KCW Summer: Le Chat Part 2

Here it is, my (much more) subtle version of a cat-outfit. I felt that K’s version was a bit in-your-face, and wanted a quieter, less shout-y interpretation. I’ve been wanting to try this adorable “apron dress” from this book for quite some time. I think it’s a great blend of nostalgic and kid-friendly, and of course, when you make it in a charcoal grey striped linen blend as I did, it’s very Japanese. I’m pretty sure the fabric is from JoAnn’s, but don’t hold me to it.

I paired the understated apron dress with a pop of color – my screen makes the puff-sleeve knit top look minty green, but it’s more of a kelly green in real life, the color of gingko leaves filtered through sunlight, before they turn golden in the fall. The shirt pattern is from this book and the fabric is from here.

More and more, I’m making things up as I go, and this was no exception. I drew a kitty head shape freehand onto swedish paper, cut out two pieces of the linen blend, sewed them together, added a couple of buttons for eyes and embroidered a nose, and boom, a sweet little pocket. I mulled over whether two pockets would be cuter and decided to edit myself. I suppose I could have added whiskers, but hey, less is more. Here’s the close-up of the kitty pocket:

The apron dress came together fairly quickly, but because of the way it’s constructed, the right and wrong sides look almost identical, and I flipped it around by mistake. The small piece holding the straps together is supposed to be on the inside, but I like that this detail is visible on the outside. Yay for mistakes.

The knit top, on the other hand, was a headache. I’ve made so many tops like these, I didn’t even bother looking at the instructions, and maybe that’s why everything went wrong. I had to cut out the back piece twice, the ties got twisted around, the front gather didn’t gather…you get the idea. I think it’s a darling top though, and I will try to make this again. This cotton jersey was pretty thin and I might make the next one with a slightly thicker knit.

Bribery in action. K scored a bag full of candy from a birthday party pinata over the weekend, and I’ve been using them as “treats” for photoshoots. I know that one day I will wistfully and longingly look back on these days when all it took was a small packet of smarties. I’m sure she’ll be hustling me for an ipad or Chanel bag or something in the future.

K likes it! She saw the kitty pocket and said “cuuuuuuuuuute!” So it’s a win, I say. I’m enjoying this KCW challenge I set up for myself very much. And guess what? I have another dress (possibly two) to show you tomorrow.

p.s. this blog is one-year-old today! But more on that later…


16 thoughts on “KCW Summer: Le Chat Part 2

  1. I love your version. I also love it that you’re making her design and your own interpretation- that must be so much fun! I’ve been thinking of making this dress again for my girls to wear to school, it’s so cute and versatile.

  2. Happy blogiversary!!! Your so called “mistakes” looks way better. Hey… I thought you were taking it easy this KCW?! HA! No one can resist the power of the dark side… πŸ˜‰

    I got an apron too! But it’s not a dress…

  3. Happy blog-birthday! Yes, this looks very “you” and I love your mistake! Oh, I wish I could find more fabric like that. I hope You will continue blogging many more years, I am very glad I found you!

  4. Happy one year!!! Love cats!!! you are amazing Sanae, so productive and full of brilliant ideas!. Me in the other hand having sewing problems and my brain is melting with this hot weather!

  5. So cute! And my daughter loves it too…she is over my shoulder looking at the pictures asking if I could make her a dress with cute kitten pockets! Happy blog birthday!!

  6. The dress and top are gorgeous and the kitty pocket is especially cute. Might have to try one myself sometime – I think my daughter would adore it! And happy blog birthday too πŸ™‚

  7. Your blog is soo inspiring, clothes so unique, And photography so beautiful, any tips on how to achieve that serene feel in the photos? I think you should dedicate the whole post to kids fashion photography! And another question, your daughter must have way too many clothes to be able to wear them all, how do you justify (to yourself) sewing even more every week? What’s the secret?

    1. Hi Sopo! I’m so flattered that you like my photography! I’m still very much an amateur and I have to give my daughter major props for being an amazing model. Seriously, I just click away and she comes up with all sorts of poses. And yes, she has a remarkably abundant wardrobe at this point, though she’s constantly growing so she needs new clothes pretty regularly. I don’t buy her any ready-to-wear clothes anymore, so I do sew out of necessity often (with some fun projects thrown in). I don’t really try to justify it – I have an enormous stash of fabrics and I’m addicted to sewing and I consider all of this practice because there is SO much to learn about this craft. All I know is that I love making clothes and K doesn’t seem to mind πŸ™‚

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