Herringbone Jacket + Knickerbockers

It was early in the morning. We had ten minutes before we had to leave for school. K was very cranky and didn’t want to model for me (nor brush her hair, as you’ll see). I had to console myself with taking pictures of the stool at first. I think what used to be a fun, once-a-week fashion show was starting to feel like a chore when demanded multiple times a week.

But then she grudgingly got on the stool.

And then she swiveled…

And swiveled…

Until she started getting into the spirit of things and posed on the floor — can you see the hint of a smile starting?

She even started art directing me (“here! at the desk with me writing” – oh dear).

This herringbone linen is absolutely lovely. Silky soft and comfortably rumpled, it seems to combine luxury and casualness somehow. It reads pink, but is actually red and white, as you can see better in the detail shot. It is, of course the same pattern as this jacket. It seems a shame not to use a pattern more than once after all that tracing and re-tracing.

The knickerbockers are made out of a thicker cotton/linen blend, I think. I found it in a pile of long-forgotten stash and it’s the perfect grey with subtle speckled texture. The pattern is a mixture of two pants from this book.



5 thoughts on “Herringbone Jacket + Knickerbockers

  1. Totally agreed that it’s such a lot of effort tracing and cutting patterns if they were only used for making one garment. It’s amazing how different fabric used for the same pattern will give a different look and feel. It reminded me of my sewing teacher who used to make 3 sets of garments when she designed her own patterns.

  2. I saw this book at our local Japanese market and I regret not getting it. 🙁 I use to have a pair of knickers… they were linen and purple. I wore them to all the time! LOVE the Jacket… LOVE the knickers… LOVE your blog!

  3. Oh, this is just so lovely! Thank you daughter for all of us for being gracious enough to endure another photography session:) It’s such a beautiful outfit!

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