KCW Spring – Days 2 & 3

Finally! I have something to show you that I created during KCW week. I’m calling it the “Popsicle Outfit”. Don’t those stripes make you think of juicy, fruity, refreshing goodness?

My intentions were to sew spring outfits for this round of KCW, and though I think these three pieces work very well for the season, they practically shout “summer!” to me.

For those of you with an eagle eye, you’ll see that K has no front teeth. She looks like she needs to be fitted for dentures…two teeth came out in the last two days and the tooth fairy has been working overtime. The Tooth Fairy was a little flummoxed when she found a note that said, “Dear Tooth Fairy, Could you leave me 100 dollars and 100 cents?” She left K a buck and a toothbrush.

Let’s start with the eyelet tank. J’Adore. I fully lined it with some slinky polyester-y fabric, and the pattern is from Happy Homemade V. 5. I had less than half a yard of the eyelet and barely squeezed out this top.

The cropped pants are made with a beautiful black linen blend. I love the side vent detail, and the pattern is from this book. Super stylish, yes? I decided to use some cute blue polka dot FOE (fold over elastic) instead of a waistband, and K says it’s very comfortable. Look at me, trying new things.

Now, the knit cardigan/coat…I was SO nervous cutting into this gorgeous fabric. I didn’t have a whole lot, and I even went back to the store to see if they had more just in case I messed up but they were completely sold out. No surprise. This knit is delicious. I simply can’t think of a better adjective for it – sheer, light, colorful, happy. I love it love it love it.

The pattern is from my new Sunny Spot, which I can’t get enough of. I’ve cut out several more patterns from this book already! Ah, my little geriatric vampiress. How she manages to eat, I don’t know. I think her gummy smile makes her look extra darling.

I have to come clean that I did mess up on the knit coat. The button holes are shameful, just shameful. All stretched out and wonky…I forgot to reinforce with interfacing and it was too late by the time I remembered. Additionally, I tried to edgestitch the hem, and it became crazy wavy and I used some serious muscle power to iron it out.

I also initially planned on using a slightly stretchy woven fabric to fully line the sheer knit, so I cut out several sizes bigger than I normally do, anticipating reduced stretchiness. At the last minute, I changed my mind and used a thicker off-white knit instead and so the coat hangs a little awkwardly on K – but I don’t think you can really tell.

Despite a few errors here and there, this outfit came out exactly the way I envisioned it, and this makes me exceedingly happy. Comfortable and chic – doesn’t get any better than that, right? (Perhaps I shouldn’t be going around calling my own creations chic – seems somehow un-chic to do that).

I have more outfits to share, but my model is not feelin’ it, and I may not be able to post pictures until next week – must come up with a way to make the photoshoot extra fun. At least she really liked playing with Gumby and Legos…


27 thoughts on “KCW Spring – Days 2 & 3

  1. Talk about no room for error! Does K like the FOE on the waist? The pants stays on? And the eyelet… oh be still my heart! Gorgeous as always, Sanae.

    1. She does like the FOE and the pants did stay on….we haven’t put it to the all-day-at-school test yet though, and it would be a bummer if they fell down during gym. Hmmm…..

  2. oh sanae, i don’t even know what to say without sounding overly gushy. perfect. this outfit is 100% perfect. the eyelet is beautiful and those stripes are among my favorite fabric i have seen, ever. bravo.

  3. That striped knit! Oh my. I have serious fabric envy. I clicked on the link to see where you purchased it . . . any idea if they will be getting more in? How come you have such fun, interesting fabric stores in Seattle while I languish in quilting store territory?!
    That jacket – LOVE IT! Not a single imperfection can be noted from here – it just looks stunning. And paired with the eyelet top and linen capris, it’s a knock-out outfit. How do you get so much done? You continue to amaze me.
    Your little K says the best things ever. I’m so glad you’re writing them down for posterity as while they’re priceless now, they’ll be even more so years down the road. And thank her for her patience in modeling – all of your readers are hugely grateful:)

    1. Hi Lucinda! I asked the fabric store if they were planning on getting more of the striped knit, and unfortunately the answer was no. I really wish I’d gotten more. I actually haven’t been getting a whole lot done – I had crazy ambitious plans and spent most of the first few days just tracing and cutting out patterns! I have a few outfits started but we’ll see how many I can get done 🙂

  4. I felt in love with your fruity stripes swatch yesterday…just a swatch only already made me in love…haha! Oh, I really want this fruity cardigan for myself, Sanae! I imagine to wear it….aaaahhh… zest! These outfits are simply beautiful! Another swatches that steal my attention are the gold and light grey with cloud image, I wonder what are you going to make. Btw, I have the book for the crop pant, just arrived last week, I haven’t made anything from that book.

  5. It is so beautiful!, well combine, the pieces fit together perfectly! I can’t see the problem with the jacket, those stripes are feast for my eyes!!! really, really beautiful. You nailed it!

  6. Love the whole outfit together! I was super excited to see that I own the book that the pants pattern is in. It’s funny how you sometimes don’t look at a pattern twice but then you see it made up by someone in a different fabric and you think…wow!
    I just bought a yard of yellow eyelet with no plans and now have decided it must become a shirt for my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Ladies!! Thank you so much for the comments love – this outfit is definitely one of my all-time faves. I actually squealed when I completed the eyelet top 🙂

  8. Hi Sanae, I have been busy repinning lots of your pins on pinterest – love your style. I especially love that long cardigan. The fabric and style are both lovely. I would really like one for myself – I have a thing for long cardigans!

    1. Thank you Suz! I’m a long cardigan kind of girl myself – it’s becoming apparent that I usually make things for K that I wish I could pull off! 🙂

  9. I love your outfit! The knit especially is wonderful. I am wondering what are your go-to fabric shops in Seattle? I am from Ferndale (just north of Bellingham) and rarely find sewing bloggers from this area. I am loving sewing clothes for my kids and I, but Bellingham does not have a lot of great shops for more interesting fabric (knits, voiles, etc.). I am going down to Seattle in a few weeks and wondering if there are some shops I could stop at.
    thanks so much.

    1. Hi Kristi! My favorites are Drygoods Design in Ballard, Nancy’s in Queen Anne and Stitches in Capitol Hill. These are all smaller, independent fabric shops and the staff are all friendly and knowledgeable. I get this question a lot and should do a post reviewing all the Seattle fabric shops! 🙂

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