Hannah’s Wardrobe

As promised, here is a roundup of Hannah’s new fashion items made by my mom. We have eight dresses…


Five knitted cuteness…(I’m not sure if that pink one is supposed to be a skirt or poncho, but it works as both!)

Four bottoms…

A purse, and goodness me, a swimsuit! That matches the one I made for K here!

They all look lovely on Hannah, but this one is my favorite:

And I’ve noticed that K likes to put her in this dress a lot, fully accessorized:

I’m bowled over, aren’t you? My my mom left town promising to make some shoes for H (shoes!!!), and I have no doubt that we will be receiving one of her famous gigantic boxes soon with much more than doll-sized shoes…lucky, lucky K.

18 thoughts on “Hannah’s Wardrobe

    1. Hi Greta! My mom used both a sewing machine and hand sewing for these outfits. Oh, and knitting needles too 🙂 Thanks for regularly visiting, it means so much to me!

  1. Okay, I am convinced that you and your mom are not from this world. Ah-mazing! I don’t think I have the right adjective to describe such awesomeness.

    1. Ha! I definitely have alien-like features (freakishly long torso, anyone?), but seriously my mom is truly an artist.

  2. Lucky K, indeed! And how fun for your mom to have a granddaughter – and granddaughter’s doll! – to sew for. Seriously can not believe she got so much sewn in such a short time. Please share the shoes when they arrive!:)

    1. Will do, Lucinda! It’s a lot like having a fairy godmother when my mom stays with us. Things keep magically appearing…

  3. Thank you K’s Grandma for raising the bar on doll clothes- Ellery will probably get an American Girl doll for Christmas, and if (I mean WHEN, right?) I make some doll clothes, I know where to turn for inspiration. My mind is blown! Well done ba-chan!

    1. Oh, Ellery is a lucky girl! Do you know which kind? That was quite an ordeal for K to decide…and yes! Ba-chan is always inspirational!

    1. I’m nuthin’ compared to my mom, June! She’s always making something non-stop, and her ideas are endless!

  4. So beautiful! I can not choose a favorite. I use to make my dolls clothes by hand (no sewing machine for me then) I really did enjoy that activity. Your mom is artistic as you, and both of you produce lovely things.

    1. Thank you, Maria! Doll clothes are such a delight to make, aren’t they? I’ve made my share for other dolls and I’m eager to make something for Hannah 🙂

    1. It’s funny, I didn’t appreciate just how amazing my mom is until I had K…she made everything for me and my brothers!

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