Happy Friday + Randomness

Happy Friday! So, in a couple of days, I’ll be on the plane to kick off my vacation (armed with my self-sewn wardrobe!), and in my absence so as not to leave you high and dry, some lovely blogger friends have generously agreed to pinch hit all of next week with guest posts. They’ll be featuring some of the favorite things they’ve made to date, and you know that with these awesome ladies, their round-ups are going to be good. I’m calling this last-minute, casual series, “These are a few of my fave handmade things” – hum this to the tune of Sound of Music, and it will be sure to haunt your day as it’s been doing mine. You don’t want to miss this line-up:

Monday: An of StraightGrain
Tuesday: Cherie of You & Mie
Wednesday: Gail of ProbablyActually
Thursday:  Kristin of Skirt As Top
Friday: Robin of Nested in Stitches

Thank you so much, ladies!!!


Playing a fortune teller origami game:

K: Choose a number

Me: 7

K: [counting silently] OK. Choose another number.

Me: 13

K: [counting silently] “You will find another husband soon.”*

 *I don’t know why, but that sent us into fits of hysterical laughter. Sorry, husband!


Have a fabulous weekend, friends, and I’ll be back here on July 1st! I can’t believe June is almost over…Thanks again to my wonderful guest bloggers who jumped in to help me out! Over and out with a haiku:

If you have a blog
be warned: I will be knocking
your virtual door*

*I have other vacations coming up and will probably be begging inviting many more of you for other series I’ll be concocting!


24 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

    1. Thank you, Shino! If it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, I would totally take my sewing machine! Looks like I’ll have a sewing break for awhile 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Gail! I made a couple more things and I’ve reached my goal of 10 items to take with me! And the fave handmade posts are SO good…

  1. What an awesome line up of guest bloggers! Can’t wait to see all the handmade goodness. Have a fabulous time on your trip with your fabulous new wardrobe!!

  2. Yeah! Looking forward to read your blog and the colaborations. Have a lovely holiday. I hope you have lots of sunshine, discovery, rest and showing off of your new wardrobe!. “Read you soon”!

  3. What a fun week to look forward to! Such a great idea for a blog series, Sanae, and such talented guests you have lined up!
    As for your vacation, may it be a lovely one filled with casual strolls along the beach and many stops for ice cream:) Wish I lived closer so I could see that vacation wardrobe in person – post pictures if you can!

    1. Thanks Lucinda – that pretty much sums up our vacation! I’ll try to get pics but I tend to get lazy on vacations. We shall see. We’ll have to plan on meeting up in Vancouver some day where you can give me a tour of all the best crafty/sewing places!

    1. Thank you Stina! I’m really excited about visiting these giant sand dunes in Michigan. It’s really breathtaking.

  4. Have a lovely lovely trip! Ours is coming to an end of July st, but then again it lasted for 6 weeks:-) Looking forward to seeing the “sound of music” lineup.

    1. Thank you, Cate! I’m always such a procrastinator when it comes to packing, I hope I get it all done in time (we have a super early flight)!

  5. Have a wonderful vacay, Sanae!!! I’m looking forward to see what your guests have in store. 🙂 Wow… a week without sewing?! Can you survive?! ;0

    Take lots of pics and I’ll see when you get back!

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