Jodhpur Pants (more mustard!) and Stripey Shirt

First of all, wow wow wow, Meg of lovely Elsie Marleyย fame posted one of my images for Day 6! KCWC has been awesome! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

I was able to sew up quite a few things this weekend. I had some mustard cotton left over, so I wanted to make these jodhpur style pants using my trusty Japanese pattern book. The shirt is from this book, but I modified it by removing extra detailing because I wanted the simplest knit shirt possible. It is the softest, comfiest knit ever. We can’t have enough stripey shirts in our wardrobe, I say.

And of course, we need to add a woolen infinity scarf to make the outfit look oh-so-French.

And then we decided to get all photo-shoot-y with her vintage decor.

She loves that scarf.

Detail shots per usual:

10 thoughts on “Jodhpur Pants (more mustard!) and Stripey Shirt

  1. Great outfit, cute, stylish and comfy! Love your style, and am so glad to have found your blog. Congratulations on the Elsie Marley feature- isn’t it awesome? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. so beautiful. i should let the author of your pattern book know that you are TOTALLY selling it ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m really considering it–despite my lack of japanese knowledge and pretty basic sewing pattern knowledge!

    1. Hi Sarah! I really recommend it! If you do get the book and run into any problems, let me know. Maybe I should do some translated tutorials :-).

  3. Hello! I LOVE the pants you made. I have the book as well, I’m just waiting for my youngest to get a little bigger so I can start using some of the yummy patterns. Wasn’t KCWC fun? It’s so inspiring!

    Great job! You’ve definitely inspired me!!!

  4. I love the colours in the scarf, it just takes the outfit to a new level. I wondered if you knitted the scarf and if you had a link to the pattern. I really love your colour choices and will be back here for inspiration!

    1. Hi Caroline, I actually got the scarf on sale at Anthropologie a while ago. It’s an extra long infinity scarf that I wear all the time. I love how it creates an extra big cowl on my daughter :-). Thanks for visiting!

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