Monday Outfit: The Color of Tangerine and Coral

Good morning, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Ours was very low key – some gatherings with friends, a lot of loafing around. And much sewing.

I’ve been having an orange moment. Especially the deep, almost red variety. Let’s start with this little retro number.

It’s from this book, and I’ve seen this dress around the sewing blogosphere for awhile and have always wanted to make it. It’s really an adorable style, though I have to say that it’s not the fastest thing to sew with all those little contrasting bands.

The fabric is a quilting cotton from JoAnn’s purchased a long time ago with a vague idea of sewing something for me. It’s a Donna Wilder collection according to the selvedge. The contrasting white fabric is just muslin, and I had to double-up since it was a little too sheer. Look at those teeth (that’s two permanent teeth completely filling the space of four baby teeth)!

As a nod to the fabulous Vintage May series by Skirt as Top and CINO, I wanted to make a vintage-inspired dress, and I think it fits the bill, don’t you? All she needs is a rootbeer float and a letterman’s jacket.

I have about 100 shots of her in this pose.

As for this loveliness, it was the opposite of the retro dress, and took all of an hour to complete. Love it when that happens. We had a bit of a skerfuffle about the way the dress should be worn. The buttons are supposed to be in the back, but as usual, K wanted it the other way.

I like them in the front too, but I wanted to see how it would look the ‘proper’ way, and this resulted in a meltdown of all meltdowns. She sat for a long time and refused to get up. We’ve all had the sniffles this weekend, so that might account for the disproportionate emotional outbursts.

Fortunately, hugs were dispensed and moods restored. And after turning the dress around the way she likes it, she started to do that pose again…and yes, the tattoo from last week is still on her arm.

The pattern is from this book, and the fabric is a stunning cotton sateen. It has a subtle sheen and a swishy, luxe feel to it. With that full skirt, the twirlability is top notch too. I want this dress in my size and may have to go get more of this beautiful stuff…

Do you like orange? Yellow and orange were not my faves before, but maybe it’s the approach of summer that attracts me to those hues like a moth to a light. And K’s pick out of the two? The swishy twirly sateen dress, of course.

26 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: The Color of Tangerine and Coral

  1. that polka dot dress (i have a major soft spot for polka dots) might be one of my most favorite things you’ve ever made. and that is a LONG list 🙂 so gorgeous and so is your daughter. and side note love seeing the progress in your sewing for yourself!

  2. How fun these two dresses are! Love them! As for your recent love of orange, I’m right there with you! My girlfriend gave me an orange clay necklace for my birthday and was nervous about the color for me – not knowing I had just purchased an orange tshirt, orange skirt and contemplating some orange flats. So yes – I’m becoming a fan too! Maybe it’s time for orange to have its day:)
    Meltdowns are common around here too, so little K is not alone. Glad you were able to hug and make all things right – and still get some pretty cute pictures:)
    Enjoy the remainder of this long weekend!

  3. Love these beautiful dresses! The polka dot dress is my favorite too. I bet sewing that many buttons was a lot of work..Great job!! I don’t have that Japanese Sewing Book, so have to get it ASAP!

  4. Gorgeous dresses! I can’t decide which I love more but that sateen fabric sounds divine. Thanks for the tip-off about that fabric shop- I haven’t seen that one before and it looks great!

  5. I am in love with both of them, but especially the polka dot one. I would love to wear it myself! Coral and tangerine are favorites of mine, too!

  6. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments! Her wardrobe is getting more and more out of control and I need to figure something out…pondering…

    1. Let us know if you ever decide to do an on-line garage sale:) Though it would be quite tough to say goodbye to your handmade creations.

  7. i love them both! i’ve long admired that one with the contrast bands…i think katy of no big dill made it awhile back, right? it’s just lovely! you are just really super amazing, that’s all i can say!

    1. Yes! Katy did make one, also in a reddish color and I loved it! I’ve also seen some lovely versions in solid neutrals.

  8. I’m a fan of orange!. Orange color is related with creativity. I like both dresses, each one has its special individuality. Even I like the buttons in front of the sateen one!plus you got wonderful poses. You are so good Sanae!

  9. Oh, I’m right there with K 🙂 Love that striped dress hard! Although the retro vibe of the other one is putting it at a very close second. You are a machine, Sanae!!! And that photo of her on the floor, in meltdown mode, is beautiful. It should be in a frame. I love her pose, the crop, and that tattoo in the shot. It’s a keeper.

  10. Beautiful dresses!! I bought that first book years ago especially because of that dress (and the fantastic blogger versions) but I have been too scared to make it. Was it hard? I’ve looked through the instructions so often but am still a bit confused by the bands..

    1. Hi Laney! The dress is pretty straightforward once you get all the pieces cut out. I did the bands a little differently because my contrast fabric was more sheer than I liked, bu the only part that was fiddly for me were the pocket bands. I’m happy to walk you through the instructions! Or maybe I should work on a tutorial?

      1. Hey Sanae,
        Oh, yes please, please!!! If anyone else is interested a tutorial would be fantastic!! Maybe others would like to join and we can do a sew-a-long? Of course only if it doesn’t torpedo your self-sewing and daughter-dress-making plans. I’m going to get the book out again and dream of fabric options right away.

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