When I had an art show a few years ago, I made this series of papercut girls that led to some fun commissions. Each piece is 5×7 inches, and I used an Exacto knife to create the dress patterns. The wood is stained blue, and what I really loved about them is that I didn’t sketch anything out and it felt like each one magically appeared out of the paper without any preformed plan.

Here’s one that didn’t make the cut for the art show. The legs are a little wonky, the edges a little too jaggedy, and I didn’t love the pattern like I did with the others. I like it though — it cheers me up for some reason, and I shift it around the house periodically. Right now, it sits near the dining table on a windowsill.

Wouldn’t it be cool to work on a really big papercut project? Must dig out my Exacto knife…

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