Halloween Tattoos

For all of my Pinterest-ing and grand planning, I’ve been kind of a slacker in the Halloween department.

Pumpkins: not carved.
Candy: not purchased.
Fancy Treats: not baked.
Costume for K: totally dialed it in (cat ears purchased at a drug store, leotard and tights re-purposed as-is from last summer’s ballet camp).

However, just in the nick of time, I did make some cute little Halloween tattoos…

I used Silhouette’s printable tattoo paper, which is so much fun. The downside is that the package comes with only two sheets, hence unless you cram in a lot of little designs, it’s not the most cost-effective craft. Yet oh-so-satisfying to see your own designs as temporary tattoos…

I tried the stars on my hand but found it tricky to take photos that didn’t make my hand look grotesque (though I guess that would be appropriate for Halloween?) so will have to wait for my model with darling appendages to come home from school to display the temporary tattoos in action. Laying the adhesive on the printed sheet was the hardest part and though I didn’t do it perfectly, they seem to be working great.

I made some obviously themed ones (I used the illustrations of the vampire girl and witch from here) and added a few others that I thought would look sweet as a tattoo. Here’s the whole sheet:

I’m off to go buy some candy!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Tattoos

    1. Happy Halloween! I used a combination of gouache and watercolors (and just plain old pen for the clouds). I’ve discovered that the adhesive is quite strong — the tattoos lasted through several dish washing sessions.

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