I heart green juice

A few weeks ago, I watched this documentary, and it gave me much food for thought (no pun intended). Β The film was about the astonishing results of an exclusively green juice diet for up to sixty days. So, feeling the greasy weight of the hamburgers and hotdogs and s’mores consumed on our recent camping trip in my gut, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, albeit in small ways (I’m still eating food). I realize I’m not winning any points with the attractiveness of these images, but if you could bottle miracles into a beverage, this is it.

I’m completely on board with the whole concept and want to reap the physical health benefits of green juices and smoothies, of course, but what really nabbed me was the part where the narrator/main green juice guru Joe Cross talks about his mind being so much clearer after his 60-day “reboot”

I could use some mind clearing. In addition to spotty memory issues, I feel like things in my brain are on the whole cobwebby and dimly lit these days.

In an effort to go full hog on this green juice adventure, M and I decided to invest in a Vitamix, and wow, what a phenomenal appliance. In three seconds flat, solids are completely liquified. I researched a lot of juicers, but it sounds like the nutrients are better retained in the pulpy mass of this all-powerful blender compared to a juicer, and I’m thrilled with it. We got the basic model and because the cashier made a mistake when ringing me up (she entered the Canadian SKU by mistake, which nearly gave me a heart attack), she took an additional 10 percent off. Score. These things aren’t cheap and I expect it to last until my dying days.

What I also like is that not only can you make your super healthy and abundantly textured drink in seconds, but if you want, you could strain the pulpy mass, and end up with a lovely and very drinkable juice a la juicer. I’ve been trying a variety of vegetable/fruit combinations and am loving them in both smoothie and juice form. I’ve been drinking about three glasses a day and eating significantly less.

So far my favorite combination includes freshly picked lettuce from the garden, kale, cucumber, green pepper, carrot and frozen mango with a very generous splash of coconut water. So delicious.

It’s only been day three, but I can already tell a huge difference. My energy level is off the charts and I actually couldn’t sleep at all the first night. I don’t think my body is used to having that many vitamins at one go! I wish I could take my blender with me to Michigan, I love it that much. But once I’m back from what is sure to be a glutton-fest, I think I’ll try the cleanse for a few days…have you ever tried it? If so, how did it go? I’m off to drink another big glass of green juice!


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  1. Yup Sanae, I tried to detox my body last time. For 3 days continuously I only ate variety of fruits and drank fruit juices. The result? I felt my body was “lighter” (cleaner). I should do it again now as I’m consuming unhealthy food nowadays. My hubby has been taking Super Lutein Naturally Plus (Japan product), do you know that vitamin and do you believe that drink tomatoes juice every morning, you will look few years younger?

    1. I can’t wait to feel “cleaner” Yeka! I definitely feel better and the hubby said that my skin looks a lot healthier already. Tomato juice, huh? Must try that out…

  2. This sounds great! It is so hot here right now that fluid food sounds wonderful. Even though I have to admit, that I have a tendency to totally get into things like that πŸ˜‰ Kind of a little spleen…. πŸ™‚ I have tried a lot already: eating according to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine…., blood type diet, low carb….you name it…. At first I am totally commited and then after a few months….. But this sounds managable and easier than completely changing your diet. And more energy would be wonderful. I might try this! I wonder what your sewing will be like with even more energy!!

    1. Hey, lasting a few months is still great, Ute! I think if I keep up with the green juices for several months I’ll see amazing results! I don’t think I’m sewing more, but my focus seems much improved. πŸ™‚

  3. Healthy goodness! I used to do a detox on the day moon changes phase -I don’t know why, but it seemed more mystical :P- anyway, the detox consisted in a vegetable soup (not good in summer i guess) but only green vegetables. Had that soup for lunch and dinner and for snacks watermelon or melon. I did worked! but i remember being very hungry at the end of the day.

    1. Ha, we could all use a bit of mystical I say πŸ™‚ so good to hear that the veggie/fruit combo worked for you – that motivates me!

  4. My husband and I have had a Vitamix on our wish list for a few years, and just this week noticed our current blender had a hairline crack . . . so perhaps our “someday” is really not too far off! We have friends who make us Vitamix smoothies when we stay with them, and I’m continually amazed by what that machine can do! We do smoothies now, but the most adventurous we get (’cause the kids need to drink this too:) is putting in spinach. Would love to branch out with some heartier greens. Glad to hear that it’s already working for you!
    (ps – I had a chuckle about the Canadian SKU episode . . . growing up in Canada I was always mad that I had to pay the higher price – so I feel your pain!)

    1. The vitamix is worth every penny, Lucinda! K won’t drink the green juice, but it’s so quick to blend smoothies that I make her a more kid-friendly batch right after I make mine. That Canadian SkU nearly did me in πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve watched that doc as well. Doesn’t it make you feel sick?! All the nasty food we put in out bodies. My husband bought a juicer a couple days later. Going on a raw food diet is tough but really cleans up your body. Good luck!

    1. It was a really eye-opening documentary, Stephanie! Thanks for the encouragement – I’m already impressed with the positive changes after just a few days.

      1. I really liked that documentary also. It has been my favorite of recent food videos because it seemed the most real and I was so impressed with the kindness and affirmation that he spoke to the truck driver and his family. I thought that even though it made a great video, it was a wonderful thing to do to help the truck driver=can’t remember his name now, so I can’t wait to see Joe’s next movie!

  6. yay! what a worthy investment. you’re 100% correct about losing nutrients with a normal juicer, at the very least, fiber. i suppose it’s too late for you, but worth mentioning for your other readers that costco has been carrying vitamix lately, and you can also buy them refurbished from the site at a reduced cost. regardless, i’m glad you got your 10% discount, and it seems you can already appreciate the return on investment. it really makes eating healthier a breeze. congrats!

    1. Good to know, Ashley! Thanks for the tips. It was so worth the splurge and you’re right, it makes healthy eating so much easier! πŸ™‚

  7. i’ve never done a juice cleanse, but we did buy a juicer a year ago and i love it. i didn’t used to be much of a fan of vegetable juices (still hate tomato juice) but i was definitely won over quickly. my favorite was carrot, apple, ginger, and some kind of green (kale, chard, spinach), and maybe beet also. another insanely refreshing one on a hot day is apple, cucumber, and lemon. holy crap is that good. not crazy nutrient packed, but delicious all the same. have fun with this!

    1. Carrot-apple-ginger is one of my favorite juice combinations! I love the kick that ginger adds. I’ll have to try your other combos too – they sound delicious!

  8. What perfect timing, Sanae! Just the other day I was feeling guilty about not making green smoothies in forever.
    Have you gone to http://blenditandmendit.com/ , she’s pretty fun and got me on soaking medjool dates in coconut water as a natural sweetener in my smoothies. Which brings me to Jennifer Cornbleet’s book, Raw for Dessert. She has a yummy brownie/cake recipe with a choc. ganache that is super yummy.
    And if you’re drinking big ol’ jugs of the green stuff then you need a cuppow for your mason jar πŸ˜‰ http://cuppow.com/

    1. Great resources, Aja! Funny, I’ve been seeing those cuppows all over the place lately – such a good idea!

  9. Hi Sanae, how’s it going with your juicing? My husband and I began our juicing last August, and are still doing it almost daily. The kale takes up half my fridge! I couldn’t do it without his help- it takes a lot of time to do the morning juice (we have not tried a full on cleanse). The most noticable change for me was that last fall, while in my third trimester, I felt better than I had the entire pregnancy! Pains went away, energy was off the charts, I had almost nothing to complain about!
    Keep it up girl!

    1. Hi Caroline!! I’m back on the green juice after eating incredibly caloric food for a week – the difference the green juice makes is astounding. I’m easing off on food bit by bit, and I’m going to try the full cleanse next week! Will keep you posted on how it goes πŸ™‚

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