Happy Friday + Randomness

Castle of Sleep – watercolor and gouache 12″ x 16″

Happy Friday! Whew, this week was a bust: my total creative output was one pair of mittens. That painting above is from eons ago – I just shamelessly dig through my old stuff whenever I don’t have anything fresh. Oh well, there have been a few pleasantly surprising turn of events because of my flu/bronchitis/whatever-this-is.

– I’ve been using this contraption with menthol inserts, and the price of indignity rewarded me with amazing skin. It’s like getting a steam facial every day, so I’m practically incandescent. Combined with the insane amounts of water I’m consuming, I’m getting ready to throw out all of my blemish creams. This thingamabob is also the only thing that’s made me feel significantly better.

– Since I wasn’t able to do much, I got to cozy up with some good books (while using the above contraption), and let me tell you, it’s beenΒ glorious. I used to be such a bookworm, but with the arrival of my ipad, my bibliophile indulgences have been few and far between this last year. As a result, I have more Pinterest followers than I ever expected, but I am definitely dumber. And my attention span? Nil.

– K and M have been very appreciative of me. They even did the dishes together. This, my friends, is epic.

– I’ve had a lot of time to think. For someone who already thinks too much, I discovered that this may not necessarily be a good thing, but it did raise some interesting questions about what I want to do for next year. More on that later.


Some of you have asked me about the measurements of the infinity scarf I made here. It’s approximately 1.5 yards (about 1.37 meters) long with a 28-inch (about 72cm) circumference opening. It’s the length that gives it such fullness, and I really love this scarf. The key, I think, is to use a thinner knit jersey.


On the first night that I was terribly sick, I was shaking with chills and fever, and pretty much writhing in bed like I was possessed. K sat perched on the edge, patting my foot. And from very, very far away I could hear her little voice:

“Mama? Are you okay? Sweet Mama? I want you to know, you are SO important to me. So important…I hope you feel better (sob).”

It nearly broke my heart, she must have been so scared. And I must look a lot healthier now, because yesterday she stopped listening to me.


Signing off for the weekend, wishing you a spectacular one!

Nothing like the flu
To make you appreciate
all the simple things

22 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. so glad you’re feeling better… it’s amazing to me how selfless kids can suddenly become when you’re really sick. Gives me hope! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Kristi! It’s very affirming to discover that kids ARE intrinsically empathetic. K did a great job of taking care of me πŸ™‚

  2. I love the painting and think the right hand side blue flowery wall should be made into a voile. Wouldn’t it make a beautiful fabric?!

    Kids really are just a ball of ego, so when they step out of that it’s amazing and wonderful to see. Glad you’re feeling better!

    1. Ooh, fabric! Voile would be so lovely — I really need to get my act together and look into spoonflower and the like once and for all! Thanks Alana – I’m doing a whole lot better!

  3. Your painting is so beautiful. I agree, it would make a dream fabric, either the whole painting or each part individually. I love the roof. Have you ever tried painting on silk (sallieoh.blogspot.com has done some amazing things with painted silk)?
    Thank you for the scarf measurements! And even converted to the metric sytem!!!
    You kind of make me want to be sick a little πŸ˜‰ I have neglected books terribly, too, since discovering blogs and pinterest. But reading your blog is kind of reading a book – with characters that have become very dear to me!
    Wishing you a weekend full of love, little happy things and maybe even sewing!

    1. I’ve never tried painting on silk, though I’ve long admired sallieoh’s beautiful creations. Silk is so intimidating on it’s own and painting it…well, that just requires nerves of steel. Oh Ute, comparing my blog to reading a book might be the best compliment I’ve ever received and one that feels very undeserved. Wishing you a delightful weekend too!

  4. I can’t believe you painted that! Wait . . . yes I can. Love the detail of it . . . so much tiny brush work. You must have tons of patience!
    So glad to hear that a turnabout is happening with your illness! What a long week . . . and certainly one you don’t care to relive anytime soon. Amazing how when we’re well we think little of it, but when we’re sick, it’s all we can think about! Yay for daughters and husbands who tend to you with care and love – and for sweet comments from said daughter that must make your day.

    1. I’m not sure that I have a lot of patience, but I’m pretty stubborn, so when I start something
      I feel compelled to see it through. My hands were crab claws by the time I finished that painting! I’m so happy this week us done! I’m regaining my energy and my mom is coming into town today (which means fabulous food), so I have only good things to look forward to!

  5. I love this painting! The colors, the gradients, the textures are all really speaking to me. Thank you for sharing it!

    I’m not sure if this is more or less dignified than the contraption, but I’ll boil some oregano in an open pot of water and put my face over it. It’s great for opening the sinuses and lungs, as well as the skin.

    I’m glad you’ve turned the corner and am very excited to hear about your thoughts on next year!

    1. I’ve read and heard a lot about oregano’s healing properties. I even tried oregano pills a few years ago. I’ll give the oregano steam a go — I’m sure I’ll feel like I’m in Italy πŸ™‚ thanks Morgan!

  6. Yikes. Sounds like an awful illness. Those kids sure can break our hearts when they worry about us. When I fell down the stairs last week and wound up writhing in agony on the couch, my four year old who can pretty aspergers when it comes to human relations, stood in front of me looking all worried and said “mama, I want to make you happy.” Guh!

    1. Guh, indeed! Kids, they just blast into your life, upend your heart and mind and then casually saunter off without a care. What would we do without ’em, right? Glad you’re doing better, Tara – that sounded like a scary fall!

  7. That’s the most moving story of your daughter. I know exactly how the feels like, when I was sick for almost a month this last March, and N was kind of the same. Of course I laughed about how she started responding when you got better. Classic!

    1. Yikes, being sick for almost a month must’ve been so hard! And yes, the degree of K’s listening is definitely a barometer of my health. πŸ™‚

  8. Good to hear you’re feeling better & looking forward to your plans for next year! The reading/tablet thing is the same here, can’t say it’s a happy habit. Love to browse and pin at night in bed, but feel so much more satisfied and rested after reading a book…

    1. I love pinning and browsing at night too! Sometimes far into the night. This past week though, I’ve put an ipad moratorium on myself and I’ve been reading every night again. Bliss….

  9. Laughing at the fact that she stopped listening to you already πŸ™‚ Mine cooked me supper in bed (chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese) when I was sick but like K very quickly got back to being themselves. You have such a way of writing thing, it makes me see them in my head. I could picture a sick you and a little K sobbing. Maybe you should write a book?

    1. Aw, how sweet that you got a specially cooked meal! Ah, Tracy, a book…now wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Stranger things have happened, though, right??

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better! And how sweet is K?! I had a horrible stomach virus last winter and my daughter was the same way…..worried until I started to feel better then tuned out! Ah kids! I too have been less of the book worm I once was when I got my iPad. I really need to get back into reading.
    Keep feeling better Sanae!!

    1. Thank you Meghan! I’ve been keeping up with my reading every night, and I think it’s actually part of what’s helping me feel better! Viva la books.

  11. I’m glad you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than being a sick mama. You made me laugh out loud though when you said K must not be worried because she stopped laughing. I can totally relate. Take care.

    1. Thank you Marjie! Having my own mama here has been a game-changer and I’m feeling like I’m well on the way to recovery! And yes, kids…they’re so funny!

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