More Fabric Giveaway! [CLOSED]

As promised, I have some more fabric to give away. The purging is gaining some momentum and I’ll be able to do a few more giveaways – my ruthless culling is your gain!

I have about a yard each of the mustard Echino and Far Far Away fabric (both of cotton/linen blend). I’m also throwing in a half a yard of a scrumptious green Nani Iro double gauze.

I’m dreaming of exotic adventures – I haven’t traveled outside of the country in years and haven’t had anything resembling an adventure in forever if you don’t count the highs and lows of motherhood. My last exciting and truly adventurous international trip was to Indonesia in 1998, though I did have a pretty stellar experience in Vancouver with 10 senior citizens fairly recently. It really was as funny as it sounds.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment with the best place you’ve ever vacationed – it will inspire me!

And yes, I will ship internationally! The giveaway will be open until 5pm next Thursday, April 25th and I’ll announce the winner on the 26th. Fun, fun!




111 thoughts on “More Fabric Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. One of the most inspiring places that I have visited and really want to go back to visit is the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I even loved the gift shop! If you love textile design or any design for that matter you will find a world of inspiration. Seeing the lovely fabric in the give away brought it all back to me.

  2. I’m lucky enough to live in Australia so I have many fond memories of holidays at beaches, rain forests, the snow etc. but my husband and I had a truly amazing pre-kids holiday in the US and Canada where we drove Route 66 and fell in love with the eastern side of Canada. Ahhh, the memories….

  3. I traveled to Argentina 2 winters ago. We took a 24 hour bus ride out to an estancia where my husband’s cousin lives and spent two weeks in the countryside on a 20,000 acre farm. It was amazing, to say the least!

  4. My whole family (parents, sibling, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, great-aunts and -uncles, second cousins, and everyone else) used to spend 2 weeks each summer on Oak Island in NC. It isn’t terribly exotic but the beaches are pretty and there is little else to do on the Island but swim, read, play board games and just enjoy the company of the ones you’re with. We had some wonderful times there, wearing bathing suits all day long and having long, loud, laughter-filled family dinners every night in our cottage on the shore. I hope to resume the tradition once my kids are a bit older.

    I also love, love, love these fabrics and hope I will win!

  5. Adventurous travel…what’s that? Haha ya kids put a damper on that. But I have traveled to Brazil and Argentina for 5 weeks after college graduation with my best friend. It was great. And so is that fabric!

  6. Hmmmmm, my husband and 3 year old went to Japan (my hubby had enough hoarded air miles for us all to use!) Earlier this year. It was a magical place for many reasons, but not least of all because we saw a friend who is a true inspiration before his untimely death. There were all kinds of adventures had between all of us.

  7. It was to Santorini, Greece so many moons ago. The beautiful island set in the Aegean sea, charming architecture and crystal blue skies. It a lovely holiday before we settled down to form our little family of three.

  8. Hong Kong – so much to do and so many things to eat. Plus it’s so tourist friendly and easy to get around public transit. Thanks for hosting the fabric giveaway!

  9. I feel as though we are on the same wave length, I too am longing for adventure, it has been WAY too long, those little (and budget) sure do have a way of halting wanderlust. My favorite place in the world is a tiny island off the coast of Sicily with a live volcano on it. Stromboli is my happy place.

  10. It was not exactly a vacation, and indeed, I didn’t especially enjoy it. I traveled to Bombay in my early twenties (before the name became Mumbai) to visit my aunt, who leaving to come to the US with my little cousin. It was partly to provide moral support for my aunt, who was splitting from her husband, and partly because my family didn’t know what to do with me, newly out of my teens and rather a lost soul. At midnight, in January, Mumbai is still hot enough that when your plane lands you step out of the air conditioning into hammers of heat and humidity. I stayed for three months and my aunt, worried for my safety, rarely let me out of her sight. Three months and I saw next to nothing of that great subcontinent, and yet … all these years later a longing to return has only grown each year. I think it’s precisely because I saw not a single tourist landmark — but I did go to a wedding, an incredible, days-long, lavish event — I did visit a tiny, nearly empty beach town in Colva, devoid of even a single trustafarian, but amply supplied with left-behind books from travelers, which you could rent for a few cents a day — and I did get to experience Holi with not a beat of electronic music, just the happy shrieks of the neighborhood kids in a dinky little suburb full of market carts and vegetarian dogs (and yes, I tested the claims that the dogs were truly vegetarian and was unable to tempt them). I remember that trip better and more fondly than later visits to Paris, Tokyo, London, where I saw and did little that you couldn’t find on a postcard.

  11. is this for real?? best giveaway ever! i went to thailand with friends when i was young and carefree (seems like a loooooooong time ago…beacause it was!) – it was so beautiful and everyone was amazingly friendly. now you’ve got me itching to go somewhere….

  12. I traveled Europe when I was younger (pre hubby and kids). I’d love to go back to Italy…Venice, Florence, Rome. I love the history and architecture of those places. I’d also take a trip back to Hawaii (I’ve been to the big island, Maui and Kauai). Nice and relaxing! Thanks for a chance to win the gorgeous fabric.

  13. I stayed in Dublin for a month when was seventeen and it was amazing. I was to young to stress over all the details so I just enjoyed myself.

  14. Reading this I realised I’ve not done any adventurous travel, but would go and live in Paris in a heartbeat. My soul is French! I love these fabrics and I love your blog…which I’ve just found through KCWC.

  15. We had an amazing four month honeymoon ever! We travelled through Europe and rented a very nice apartment in Paris. We kind of made Paris our center base for travelling. We went to Spain, Germany, Switzerland, London, Denmark, Italy, Holland. It was amazing!! With kids we have done some good trips too but mainly here in America (the continent). We have taken our kids to California, Boston (road trip from Toronto to Maine), El Salvador (more than 5 times), Mexico, the city and also we adventured into the Jungle in Chiapas “Lacandona”, San Cristobal in Chiapas is one the most beautiful places for me to go with kids and alone too. Lots of mountains, green all around, specially during the rainy season ( From March to September), Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Oh, by the way, I really want this fabrics!!!!!! Thank you.

  16. The best place I’ve ever vacationed is the Dominican Republic–I would totally move there if I could afford to live there, unfortunately the country is pretty poor with lack of jobs other than tourism but GORGEOUS!

  17. A year ago I spent three days in Marrakesch… I still dream about it! Two weeks ago (the first time after many years) I visited my town, Madrid. I re-discovered it and enjoyed every single minute. My week in NYC in 2002 was also wonderful (but maybe not so magical for you americans). Rome (and the whole Italy) is also very special, and as little secret I can recommend Perugia, where I lived for almost 4 years. Next week I’ll go with my husband (and without children) to… Istambul! I’m so excited that I can’t organize anything. Ah, the world is soo big and beautiful, and our old Europe is full of pretty corners. Almost so pretty as your fabrics, I can’t believe taht you are “throwing”them! Thank you and good luck to everybody…

  18. Wow Sanae – what an amazing give-away! My favorite vacation spots would be Hong Kong and Kyoto. Food, people, culture… Really amazing places. One thing I regret is that I didn’t sew yet when I visited these places; I’m pretty sure that there are some amazing fabric shops too 😉

  19. I absolutely love Venice – I only spent a few days there on a European trip after college, but it was amazing, we hadn’t planned to go, but did it on the spur of the moment and I honestly could have spent the rest of our time there – just beautiful!

  20. Well what can I say, I now live in Australia, originally from the Philippines and have lived in Essex, England for two years sometime in 2008. Although I miss my parents and sisters from back home Philippines, I love sunny Australia, its beautiful people and places. What I miss most about England was travelling the streets and tube trains of London as I was a student back there, shopping at Oxford street, screaming like a kid and enjoying the rides of Adventure Island at Southend on Sea, traversing the beautiful country side of Wales and their scenic beaches, the wild and picturesque that is Pembrokeshire, the beautiful architecture of their buildings but not the gloomy cold weather. 🙂

  21. Paris! I went in October several years ago and the weather was perfect the whole time. We skipped a lot of museums so we could be outside and enjoy the streets of Paris. I loved the Marais neighborhood and especially L’As du Falafel. Oh my, I want to go back!

  22. Love those fabrics!
    I have very good memories of Bolivia. It’ where I met my husband. In La Paz to be precise. I was on a 6 months trip in South-America. Started in Buenos Aires, went to Tierra del Fuego and up via Patagonia (amazing!!) to Peru. Then Bolivia where I met my love, after that we travelled together to Brazil. Now we are living in his country: France (which famous capital is an other superb destination).
    Heleen (from the Netherlands)

  23. I know this may not be as inspiring for you as you live in the US… but several years ago my husband and I flew to San Francisco from Europe and took a tiny tent and a rented car and traveled through the Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Parks on our honeymoon. It was absolutely fantastic! We didn’t book anything in advance and just took our time camping and taking in the sights along the way. A few years later we came back and visited the Yellowstone National Park. Seriously..breathtaking!! America has the most amazing National Parks and they are great for traveling with kids too with lots of ranger talks and little museums.

    Another wonderful place to visit is New Zealand..especially the South Island. I’ve been twice (my mom lives there) and it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear what vacation you decide on. Have fun!

  24. I haven’t been to many exotic places, but I went to England during college. We spent two weeks touring various gardens (horticulture study abroad class) and it was amazing! I would LOVE to go back and take my husband. We both are suckers for historical places. 😉

  25. Oh, the fabric is lovely! I just bought the nani iro in grey and have not dared to cut into it;-)
    I have beautiful memories of my visits to Kefalonia, a beautiful island in Greece in the Ionian sea. I have a friend there who owns a tavern with an incredible view over the bay! And she plays live music and sings her own songs every evening…

  26. The best place I’ve ever vacationed was Ireland with my best friend–we backpacked all over, and then stayed on at a stud farm (with Irish thoroughbreds!) and worked there for room and board….one of my favorite memories ever!
    Sarah M

  27. Italy for two weeks- my old roomie and I had a great time traveling by train (oh, how I wish the US was more on board with fast trains for travel rather than cars) to Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Florence, Siena- which had the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted!, San Gimignano, and Venice..ah, Venice *swoon* We stayed in hostels for the most part to save money and by accident rented a room in Mestre rather than Venice and I still have some amazing wool fabric from the little fabric store we ran across all those years ago.

  28. I’m from Tasmania in Australia, but currently living in Japan for 3 months with my man and 2 kidlets! It is such a beautiful place and though I’ve been to many places, being here for an extended period is definitely the most inspiring. Perhaps this comment will inspire you to bring your family back here for a holiday?!

  29. i live in the philippines, where beaches are a plenty. i’ve been around asia, europe, australia and usa but nothing beats a vacation at home. a couple of weeks ago, the whole clan (aunts, uncles,cousins, nieces and nephews) went to tali beach in batangas for a week of relaxation, stories and food! (no internet, no tv,no phones). i realized when you get older, family really is what’s important 🙂

  30. It has to be Mexico in 2002… It’s difficult to pick only one town of the many I visited that summer. Mazunte, however, has a very special place in my heart as it was where I met my husband. After so many years, we still talk about going back and travel the same route as we did back then… It would be difficult now with a toddler.

  31. I have 2 really different destinations in mind.

    First, for the easy traveller, London is awesome. The art, the plays, the castles and history. It just inspires you to imagine. The beautiful architecture of the cottage homes and rolling green green fields are a sight to behold. I went to museums and castles during the day and plays and musicals at night. 2 absolutely busy weeks of non-stop awesomess. But I hadn’t discovered Liberty Lawn then so my next trip there, visitin Liberty would be on my list.

    Second, not for the faint hearted, Zimbabwe. Its not as dangerous as many other places in the region, but we did a crazy overland car trip with no guide. That was an experience – corrupt police, burnt out cars and strange townships. But the countryside was beautiful, the wildlife at Hwange National Park was amazing and the Victoria Falls and its namesake hotel were an eye-opener. I wouldn’t stay at the Kingdom unless you want some faked out totally cheesy holiday – the vic falls hotel with all its history is just wonderful. Wouldn’t trade those memories for the world.

  32. I ALWAYS love going to Paris (I know boooring answer but true!). But my best vacation was with my husband before we had children and we still lived in Europe. So we did the classic trip of 3 weeks in California. Started in SF, rented a Mustang convertible and drove south along the coast and east through the Mojave desert and up north of SF and saw both Sequoia and Yosemite National Park. And the best part was the last 5 days we spend in SF and I found out I was pregnant with our first child who is now 5 years old. I will NEVER forget that trip.

  33. Well, I haven’t been to many places. My favorite would have to be Cripple Creek, Colorado. I went on a road trip in my early 20’s and it is a beautiful old mining town at almost 10,000 ft above sea level. Got a nice sun burn. Love the fabric, so beautiful. My girls would fight over that. I love your blog. Thank you. LOVE the outfit you made for the swap. Especially the cargo pants.

  34. I also have not traveled anywhere faraway or exotic in a long long time. I’m thinking 1998 was my last great trip too. That trip was to Romania and it was beautiful up in the Carpathian Mountains. Kinda crazy that my coolest trip happened when I was only 16! To peek so young, yikes! Someday my 3 tots will grow up and money will fly down from the heavens and I will go cool places again. Until then, I will heartily enjoy your blog, Sanae. Yours is one of my favorites! Keep the gorgeous clothes and writing coming, please! And… pick me! Pick me! 😉

  35. I just love Hawaii – my husband and I honeymooned there in early February, when the Pacific NW is 40s and rain rain rain rain rain, and when we stepped off the plane it was like walking into the Land of Oz! So warm, smelled so good, so relaxing. I wish I could go every February!

  36. My husband, three kids and I spent five weeks touring Europe. It was lovely to see so many places. My favorite area there – if you’re on a shorter trip – would be the Provence area. So many lovely and different towns within a few hours drive. Switzerland was pretty great too.

    If you’re looking for stateside, one of my favorite trips has been southern Utah. Fly into Vegas(or St. George), rent a car, drive to Zions, Bryce, Grand Staircase – Escalante(don’t miss Calf Creek Falls – amazing), Capitol Reef… So amazing. Here is a link to what would be a fantastic trip:

    Next year on my kids Spring Break we’re doing this adventure (I haven’t done it since I was in college). I’m so excited!

  37. Hm, think it’s hard to narrow it down to just one place… I’ll say Kathmandu, with a hike into the Himalayas — wonderfully magical and breathtaking! (And you know my guppies need that fabric 😉

  38. I loved traveling all over Japan when I lived there – Okinawa was probably my favorite. Bali (Indonesia) was another place I was fortunate enough to visit. Soooo gorgeous. Oh and Kauai! I’m pretty much a warm weather beach girl 🙂

  39. I guess it’s a pretty common destination, but when I was 8 I went to Hawaii and I still can’t get the smell & feel of the evening air out of my mind.

  40. My favorite place is Rome. I have a aching heart thinking of rome bc the city is just stunning and lovely. Its hectic and loud but also romantiv and calm, sounds crazy i know. All those old buildings, those fountains, the high pinetrees in midst of the town, the ruins of old old days. And i love those italian man, driving with a business suit on a vespa trough the streets, looking good and flirting as they go. Those small coffeebars, little restaurants, those icecream booths, the markets with a half swordfish and the freshest carciofini you can imagine. Roman woman go on high heels from the moment they were born, i swear. I love just sitting in a small cafe, looking after old men which play chess in a suit and with polished black shoes. I love sitting there and listen to the sound of this city, the humming of the life und sucking this all in……

  41. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    My parents bought a yacht and sailed it to Fiji last year. My husband and I, along with our two children went and stayed on their yacht for two weeks. We sailed around deserted islands along with stopping at resort islands for a cocktail or two around the pool. The best part though was the uninhabited islands, crystal blue water and fresh coconuts! My gosh it sounds like a dream now! My parents flew back last week, for another 6 month sail around the islands. There goes my babysitters!
    If you get the chance…Fiji is the place!

  42. I haven’t been on a proper holiday for some years either, not since my children were born. The last and best holiday we took was to Mauritius in 2006. It is such a beautiful place. My friend is from Mauritius and chose to get married there. So we stayed in a beautiful luxury hotel and were treated like royalty as well as spending a lot of time with my friends family and getting to see the “real” island from a locals perspective including going to the festival of Ganesh, (a Hindu god) icons of Ganesh were carried out to see just before sunset, floating lights were lit and it was amazing watching the sunset whilst all the little lamps glowed. The wedding was pretty amazing too!

  43. Egypt for sure! It is a beautiful country, the most amazing people live there and the historical sites are the best in the world. I left a piece of my heart there. Unfortionately its not safe to travel to Egypt right now 🙁
    Oh, and Austria is always worth a trip! Stunning landscapes and cities (esp. Vienna and Graz), delicious food and the best coffee shops.
    And the fabric is amazing. I’d love to win it!

  44. I’m Italian, and I can suggest you some hidden gems of my country: for example, Palmanova, a city with the form of a star, see here: , Vicenza, near Venice, with ist beautiful Teatro Olimpico, the first permanent modern indoor theatre in the world, , or the Stresa and the Lago Maggiore,
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  45. My favorite holiday took place last summer, when I spent five weeks in India with my boyfriend. There were many, many uncomfortable, exhausting, delirious, frustrating moments but the good moments far outweighed the bad ones. The food was delicious, the people (especially the children) were so beautiful and kind. I got to see a 700 year old baobab tree (a type of tree I had never seen in real life and thought only existed in the pages of The Little Prince) in a field of wild mint and woke up one morning to a panoramic view of the Jaisalmer desert, after spending a whole night in the open air. That was a very special trip.

  46. We once went to a tiny Indonesian island called Nikoi, only 20 little huts, open to the elements – absolute bliss! Fab fabric

  47. The hoarder in me can’t help thinking that you’ll regret giving up these treasures, but here I go anyway… My last holiday (and the first in about 10years) was for 3 days in Melbourne alone with my husband. We left all our kids at home and walked and walked and walked around the city; talking, eating and doing a little fabric shopping. It was blissful.

  48. I very recently moved to Delhi and before this we lived in Bangalore. When we found out that we were leaving the South (the southern part of India that is) we too a trip to Coorg known for its coffee plantations. We stayed at a very tiny eco retreat and it was one of the most quiet and peaceful holidays we had. The smell of coffee was everywhere, and because they use only organic ways to prevent plant disease that introduced us to the most amazing techniques that they use for getting the coffee plants to be insect free. Sometimes this itself had interesting results like when the vanilla bean creeper intertwined so heavily with the coffee plant that the beans they harvested had a heady aroma of coffee and vanilla. Yum!
    As if this was not enough, our nights were filled with visits of fireflies which were everywhere. It was the first time I had seen the sky so beautifully lit with this beautiful yellow light of the flies, so magical like being in some kind of a fairyland.
    I would *love* to win the fabric, as would all those writing in I am sure, and I will keep my fingers crossed, esp since so few of the giveaways are open internationally:-)
    But whether I get it or not I do hope you visit Coorg sometime in your life.

  49. Ooooh! Wow, great give away. I spent a semester in Australia, and I really did love it. The beaches are beautiful, and the people were so happy. I was on the Sunshine Coast, and thankful that Australian Universities celebrate a ton of ‘bank holidays.’ That’s probably why the people were so happy!

  50. I really enjoyed paddling and surfing in the south of Portugal. Good, relaxed atmosphere, the people were all very, very friendly, the food was simple but delicious, particularly if you like fresh fish/seafood, and even the smallest bar had really good coffee. And most have very nice sweet “pasteles” to go with your coffee.

  51. What gorgeous fabrics! I’m getting itchy feet from all these comments…we love to travel! My favourite holiday was a trip through the Middle East….Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Very exotic, lots of different sights, sounds and foods, and very friendly people! For something less exotic, Rome or Paris would be my picks 🙂

  52. oh, i have a very soft spot for mustard and japanese imports…i can’t believe you’re purging this beautiful collection of fabrics! as for travel, i lived for 6 weeks in costa rica shortly before i was married. the first half, i lived in the university town san pedro and worked on an ambulance. the second half, i traveled everywhere i could (the whole country is the size of west virginia!) and it remains a most magical place in my heart and memory. from volcanic mountains to gorgeous ocean beaches, cloud forests and jungles, it has a bit of everything. it’s safe, the people are exceptionally friendly, great and affordable public transit and housing (tons of beautiful eco resorts), and if you have any interest in wildlife, abundant is an understatement (monkeys, tapirs, sea turtles, pumas, jaguars, etc!). i can’t wait to go back.

  53. My husband and I spent five days in Kyoto last year, apart from the weather which was too warm for my liking (we went in August), everything was perfect. Food, scenery, fabric shopping… Such bliss…

  54. I spent a week in Tamarindo, Costa Rica when I was young and broke. We had to take a tiny propeller plane from San Jose to Tamarindo and I remember looking out the tiny dirty window at a field with a cow in it as we were landing. I kept asking “where? Where? I don’t see the airport!” And the pilot said “right there! Next to the cow!” A most exciting adventure and that was just the first hours of the first day.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Although I go there with my family every year, Lake Rotoroa in the south island of New Zealand is my favorite holiday destination. I’m a Kiwi and we’re spoilt for choice here, but the isolation and lush mysterious beauty of this spot always reminds me to take everything in and relax. Since the foliage is technically rain forest it rains an awful lot, making it the perfect place for a spot of hand sewing interspersed with a good book.

  56. Does a port visit while in the Navy count as “vacationing”?? If so–Phuket, Thailand! Three of us were able to rent a 2000+ sq ft home with a gorgeous pool for a couple days at an INSANELY low price. I would love to go back on my OWN time.

  57. I TRULY wish I had been able to travel before settling down& starting a family& making budget choices … but that didn’t happen& i am still a very happy momma. So, my favorite vacation spot will probably be less exciting than others! So far, my favorite place to travel has been chicago. I like to get away into the city hustle and bustle where cars are unnecessary and every corner has a treasure of shops&restaurants to explore. I spent a week every summer as a child visiting my aunt there& i was so lucky that she let this iowa girl walk around (with my sister) to discover new things. I’m sure my parents didn’t love the idea, well they loved being kid free for a week just not the whole exploring a big city part! Still, it is some of the best memories for me. <3


  58. My favorite vacation was touring western United States as a family when I was in high school. We slid down rock ‘waterslides’, jumped off cliffs, hiked and just had so much fun. I never went through that phase of being embarassed of my parents; I always loved vacationing with them. (I still do now- especially since they help watch my kids)

  59. You must visit Morocco- I lived as a little girl and I just love going back for so many reasons. Thanks for this amazing giveaway- fingers crossed xx

  60. I spent an entire month traveling the south island of New Zealand. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Mount Cook, Franz Joseph Glacier, Lake Wanaka. So many beautiful sights!

  61. Love the fabric, especially the mustard! Can’t decide on my favourite holiday, it could be a trip Greek Island hopping with my then boyfriend (now husband) a LONG time ago in the days where you could just lay on a beach, read a book, jump on a scooter with your arms wrapped round your man and feel the wind in your hair (oh those carefree days). But I think it might be pipped to the post by our regular family of 16 holidays to Cornish and welsh cottages (I am from the UK), eating sandy sandwiches and wrapping up in coats to paddle in the sea . Kids in tow means no real ‘me’ time, but I would not give those memories up for anything. And you don’t HAVE to travel far to have an adventure….

  62. Oh so many memories…. I LOVE to travel!
    The most adventurous probably learning to surf with a bunch of backpackers at seven mile beach (yes, it’s seven miles long!) in Australia.

    I am currently dreaming of going on a surf and yoga retreat sans kids…

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. I have never posted on something like this before…
    I drove from Portland, OR until the middle of the night to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Slept in the car because I was too exhausted to put up the tent. Was awakened just a few hours later to the most brilliant blue sky, contrasted with deep rust/red cliffs and the greenest trees. Thought I was dreaming because the colors were so brilliant. Magic, pure magic. A really simple camping vacation, but full of beautiful inspiration. Cheers.

  64. At the risk of sounding cliche, the best place I’ve ever traveled was to Italy. I took 18 teenagers, and it was amazing. We went biking, did lots of tourist activities, and had an amazing time.

  65. Oh my those fabrics are so gorgeous! I’ve been just adore pretty linen blends. I’m from Portland Oregon and have lived in England for 10 years now, I’ve been quite lucky that we generally manage to travel outside of the country at least once a year and my favourite place to go by far is France. We generally drive over (as it’s only a short ferry crossing) and head south. The landscape of France is so beautiful and dotted with some of the most breathtaking buildings (old castles, chateau’s, etc.) that I’ve ever seen. I love it around the Dordogne, where there are prehistoric caves to visit and the most amazing food to sample, we camped at a campsite the last time we visited which had a little restaurant they served pizza topped with french cheeses and roasted duck, amazing wine and the site has an olympic sized swimming pool – the pitch was only about $20 a night and we spent our days by the pool, touring caves, feeding goats and visiting local towns steeped in history. We tend to go different places each time we visit France as there is so much to see and we’ve always found the people very friendly and helpful, we try to choose locations in the South as the weather tends to be a bit more reliable. If you haven’t been make sure to add it to your bucket list even if it’s only for a weekend in Paris, or a quick trip to St Tropez – honestly you’ll have the most amazing time.

  66. I think pretty much every vacation I have takentil the next one comes around. I love a lot of Europe, but I am partial since that’s where I have travelled most being that I am from Europe. I loved a trip to India, my daughter was 3 at that time and we had a great time. Me and my husband drove halfway across the US in a WV camper pre-kid taking 2 months and it was awesome.

    But this week was spring break and we had planned to sail to Blake island (it is a state park accessible only by water). Well, our engine failed and we sailed back and made alternate plans. We went camping instead. In Washington and Oregon. In April! And had great time. We ended up staying in yurts part of the time and tent camping as well and had the greatest weather on Oregon coast. Often it is colder in the summer than it was this week! Walking in the sunny sandy beach, tromping in the woods, feeling the salty wind. And we were out of cell signal area and had brought no other electronic devices. Cooked almost all meals outside. Had smores! Looked at stars! It was the best 🙂
    If only someone would wash the mound of campfire-smelling laundry that piled up as we got home tonight, lol.

  67. I loved Salema in Portugual. It is a sweet little fishing village with beautiful beaches that you can hike to. And all the little resturants are wonderful too. We went on 0ur honeymoon in 2006.

  68. Cascais and Estoril in Portugal are beautiful little towns with beautiful beaches and landscapes. Quite near is ‘Cabo da Roca’ the most distant point to the west in Europe, i’d never forget that place where we saw the most beautiful sunset ever!
    Those fabrics are lovely, even if don’t win it’s nice to think what could I do with them…

  69. I have not vacationed much in my lifetime, but I DO always love visiting faraway family in Buffalo NY. Each time we visit, we make a trip to Toronto. I love to wander around this big city and discover new shops and restaurants–we go only once every couple of years, so there is ALWAYS something new!

  70. It’s a little cheesy but in some ways getting to go to Epcot was the best because I got to experience a lot of cultures in one place. You can argue that it is manufactured but still great. I also miss camping trips, I can’t wait to experience adventures with my husband and kids, my two year older is finally getting old enough to start enjoying the adventures as unique experiences and that makes it that much more fun for me

  71. I have always dreamed of exotic vacations and beautiful places, but have never made it outside of the states (with the exception of Canada…which isn’t that luxurious). My husband and I did have a fun time vacationing in New Orleans this past year for our anniversary. It was a little louder than we expected, but the food, music, and architecture was amazing. We do have lofty plans to go to Japan (for fabric shopping, Disneyland Tokyo, and Japanese watercolor art tattoos), as well as London. I certainly hope we make it there one day. Enjoy your adventure dreaming!

  72. I think my favorite trip ever was to the Oregon coast for my honeymoon. We took the train from Chicago to Portland.. quite an adventure!

  73. With two little ones our trips are more often from home, but it is so invigorating to get out in your own neighborhood walk around all the streets, stop in every shop you would usually pass by, treat yourself to a milkshake and we can get home to nap.

    But my dream list of travel includes returning to Sweden, I loved my time there and imagine it would be wonderful destination for a family trip.

    Oh my heart just breaks at de-stashing but I would love to be on the receiving end of this bundle, thank you for the chance.

  74. The most inspiring place I’ve visited is Barbados! The colour of the ocean and the rich culture are enough to make you want to pack up your life back home and start a new one:)

  75. I went to Cairns in Australia and did an underwear dive in a special suit with a small motor equipment. It was gorgeous as I can’t swim and is my first time in sea water!

  76. corse! It’s the most beautiful island i even went to, mountains, great sea side, we’d love to go again, and this time show it to our girls!

  77. You know, before kids we traveled so much – and one of my favourite places was Thailand. MANY fond memories of hanging out in a hammock on the beach. However, since having 3 kids, it’s just too expensive to buy that many plane tickets so our adventures have turned to where we can go by car. Last summer we went paddling in Algonquin Park (Ontario) and found a little spot to set up our tent on a rocky inlet. There was noone else on the lake, the wind blew over the rocky spit so there were no bugs, and when I closed my eyes and lay in the hammock it almost felt like I was in Thailand – so fun to find little gems to explore in our own back yard:-)

    LOVE the fabric!!!!!

  78. hiking around belize with a small pack and no firm plans…heaven! thanks for the generous giveaway!

  79. I think one of the best places I ever visited was Michoacan in Mexico. Some friends and I went during the Monarch migration, and went to one of the butterfly reserves. It was amazing to be surrounded by tens of thousands of butterflies!

  80. Sadly, I’ve never traveled anywhere foreign except Canada & Mexico. But…my husband and I have been all over the USA. So far, I’ve really enjoyed (believe it or not) Montana. It is so peaceful there and Glacier National Park is amazing! The “Going to the sun” Road is something you must drive on! It’s on the top 10 roads to drive in the US list. Anyways, wherever you choose, have a grand time!

  81. Hornby Island, one of the Gulf Islands between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island, has a very special place in my heart. It is stunningly beautiful – white sand beaches, rainforest, sandstone beaches, and an artisan island to boot. And Havana, Cuba. It is just an amazingly vibrant and beautiful city.

  82. I have to admit that we don’t usually go very far away for our vacations. Really, we’re homebodies. But, we are lucky enough to have a family home at the Oregon Coast, which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world. The cabin has remained unchanged since my earliest memories – same 8 track player, melamine dishes, and huge round dining table that we all gather around for cribbage and beer (while pushing the sewing machine to one side). It’s truly my touchstone place. I feel so blessed to be able to get in the car and drive for 90 minutes and be on vacation in the place that is the home of my heart. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  83. Last year we were able to take the whole family to Hawaii for a week. Besides spending lots of time in the water we were able to visit many historical site: Pearl Harbor and several museums. This year we are looking at buying a pop up tent trailer and will be camping in our home state (WA)for vacations.

  84. yep, becoming a mum has dulled my travelling ways to. BUT i did have a wonderful trekking holiday to bhutan a while ago. it was a wonderful 3 week trek called “the snowman trek”.
    xoxx s

  85. The best place I’ve ever vacationed to is hands down, Japan! All the cute stuffs everywhere, pretty flowers, yummy food and all~ cant wait to go there again:)) please do tell me more about your trip to Indonesia, since I happen to live in the tropical country hahaha:D

  86. Beautiful beautiful fabrics… I’d love to win them. Hard to choose my favourite trip but Turkey would have to have been one of the most interesting countries I’ve travelled in. Also Vietnam, just amazing.

  87. I like citybreaks when I travel alone but travelling with family I am always looking for beautiful surroundings and relaxing atmosphere. Lately,for the past few years, we have loved northern Italy and southern France the most. Cannot wait for summer!

  88. My favorite vacation was one I took to Victoria, B.C. in Canada. It’s beautiful there with the water and the trees. The part that made the trip my favorite was that Victoria is where my parents spent their honeymoon. I liked the idea of being in a city where my parents were so young and in love.

  89. I can just barely remember the last vacation we took without kids (Merida, Mexico). At the moment I’d settle for a quite cup of coffee and a National Geographic.

  90. Whoohooo…. I’m coming…..!! 🙂
    I love seaside. My last trip to Gold Coast, Australia was eight years ago but the good moment and impression are still clear in my mind…its beautiful beach, blue sky, breeze air…hmm…I felt so relaxing. Another place that I like is Kyoto.
    But if it’s for shopping trip and food, I would like to visit Singapore and HongKong.
    I wish I can win those yummy fabrics…Thank you for giveaway, Sanae!
    Time for me to sleep now 🙂

  91. I live in Indonesia, in Java Island.. every once a year i manage to travel outside my town.
    So far I have visited Bali, Sumatera Island and South Sulawesi. My favorite is South Sulawesi (Makassar). If you love beach, then you’ll love to come to Makassar. There are so many small island you can reach near makassar such as Samalona Island, Bidadari Island and other small Islands (I only visit those two island) to snorkeling. You can go to those Island by boat through Losari beach in Makassar. Near Losari beach, there is a Fort built by Dutch called Rotterdam, and you can do a little shopping near the fort for Sulawesi Silk and Sulawesi woven fabric.
    In Bulukumba (153km from Makassar) you can visit Tanjung Bira a quite white sandy beach for more snorkeling experience, and near Tanjung Bira there are two small island called Liukang Island and Kambing Island (more varieties to be seen underwater).
    There is a well-known tribe in south sulawesi called Torajan. Famous culture of Toraja tribe is a ceremony to bury a deceased family that can be held for several days. Usually the ceremony held in September-August. So I recommended that you go to South Sulawesi between those two months. But if you cannot follow the ceremony, you can do sight seeing in Torajan Village (such as Torajan grave stone, Torajan Baby grave tree).
    I hope this information can enchant you to come to Indonesia again.
    To be a winner or not, I hope you can enjoy your next trip 🙂
    Thank you

  92. Beautiful fabrics! The best place I’ve vacationed was backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas with my (then newlywed) husband. When it got dark, I loved lying in our tent enjoying the absence of other humans. So gorgeous during the day. 🙂

  93. Definitely the best place I’ve visited is Japan. What is not wonderful about that country? Awesome food, the most polite people, super safe, and the shopping is a dream- not to mention the fabric stores. Okadaya…I miss you dearly.

  94. Ooh, it has to be Tasmania, a little dot at the base of Australia. The most beautiful national parks, lots of physical stuff, hiking, natural beauty and fresh air. Truly back to basics and I don’t know why we haven’t yet returned for some more of its goodness…

  95. I also haven’t been traveling since my oldest daughter was born…
    But before than I used to travel a lot.
    It’s hard to pick just one place (contry, city…) but I loved New Zealand!

  96. Probably the most interesting place I have ever been is Belarus. Eating at a McDonalds in a still-pseudo-communist country was very surreal. But my favorite vacation place was in Australia – I spent a year backpacking there and working in hotels and restaurants.

  97. I’m from Japan, so I have so many favorite destinations in Japan! Kyoto is definetely beautiful, fun and delicious! Okinawa is also beautiful and peaceful. Hokkaido is great and full of delicious seafood…
    These fabric are so gorgeous. I would make Yukata for my girls, if I could have them…

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