Monday Outfit: Redux


Good morning! It was a busy weekend that didn’t leave a whole lot of sewing time, but I managed to stitch up this long-sleeved top and pants knowing that K needs more of these. It feels like she’s going through a major growth spurt so I decided to start cutting out the 130cm size, which roughly corresponds to an American size 8. Alas, she’s swimming in the clothes and it was one of those projects that refused to cooperate.


I was also in the mood to use up some fabric that I’ve had on my sewing table, so the polka dot and grey linen-blend should look very familiar. I used the dotty fabric for the baby outfit, and this skirt was made out of the same linen-blend. I also used the same pants pattern from this book here. That’s a lot of redux.


The blouse is from this book, and I wanted to try it for the v-neck. I don’t make a lot of v-neck tops, I realized, and I’m a fan of the style. Again, because both the top and pants are so big, the entire effect is more pajama-like than I had hoped, but you can’t argue that it’s comfortable-looking. I think my favorite part of the top may be the extra thick yellow button:


Part of my ambivalence about this outfit may also stem from having seen Catching Fire with M this weekend. I loved it. I’ve read all the books, of course, but I really enjoyed seeing how the costume designer interpreted all the outfits. I wanted desperately to make a K-sized chunky sweater shrug awesomeness that Katniss is wearing early on in the movie. And then I wanted to make a replica of all the dresses and the sporty/futuristic body suit…but I didn’t have the time and in comparison to all the glorious costumes flitting around in my brain, my little handmade outfit seemed woefully bland. Oh well, maybe for Halloween next year, I can convince K to go as Katniss.


Perhaps K sensed my ho-hum attitude toward the outfit, because she wasn’t a happy camper for the photoshoot. Above, you can enjoy her version of Munch’s The Scream. I had no idea her mouth could be shaped like that.


And here, we tried some leggings just for variety, but I think the top needs to be a smidgen longer.

Anyway! December! Can you believe it? I’m reeling from all the things on my to-do list, but I’m taking it one little step at a time. Are you ready for the holiday season?




14 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Redux

  1. Better too big than too small, right? Something you can look forward to her growing into:) Those pants look super comfy – I’m sure she’ll warm up to them. And generally I prefer a rounded neckline but I really like the v-neck on this top. I like that it doesn’t go too low – I find that some of the Japanese patterns have the point going too low and need to be worn with a cami.
    So glad you enjoyed the movie! My husband and I took my son to go see it on opening night – having neglected to pre-buy tickets on line – and it was sold out in every theatre in town. And we’d even gotten a babysitter to watch the girls! I’m looking forward to being able to see it soon – I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that chunky sweater shrug:)

    1. You’re so right about the v-necks being too low for a lot of the Japanese patterns, Lucinda! I was glad this one wasn’t too low as well. I’m a total sucker for these dystopian young adult novels/movies. I was pretty excited to see that Divergent is going to be coming out soon – another very interesting series about inborn talents and proclivities…you know, I might know a little too much about young adult novels for someone who’s left young adulthood in the dust eons ago. 🙂

      1. since you enjoy YA lit, might I recommend these two? My 14 year old just read – and loved – the first one and it’s been a favorite of mine since I first read it a few years ago. The second one is newer but worth a read as well! (though nothing futuristic about either one!).

        1. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books, and I cried enough to fill a small lake. Such a great book. I also love John Green but I’ve only read Paper Town. I’ll definitely check his new book out – I’ve been seeing it at bookstores. Thank you for the recommendations, Lucinda!

  2. Oh, that sweater-cowl from the movie! I loved it too and actually googled i! And can you believe it? Lion brand has a free pattern for it, a crochet version and a nitted version, it is called “district 12 cowl wrap”. I am totally tempted!
    I love the bagginess of K´s outfit, especially the pants. And she will grow into it soon! I hope you can convince K about Katniss, I would love to see your creations for an outfit.
    Have a great week! I am not all all ready for the holiday season yet…. christmas music? decorations? Much too soon. All I can do is candles!

    1. I know!! That sweater cowl was amazing, wasn’t it? I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I’m excited that you found a pattern for it! M kept rolling his eyes as I gushed about all the outfits, so it’s so nice to have people “get” it 🙂

  3. I think it looks super comfy. I have seen pants like that for women in the Japanese sewing books. Have you tried them? How do they really look on? I’ve thought they would be fun in linen, but I haven’t actually tried it yet!

    1. I’ve seen this style of pants in the Japanese books too – I hesitate to make them because once I start wearing elastic-waisted pants, I think it’s a slippery slope to expansion…at least for me :-).

      1. I do remember once at Weight Watchers (I don’t go now, but perhaps I should!) they said to never buy elastic waist pants. I think long pants might look funny on me but I was dreaming of 3/4 length ones in linen with boots and cardi’s. Perhaps I could make a go of it!

  4. She looks beautiful even when bored/disinterested. Love the fabrics and wouldn’t it be great to wear unstructured, baggy, elastic waisted things and look so lithe and stylish! Lucky kids!

  5. At least it is too big, not too small:) Your daughter always looks so adorable, even when not a happy model! there are a ton of Katniss cowls on Ravelry. However, I think it would take me so long to knit one that the third movie would be out before I finished it!

    1. Thanks, Nicki! I’m discovering all the cowl patterns, and I’m impressed! I’m with you on the knitting front – I have a feeling we’ll be neck-to-neck in getting that knit up. 🙂

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