Happy Friday + The Sunki Dress: Channeling Madmen

I completed the Sunki dress and is it me, or does it make you think of Jackie O? I love the gold tulips on the inky blue background. It shimmers gloriously and if the dress weren’t pint-sized, it threatens to look like something you’d find in your stylish grandmother’s closet. I was going to go with a more youthful mustard-y yellow polka dot fabric, but I didn’t have nearly enough of the material…but I’m glad I went with this glamorous piece instead. Both the pattern and fabric are from the coolest little new fabric shop, Dry Goods Design.

The pattern is well-drafted, but I had some challenges with the instructions. I had to read through them a gazillion times before I got the gist of things, but it’s all cleverly put together. Also, I might have been slow and foggy from this cold that I seem to have suddenly developed.

Some detail shots:

Wishing you a lovely weekend! I am going to go snuggle up in a warm blanket and drink lots of herbal tea…oh, and here’s a drawing by K because she said this, “Will you download this to your website, mommy. I drew it really good.”

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday + The Sunki Dress: Channeling Madmen

    1. What a lovely coincidence! I got the fabric on sale and had just enough to make that dress and a matching tiny pouch. Looking forward to seeing your post!

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