Sewing for Me: Textured Maxi

Happy Fourth of July to those of you here in the US! We’re having a BBQ bash later this afternoon so things are a little hectic at chez Ishida, but I wanted to pop in with a quick update on my latest sewing venture.

As part of my vacation wardrobe, I made a color-block maxi in grey and black recently, so it probably seems redundant to make another maxi in the same color combination. The thing is, I was all set on taking the color-block dress to the lake with me, and I wore it for a day as a test drive. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, the front and back were gaping open in a slovenly and all-too-revealing way, and although I stitched the front together, the hem also stretched out, dragging all over and tripping me up everywhere. It wasn’t pretty.

So I turned to a simple pattern to make another (Monica made an adorable version, I just discovered). I really like the racer back detail of this dress, and I used bias binding to give the neckline and armholes a bit more definition. Good thing you can’t really see the gross mosquito bites on my back that I got from canoeing – I had gigantic lumps the size of gumballs for a while there.

The fabric is very interesting. It’s a rayon-blend knit, I think, and is super-textured. M said I look like a human waffle (??) in the dress — not exactly the look I was going for. Anyway, both sides of the fabric are unique, but I liked this side with the bee-hive-esque pattern.

Funny anecdote: I was trying to be proactive and organized to get this post ready and hastily tried to take photos of this dress before we left for our trip. K took about 100 shots, and hey, I’m wearing it inside out! The oddest part is that I didn’t even notice until I was looking through the photos. I’d taken off the dress right after to pack it so I didn’t walk around like a crazy lady publicly, not that it matters since I’m telling you all about it complete with photographic evidence. Can you see the difference in the texture of the image above?

So I redid the photoshoot and all the image you see other than that one is from yesterday. Here’s the dress again, worn the right way:

I’m happy to report that this dress is much more comfortable and modest than the color-block one and did make it to the lake. In fact, I wore it multiple times during my vacation! Now, to see if I can salvage that other dress…

14 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: Textured Maxi

  1. i just bought this pattern a couple weeks ago! haven’t tried it yet…i’m waiting for my serger to come (eek!). it’s cute!

    1. It’s a lovely pattern for knit dresses, Ashley. So excited that you’re getting a serger – it will change your life! Or at least your sewing life 🙂

  2. Ooo! Ahh! I like this one, A LOT. The fabric is yummy… almost “Waffle-y” like! 😉 This is a great dress on you and I love your smile! Happy 4th!!!

  3. It will be so wonderful – after you launched your first children and women collection – when we can all say: “Yes, we knew her, when she was just sewing for herself and her daughter and had this little blog….now she is so famous!” Seriously, I would buy your stuff! That last full lenghth picture is stunning. Happy 4th of July!

    1. Oh, Ute – you’re too kind. My own collection…now, that would be a dream come true. Baby steps, right? Happy 4th!!

    1. So sweet of you, Meghan – the texture is more pronounced on the “wrong” side, which makes me look even more like a human waffle! 🙂

  4. I love this one. I got some knit fabric and am going to try making a maxi dress or two before heading on a trip next week. Thanks for the inspiration! :o)

  5. Maxi dresses are the way to go, Beccy! They’re so comfortable yet make you feel a little bit extra fancy, you know? Would love to see your versions!

  6. Sanae – this is perfect. I actually just received this pattern a couple of days ago – now I can’t wait to get started. Love the racer back! You look gorgeous!

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