Sewing for Me: A Muumuu by any other name…

…is still a muumuu. But this knit tunic top is so comfortable, it’s bound to be in high rotation. As much as I love clothes that fit me perfectly (that one day I will finally be able to make), oftentimes I just want to roll around in loose, stretchy garb that require no effort.


I used Butterick 5855ย View A to make this tunic, and the sizing is beyond generous. I cut the medium and took in about three inches on each side. Look at it! I could fit almost two of me in there. If you click on that pattern link, it takes you to a crazy-looking photo with a woman in a lacy-sheer top…this is what the actual pattern envelope looks like:

I thought the black and grey stripes with a bit of denim black color-blocking would be chic, and I daresay it is — in an over-sized, easy-to-hide-a-Siamese-twin kind of way. Sewing it together was a breeze, although I managed to cut the top front and top back pieces incorrectly, so I had to piece them together. This resulted in a center seam that I actually love. You can see it slightly better here:


This is the kind of top I would reach for on days I’m feeling bloated and a bit unmotivated, but still want to look somewhat presentable.

Oh, and I tried something new, and broke out my twin needles! The hemming of the sleeves went beautifully. And then I botched the actual hem with loops and tangled masses of thread everywhere, and bleakly started to rip the stitches out when I allowed myself to acknowledge that the straight hem was way too dowdy even for me.

I took my scissors and carefully snipped out an arc in the front and cut off the messed up stitched bits in the back. Instantly, the high-low hem gave the caftan-esque top more visual interest. I debated sewing up the hem a different way or trying the twin needles again, but though it’s a touch jagged-y I think leaving it raw looks fine for now. I may bias bind it later, we’ll see.

Yes, it’s basically a muumuu, but with some skinny jeans and silver shoes, I personally find it cute and comfy. This outfit feels very me. And when the temperature dips into cooler ranges, I see myself wearing a long-sleeved black tee underneath with a chunky wool scarf and boots. I just might have to make a few more of these tunics!


12 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: A Muumuu by any other name…

  1. This looks super comfy! My kind of top! I think I need to go out and get this pattern. I’m definitely picturing it with a long sleeve t underneath some boots and a scarf. And I think that the hem looks great as a high low. It looks great Sanae!

    1. Thank you, Jams! This was the very last bit of the black denim knit I had, and I’m so glad I used it for this. I have just enough of the stripey fabric to make a top for K.

  2. If that is a muumuu, then I love muumuus! For me, the color-blocking and your fabric choice totally transforms the pattern. I can really see it with boots, a long tee and scarf (do you also nit?!). Great wardrobe staple!

    1. I’m the world’s slowest knitter, Ute, but I’m slowly gaining an appreciation for it. And yes, this top will be a definitely late fall/winter staple! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. first–cute shoes! i have been meaning to discuss shoes with you, just generally speaking. second, love the top, *esp* the center seam. your collar is so perfect…how? no puckering!! third, so happy that i’m not the only one who chops off hems into interesting shapes when my intentions to finish them properly go horribly awry. don’t bind it. that’s the beauty of jersey, right? sometimes i think we try to make it too complicated ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. First: glad you like my shoes! Yep, I have a bit of a thing for footwear, though like my clothes moratorium, I’ve been good about not buying shoes lately. I obviously have enough pairs to last me awhile, though I did need to throw out my worn-out black boots and am in search of a good pair…
      Second: thank you! this pattern comes with a neck bias piece (something I’m not used to – Japanese patterns rarely provide a pattern piece for those things) and it fit perfectly around the neckline. Hurray! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Third: the chop/cut hem into interesting shape is a life-saver for jersey!

  4. It does look comfy! I love how into the modelling you are getting, you are looking more and more comfortable in front of the camera. The hi/low was a good call. I really want to try double needles some day since my knits always turn into a stretched mess!!! Yes, I’ve read lots of tutorials but I still seem to be knit challenged ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Tracy – ha, I’m glad you think I look more comfortable in front of the camera because some days I’m still a little embarrassed ๐Ÿ™‚ The double-needle was magical while it worked and when it started to go bonkers, it was sort of scary! Good luck if you try it – I think I needed to do something with the tension which might be why it went awry…

  5. I love the whole outfit. Since I’m not about to sew a shirt just like yours (even though I dream of one day learning how), maybe I can recreate with the rest and copy you. Where are those cute shoes from?

    1. Hi Sarah! The shoes are from Queen Anne Dispatch years and years ago – super cute! I hope moving preparation is going well!

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