Secret Valentine Exchange Updates + Valentines Download


Ute and I are thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from the Secret Valentine Exchange! We have 39 participants (quite the international group, I might add), and the creative energy is palpable! Ute and I told each other that if we got close to 10 people, we’d be totally happy, so the turnout is above and beyond expectations. Huzzah!

So, just a few updates and housekeeping info in response to inquiries and things we realized we didn’t mention:

1. If you received a partner information email, please respond back to confirm receipt. We want to make sure that the emails didn’t get lost in the fray. Thank you to those who have already responded!

2. For you Instagram users, feel free to use the hashtag #secretvalentineexchange — Ute and I haven’t been bitten by the IG bug yet, mostly because we’re both terrified of becoming addicted to yet another social media outlet. I might change my mind though…we shall see.

3. We’ve had inquiries about how many items/size limits. Officially, we’re encouraging one item per Secret Valentine that will fit into roughly a 9×12 inch (or C4/22.9×32.4cm) envelope. This is in the hopes of keeping things fair and cost-effective. Unofficially, it’s completely up to you. If you want to include multiple items, go to town!

Please contact us at[at] with any other questions. And remember, even if you’re not participating, you’re more than welcome to play along and upload Valentine’s inspired projects to our Flickr pool here.

Also, I wanted to mention that the Valentine’s tag download I created is available for everyone – who knows, maybe you have your own secret valentine project going on? I included a couple of non-secret valentine tags and I have plans of creating more tags in the very very near future. You can see the tag sheet in its entirety below, and it can be downloaded here.


8 thoughts on “Secret Valentine Exchange Updates + Valentines Download

  1. Yayyyy! Thanks for the update, Sanae. I’m so excited and still in the first stage of research and planning. It is so tempting to make an almost xmas stocking array of small things, but I’m leaning toward making 1 quality item I can focus on that comes from inspiration taken from my SV’s clues. I love having some parameter to work with, as it encourages me to think outside my usual box. And, yes, in case I didn’t already say so, I’ve received the info about my SV. Thanks for all the great work you and Ute have put into this- and how exciting that close to 40 of us are joining the fun!

    1. Ute has done the lion’s share, Gita – all credit goes to her 🙂 So looking forward to seeing all the handmade items!

  2. This has been so much fun already! Thank you, ladies, for signing up and for making this an exchange around the world! I am about ready to get started – after a little panic of “I hope I can make something that my partner will like!” I can´t wait to put it all together and send it off!

    1. Ha, I think that’s a normal reaction, and I’m thinking it’s a good challenge for us all! I for one need to get over my fear of making things for other people 🙂

    1. Yes!! We wanted to celebrate it in a different way that wasn’t all about kids or romantic partners. This has been super fun 🙂

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