Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Above is documentation of K’s first kiss, planted on her lips circa Halloween 2007. Frog boy is one of her best friends, and they still play together all the time.

A couple of days ago, after getting her braces, K had a few thoughts on smooching:

Mama, it’s hard to pucker with my braces…I’m gonna have to cut back on kissing.


Mama, kissing in front of other people is so gross. Ewwww. When I get married, I’m going to have a giant curtain that drops down when it’s time to kiss.



So far, we have about 30 people and counting from all over the world signed up for the Secret Valentine Exchange! So so so excited!! Don’t miss out – there’s still time to sign up. We’ll be closing sign-ups at the end of the day today and will send out partner info by January 21st! Side note: shipping may take longer to and from certain countries — something to keep in mind.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! If you’re in the US, do you have plans for the long weekend? I’m off to go see a Martin Luther King Jr. assembly at K’s school. Last year’s was a major tear jerker, so I’m taking a box of tissues with me this time.

Happy weekend, all
I wonder who will be my
Secret Valentine?


4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. My husband and I waited to have our first kiss with each other at our wedding and so we did have a little banner that said “First Kiss” to kiss behind. Just us and the pastor and God! 🙂 So tell K it’s totally do-able.

  2. Congrats on K’s braces:) A whole new world! After the first few days, hopefully she won’t even notice them any longer (and then perhaps her kissing quota can pick up again:).
    So excited about the Vday exchange – what a fun idea!

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