Monday Outfit: Olive-Toned Tops

Good morning! We had a rip-roaring, thunderous storm yesterday and I almost got hit by lightning, so I’m feeling very grateful that I’m typing this post alive and well and without singed hair.

I made a couple of tops for this week’s Monday Outfit and zeroed in on shades of green. Let’s talk about the oh-so-French inspired polka dot top first. Until I put the black buttons on, it looked remarkably like a mini-Tova (and the contrasting placket fabric is scrap left over from my first Tova here). I briefly contemplated leaving it as is, but it would have gaped open too much even if there’s really nothing there to see.

I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I shortened the sleeves and added cuffs, making it look even more Tova-esque. I guess the color is closer to dusty army green, but in certain lights it’s olive green too.

The pattern is from the awesome Kids Clothes Sewing Lessons book, and as expected, I found the placket quite challenging, but somehow I got it all to work. My buttonhole foot went a little crazy though, and I’m afraid they’re not quite up to snuff, but hey, they fulfill their duties.

The fabric is ancient in stash years, and I actually used a very small portion of it for this mega-hit Oliver + S penguin backpack I made a few years ago. It’s a Moda fabric called La Petite Ecole by French General and it’s one of my very favorites. I’m very very obsessed with polka dots.

Do you like her boots? We got them from Target last year and she’s finally fitting into them. K insisted on wearing them with her outfits, giving them a country / southwestern vibe. Or maybe it’s making me think of Christmas. Anyway, the pants are also Oliver + S, the fabulous After School Pants that I made here. These have held up so well, and I think the rolled-up cuffs add a nice touch.

This tank top was a last minute sewing addition. I was digging through my “K fabric” box and found about 3/4 of a yard of this plaid, and I felt that inexplicable tug to make something with it. I had so little of the fabric, my choices were limited, but this gathered camisole seemed a good match.

I got the fabric from my mom and it’s most likely thrifted. It feels like a linen blend, and wrinkles quite easily. Case in point above.

The pattern is from this book. Super easy, super fast, super cute. Then I remembered that K’s school has this weird rule about not allowing spaghetti straps. I guess elementary school girls running amok in slinky strapped-tops will cause deviant behavior? At any rate, I stared at the straps, wondering if these qualified as “spaghetti”. What do you think? She can always wear a tee underneath, so I’m not too worried…

So that’s it for this week! Two serviceable tops in fall-appropriate colors.

30 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Olive-Toned Tops

  1. Hi Sanae,
    i’m always so glad when you make a outfit or garmet from a book i own. This time this sweet tunic! Polkadots are sweet on almost everything, and so are here.

    The strap-top is also a keeper, i magined it with a off-white longsleeve underneath and a cozy grey cardi and slim camel-colored corduroy pants… a very cozy outfit for fall (which is coming here with clouds and rain all day long). The cool boots would suit this very well and no teacher could argue about spaghetti-straps (which is a hiliarius name btw). Oh and there has to be a shawl to complete this. i’ afraid i’m digressing now *grin*

    One Question about the polka dot top: you wrote this is a moda fabric, so is this a quilting cotton? I’m hoarding quilting cotton, bc i sew quilts sometimes but i’m not sure to use it for sewing a piece of fashion. Does K like to wear this kind of fabric?

    Sending you stormy greetings from germany

    1. Ooh, I’m loving your styling suggestions for the plaid tank, Marit – thank you! Camel colored cords would be fab. As for the polka dot top fabric, it’s actually a little thinner with more drape than quilting cotton although it’s considered quilting cotton. I got it from a quilt shop near my neighborhood that closed down several years ago – I used to go around the store touching all the fabric to see which ones I could use for apparel sewing 🙂

  2. so glad you haven’t been struck by lightning too! i must say your photos and clothing sewn could all be featured in ANY of the books that you have made that clothing from. gorgeous daughter helps i suppose. love these creations and her cute shoes.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah, what wonderful compliments! K is definitely a natural model (with very strong opinions). The lightning was freaky – I guess there were over 800 lightning bolts in our area and when I was walking home from an errand, I literally jumped and screamed when a bright neon pink one looked like it was a couple of feet from me (it was more like a couple of miles but still)!!!!

  3. Glad you’re ok and managed to dodge the lightning! I would imagine that was a fairly nerve-wracking experience!
    Delightful tops – as usual. I always get excited when you use patterns from sewing books that I own, b/c then I can be inspired by you:) I have the first book you mentioned but have not sewn from it yet. Perhaps this would be the one to get me going, though if you had trouble with the placket, then I’m more than a bit nervous! And that green plaid top is so great – esp. since it’s a linen blend (and we all know you have a fondness for linen:). Love the color and the plaid. My daughter’s school has the same “strap” rule so we just throw a tshirt on first, or layer a cardi over top. K, of course, will rock the layered look:)

    1. Thanks Lucinda! I like the book because it has detailed photos for many of the steps as opposed to just illustrations. And trust me, you’ll have no problems with the placket. I’m just packet-challenged 🙂 And yep, the tank will definitely be layered.

  4. Yikes, Sanae! Glad you’re ok. LOVING these outfits, especially the polka-dotted ones. And the fit of those pants is enough to make me want to pull that pattern out.

    1. Hey Robin! I heard there were some lightning craziness down on Oregon too – did you see any? The pants are awesome. I think they will outlast civilization, they’re so sturdy.

  5. I just love that tank! I think it would be perfect with a long shirt under. The color is beautiful and everyone is in need of some plaids in their wardrobe!

    1. Yes! Plaid is a must in the fall, don’t you think? This would have been a cute button down shirt if I’d had a bit more…

  6. Beautiful sewing as always. I don’t own the Japanese book but was admiring her jeans (and boots, love ’em) and was excited to realise (and couldn’t believe I’d failed to spot it) that they were the After School pants.
    Congratulations on another lovely Monday outfit and for dodging the lightning. Well done!

  7. Good to hear you are alive and well! That must have been quite a scare! I just adore the polka dot tunic and cannot belive you made those jeans, they look totally bought and I love how they faded. K looks very stylish and grown up in that outfit (very cool boots!). I had to laugh: when I was an exchange student in South Carolina they had that same spaghetti straps rule at my high school. I remember beeing totally baffled and amused and still am; very strange rule for an elementary school! Just tell them they are macaroni straps!;-)

    1. Ha! Macaroni straps – love it! High school makes a little more sense
      I guess – I went to a school in an area notorious for gangs (heart of Los Angeles) so we had all sorts of odd dress code rules that related to gangwear like no caps, especially worn backwards…this, of course, spawned a lot of wannabe gang kids…

  8. i am apparently living under a rock because i am new to your blog but so very glad i found it. i absolutely love your style – it completely resonates with me. and i love this top so much, particularly the one with dots for fall. perfection.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! So glad you found my little space (it’s quite incognito) and I’m so happy that you like my creations 🙂

  9. These are both so stunning. I keep thinking that I want a grown up version of K’s wardrobe- pretty, stylish, sassy, practical and playful. just what a girl needs.

    1. Thanks Gita – I do often make K clothes that I want to wear myself, and lately I find that I end up sewing more fun clothes for her than for me – I think I need to be more daring with my own stuff!

  10. The school my two youngest attend has the same rule about spaghetti straps. Allie also got in trouble for wearing her Sirocco dress without a t-shirt under it. I love this weeks tops as usual ( though I don’t comment very often, I do read every post). I think the polka dot one will be a great winter addition to K’s wardrobe.

    1. That rule! I’d gotten into trouble for sending her to school in spaghetti straps before too – yet when she wore a halter dress it was no problem. ????

  11. Love the outfit, the dusted colour of the polkadot top is gorgeous! And the jeans look amazing, they don’t look homemade at all (and for jeans that is a major compliment!).
    Think the straps definately qualify as spaghetti though, that’s just what makes them so cute! Strange rule indeed…

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! I think the jeans might be the star here – Oliver+S patterns always yield such professional results!

  12. We were on a walk in the woods Sunday and the storm sounded like it passed right above us – crazy thunder! The canopy was too thick to see the lightning, though. Love these tops, they look lovely on her!

    1. The lightning was insane!! Wasn’t it something like 2500 lightnings in the Northwest?? Glad you guys were safe and hope you stayed dry!

    1. Thanks Tara! I keep finding out about weird rules at K’s school…a short-lived one that caused a playground uproar was “no game of tag allowed during recess”. Weird, right?

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