Pretty Pouches


After yesterday’s brain dump, I thought I’d lighten the mood a little so here are some pretty pouches. I made these for a couple of friends as holiday gifts. I’ve used the yellow fabric for K’s top here, and the indigo one for a dress for me. I referenced the excellent open wide zippered pouch tutorial by the fabulous Anna of Noodlehead. These are so easy and handy to have. My friends loved theirs!


I’m dying to make her road trip case for sewing. Genius! One for me, and one for K.


The pattern/tutorial is a keeper and I need to make a few for myself. Come to think of it, my pencil case is looking raggedy these days…

Oh, and I’m pleased to be able to finally say that I’m fully on the mend! With the aid of the immunity soup, astragalus (thank you, Rachel!), and enough water to keep me tethered to the loo, I managed to drag my body to the gym for the first time in weeks yesterday. Hoorah! The Charlie Chaplin mustache-shaped bruise is still prominent, but concealers are a marvel of modern cosmetics. Happy, happy.

8 thoughts on “Pretty Pouches

  1. So glad to hear returned health has made an appearance:) What a long bout of illness for you! The water guzzling, in my opinion, is a huge aid in wellness. Seems to cure many things. And how is your reduced sugar “diet” (hesitate to use that word as it denotes something temporary) going?
    Don’t you just love that Noodlehead tutorial? I made some bags over Christmas as well for family members and wondered why I had waited so long to try it! The first one was tricky for me to box the corners, but after that it got easier. Such a great gift idea – and yes, even good for one’s pencils:)

    1. Anna really has the magic touch with bags, doesn’t she? The sugar reduction project is going pretty well. I’ve really cut back a lot, and I can tell that I don’t have as much of a hankering for it these days, but I can’t totally cut it out (yet). I’m hoping this upswing in health will continue – with all this frigid weather we’re having, it feels like folks are dropping like flies left and right to all sorts of illnesses.

      1. Doesn’t that make you very happy, that moment when you realise you can really think coherently again… (unfortunately I’m moving in the opposite direction at the moment, but I’ll pull out all healthfoods and other tricks to turn the tide)

        1. So sorry to hear you’re coming down with a cold, Nienke! Rest up 🙂 I’m feeling tons better, though I still wake up every morning checking to see if I have any tickles in my throat or congestion out of habit – I’ve been sick a loooong time.

  2. This looks like a good project to help me get over my zipper phobia! And so practical and cute. Yours have come out lovely.

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