to my SV parcel, I opened the door to another unexpected package this past week. My partner in crime, Ute, delivered the most gorgeous scarf wrapped in an equally gorgeous handmade pouch. Friends, this exchange would not have happened without Ute. She did ALL the heavy-lifting while I squawked away on this space. All those emails signed “Sanae and Ute”? Almost all of them from the kind and generous Ute, making it all work smoothly and effortlessly. Three cheers for my wonderful friend!


I loved that we got to celebrate creativity and the joy of handmade among like-minded women for Valentine’s Day. I had the most delightful time, and I hope you did too! I am forever talking about how amazing this community is, but it keeps getting reinforced. Thank you.


Overheard K telling M:

Come on dude, listen, or there will be coincidences*!!

*aka”consequences” in K parlance.


Divisive it is
this day of saccharine love
But I am a sap

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! My Monday post will probably be a little late – K is on mid-winter break next week, but I have something in the works to show you!

10 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Happy Valentine´s day!!!!
    You phrased it beautifully, Sanae, for me this day is about celebrating creativity and the joy of handmade gifts! Thank you so much, you wonderful secrete valentines, for participating, for creating with so much love and care for each other and for making this exchange so much fun! I am touched when I look through the flickr group and happy about every new photo that appears. You guys have some amazing talent!
    And it felt like very light lifting!!! Thank you for all your work you put into this, Sanae, it was wonderful to bring this to life with you!

    1. K is chockfull of hilarious snippets! Hope you had an extra special Valentine’s Day, Sonya, and thank you so much!!

  2. That scarf, Sanae! Seriously, it’s stunning – and so very “you”! What a sweet gesture on Ute’s part. I know it will be loved well by its new owner.
    So, do you think K will grow up thinking that it’s normal that her mom can quick design some digital watercolor bookmarks, and then package them so prettily in glassine envelopes? Do you think she’ll assume everyone’s mom can do the same, and not even realize what a crazy-talented mom she has?! You’re such a great mom, Sanae, and I love how you share you talents with K to make her life richer as well:) Also, so very tickled with how she calls M “dude”:)

    1. I know!! That scarf is just perfect, right? Ute is amazing. As for your other blush-inducing compliments, thank you, Lucinda! It’s funny, I grew up with a mom who whipped out things on a moment’s notice and always thought that was normal. Maybe K will grow up to be a crafty mama too 🙂

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