Happy Friday + Geometric Top

Can’t believe it’s Friday already! Above is a little top I made for K from this book (isbn 978-4-529-04894-1). I LOVE IT. I desaturated the image a bit for a vintage-y feel, so the color is a much stronger fuchsia in actuality. The images below are a better representation of the awesomeness of the top.

The cute blue and white striped button is from a dear friend, who brought me back a packet of adorable buttons from Amsterdam. They’re from a store called HEMA, which is like Target, but because it’s european, way better. Check out their fun site!

The linen-blend shorts were made last year and still fit. Comfy yet stylish, that’s the way we roll around here.

**P.S. For some reason, K insists on wearing band aids all the time. For months, I don’t think I’ve taken a single picture of her without one slapped on somewhere on her body.

Happy weekend, all!


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