Summer Goodness

Does anything say summer more than snow cones and shaved ice? OK, if you live in Oceania, they probably say winter to you, but we’ve been enjoying icy goodness a lot lately.

K got this little snow cone maker along with three syrup flavors as a birthday gift from a friend and this has been a huge hit. It’s such a good idea that I wanted to include it here as a reminder for future summer gifts (I’ve seen these on sale – the listed price on that link seems a touch high). The machine is quite small at about 10 inches high, and the diminutive size adds to its charm. The wheels are purely for decoration, though K tried to wheel it initially just for kicks. All you need to do is fill it with ice and press the big pink button on top. Shaved ice instantly spews out. I used to have a hand-crank model, and this is so much better.

I want to explore making natural, less sugar-rush-inducing syrups though. These are as artificial as it gets, though they’re fun and pretty (except when I tried to get photos of the red syrup snaking its way through the shaved ice, it looked disturbingly like blood).

Zebra approves. This is a wooden knife I got in Michigan because I thought it was so darling and wanted a memento from our trip. “Hand carved,” it declared on the tiny label. I assumed I was getting some local artisanal woodwork so I inquired about it at the register, and as the cashier handed me back my change, she smirked and said, “Yep, handmade in Kenya”. Oh well. I still like it.

4 thoughts on “Summer Goodness

  1. what a great birthday gift idea! both my girls would LOVE one of these, as they are constantly making up concoctions together, some edible, some not:)

    1. I love watching kids create “food”! K went to a cooking camp earlier this summer and absolutely loved it – they went to a pizzeria to learn how to make authentic pizzas and she was in seventh heaven!

    1. Oh wow, those syrups look amazing (hazelnut, strawberry, mmmmmmm)!! Thanks Ute, I’ll definitely be trying these. I love how with the translation, there are certain words that just don’t have an English equivalent. There are lots of words in Japanese that I’ve never been able to translate well into English, come to think of it 🙂

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