Sewing for Me: Pre-spring plans


As part of my de-stressing initiative, I’ve decided to post clothes I’ve sewn for myself every other week instead of every week. I’m not above admitting that it just got…nutty. So, this week we’re skipping an outfit, and talking about plans because that’s what I do in January. Plan, plan, plan, make lists, plan, agonize over lists, plan. Above is one of the books I got for Christmas (thank you generous relatives – I purchased several Japanese sewing books with my holiday funds!) and I’m excited to make a bunch of things from it.

I’m hoping that by easing up my pace, I’ll make high-quality, long-lasting, gorgeous clothes with mind-blowing, couture-like details. Or so I plan. The reality will probably be more t-shirts and easy tunics, but who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise you with a coat! I’m actually completely set when it comes to winter clothes, so I’m going to jump ahead to Spring ’14.  I’ll most likely start with something like this:


I’m in love with this pleated linen top:


And this one I’d like to make in a voile or maybe attempt to sew with silk for the first time (for myself, that is. I sewed a silk halter for K last year):


And ooh, I want to make this exactly as is and wear a stripey top underneath:


The book comes with 31 patterns/styles and all are loose-fitting, spring-appropriate garb. The title translates to something to the effect of “Adult Clothes You Want to Make and Wear”. I also noticed a dress and blouse with an uncanny resemblance to the Liesl + Co Weekend Getaway Dress and Blouse I made a little while ago. Like so:


At any rate, I will show you the other new books I got over the next few weeks. In fact, you’ll get to see a couple tomorrow…





19 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: Pre-spring plans

    1. I deliberated long and hard over which books to get and I think this one has a lot of wearable patterns! For this top it recommends a cotton rayon blend, but I might try it with a jersey…

  1. Gorgeous book! I can see you in all these tops – very much your aesthetic. Gotta love holiday $$ from relatives with which to feed the Japanese book love! Can’t wait to see the others!

    1. This one was also on the more economical side too, Lucinda! For 31 looks, it was about $16, compared to other books that can cost almost $30 for less patterns.

  2. Oh, I love the looks in this book. These look like more wearable styles for me than some things I’ve seen in other Japanese pattern books. I especially love the first blouse. 🙂
    I’m starting to sew more for me and less for the kids realizing that they are pretty set for a while and I’m the one searching through things to see what might fit/work. We’ll see how that goes.

    1. That one’s my fave too! Love that you’re sewing more for yourself – go, Kristi! K definitely needs more winter clothes so I’m going to try to make things that can be layered.

  3. I love these looks! How fun to have some ideas. Before I even read about the similarities of the last blouse with the Liesl & Co top I thought the same thing! Great minds?

    My husband got me a serger for Christmas (with only MINIMAL HINTING!), so I’m excited to try sewing with knits this year.

    Happy Sewing!!

    1. Ha, my hubby and I long ago gave up on hinting and now tell each other straight up what we want for Christmas. I got him a fancy schmancy backpack that he can wear while biking.

      And yes, great minds! Such a coincidence, I thought, because the book came out virtually the same time Liesl put out her patterns.

  4. Love the beige dotted shirt! I made a Weekend Getaway blouse last week, for the Palos Verdes Blouse Challenge, a lovely pattern and resembling this Japanese one closely indeed!

    1. What’s the Palos Verdes Blouse Challenge? I seem to live under a rock when it comes to all these cool sewalongs! And yes, I’m looking forward to making the top. I hope it looks half as cute on me 🙂

  5. I love the things you picked out! Especially the polkadot top. The color blocked dress on the cover is also very nice. And I admire your planning! I usually sew very spontaneously, but since I also don´t want to buy new clothes this year (maybe a pair of jeans….), a plan might be a good idea! There is a helpful post up on coletterie today “designing and building a thoughful attire” – doesn´t that sound wonderful? I am sure we will see great things from you this year! looking forward to it!!

    1. I’m pretty spontaneous when it comes to sewing too but I thought it would be fun to see if I can follow a plan. I haven’t seen the Coletterie post yet, but I always love their tips and tricks. Sarai constantly provides golden nuggets of sewing info!

  6. Love Japanese Sewing books! I just got my first magazine for Christmas and am LOVING it. I look forward to seeing your book reviews and the garments made up!

    1. Welcome to the Japanese sewing book world! Aren’t they great? I’m excited to try more adult-sized sewing from these books 🙂

  7. This book looks like a beauty! I’ve been stung by the sizing as, it would seem, I’m a bit of a giant by Japanese standards. these looser tops look like they should work well. i’ll watch with interest…

    1. Ah yes the sizing…I’m supposed to be teaching a class on sewing from one of these books, and I’m scratching my head on how to get the sizing range bigger. It’s a tricky one!

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