Monday Outfit: I see England, I see France…


I did it. I made underwear! In keeping with my own childhood tradition, I aimed to get at least one pair done for K before New Year’s Eve (the idea being you’ll greet the new year in fresh undies), but despite my best efforts, the orange and white stripey one was stitched up for New Year’s night. Everything went wrong, and it reinforced the lesson that I should never try to rush sewing projects. That’s okay, we’ll just start a new tradition.

Once I succeeded in making wearable underwear, I figured I might as well sew up another. I used this pattern for the stripey and pink polka-dotted ones. The pattern itself is great. So easy to make and the instructions are crystal clear. Again, it was all my fault for trying to scurry through at breakneck pace, so much so that I ended up throwing away the first pair I attempted.


The polka dots are uneven and sloppy because I was rather swashbuckling with the silver sharpie. Still, K marveled that they fit remarkably well and that they’re super soft and comfy. Win!

Then she asked if I could make something more like her favorite pair that were a gift from a good friend (my friend got them at H&M in Holland; apparently the boy shorts style is all the rage over there). “Sure!” I said boldly, and immediately traced her existing faves and made the coral pair. I forgot the extra lining in that oh-so-private area, but for a first attempt at undies pattern drafting, I was mildly pleased. K tried them on, paused and said with satisfaction, “Not bad, Mama, not bad.”


Not bad, indeed. I think for the next set, I’ll add the extra panel and lengthen the leg pieces a bit to make them more boy-shorts-esque.

I’ve read over and over on other sewing blogs about how satisfying it is to make undies, and I have to agree. Useful, scraps-busting, and cute to boot. What’s not to love?


17 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: I see England, I see France…

  1. Too bad you can’t wear multiple underwear (or maybe you can?!), as I love that coral pair matched with the orange stripes! Super cute! I remember awhile back when Gail from Probably Actually used the same pattern for her daughter and I was blown away by the cuteness factor. Once again I am loving these handmade underpinnings. I joked with my 14 yr old son that I could sew some underwear for him, since I rarely make anything for him, but he was not impressed by the prospect.

    1. Ooh, the stripes and coral would look great together! I have fabric left over, so I could make another pair, thanks for the idea. Love that you offered your son some new drawers (as M would call them)!

  2. It is so super satisfying to make undies. I sewed up five for myself this weekend and threw out all of my old ones! What a great feeling 🙂 I used a self drafted pattern from some old ones I had. I used the directions from “Sewing Lingerie that fits” for the sewing up and having all enclosed seams on the crotch area (I still cringe using that word!). And Sabra has a great boys briefs pattern in a free size 4 that I’ve used for the boys and upsized a little. Very fun!

      1. Quick question… you said you used FOE for the boy shorts undies… did you not fold it over? because it looks much wider than my FOE… if so I might have to try that when I make the boys next pairs!

        1. Good eye! I didn’t fold it over on purpose because I wanted the waistband to be wider/taller. I like the way it ended up looking, and K said it’s comfortable 🙂

          1. Sorry this is a million questions! 🙂 So did you sew it good sides together and then fold it up? In the ones I’ve done for us with regular 1″ elastic I’ve just overlapped it about 1/2″ and sewn with a double needle or zig-zag. just wondering what would hold up better for the FOE since it’s thinner/softer!
            Thanks 🙂

          2. Happy to answer questions, Kristi – ask away! 🙂 So, I first sewed the FOE into a ring by overlapping about 3/8 inch and zig-zagging, then I did sew right-side together around the waist with a 3/8 inch seam allowance, then I topstitched it (with zigzag) down. I was going to use the method you described, but tried this other way. She’s only worn the underwear once, but it’s held up well in the wash. 🙂

  3. Adorable! I love the stripes the best! I just cut out a couple of pair out of fleece for my gal. I think she’s going to never want to take them off!

    1. I like the fabric binding too – no marks left on her tender skin and less work! The boy shorts style has minimal elastic too (I used really soft foldover elastic for the waist), which is great.

    1. I’m betting that Holland is ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion, so I’m sure the boxer briefs style will be crazy hot here in the US in a matter of weeks 🙂 Thanks, Pienkel!

  4. i just bought this pattern as well and need to whip up several. for some reason i am dragging my feet–thanks for the inspiration to get moving!

    1. The pattern is awesome! At first I thought it might look too much like boys’ briefs, but K loves the fit and they’re easy to sew up once you get use to the waist and leg bands.

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