It’s not serious…

i'm married but it's not serious

M and I got married almost seven years ago, but for the last six years, date nights have been few and far between due to a little bundle of joy who is now a first-grader.

So when we were on vacation in Michigan, we jumped at the chance to have coffee alone while the grandparents, cousins and auntie kept our daughter fully entertained.

We went to a quaint little gift shop/candy store/cafe in Leland. I browsed through the merchandise and took in the faux vintage metal airplane decoration, the brightly patterned pillows, the silver jewelry. Then I noticed various etched signs with cheeky messages like “If you don’t behave, I’ll give your child espresso” or “I’d rather be on my yacht”. The one that stuck out most, though, was “I’m married but it’s not serious”.

Hmmm. Where would you hang that? In the man cave? Do you haul it with you on a business trip and casually prop it up in your hotel room after inviting an attractive stranger?

Can you imagine buying it? Awkward. M and I had a good laugh over that one, and maybe that was the point.


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