Monday Outfit: Fluttery top + Two pairs of shorts

Good morning, friends — I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine could be summed up with this conversation:

[Cold, rainy Saturday night]

Trader Joe’s Cashier Dude: Hey! How’s your evening going so far?

Me: Oh, pretty good. You know, uneventful. I’m buying groceries on a Saturday night after all…

TJCD: Well, the night is still young. Anything fun planned?

Me: Nope, I have a little girl waiting for me to read her a bedtime story. My partying days are way over.

TJCD: Bedtime stories sound like fun! You don’t have to be at some crazy party. To paraphrase Andrew W.K., “when you’re doing something you love, it’s always a party.”

I love that. And I do love to read bedtime stories. Wise and philosophical checkout clerks are the best! Plus I sewed all weekend, which — according to Andrew W.K. standards — is partying like a rock star.

If you recall, last week I unveiled Cherie‘s creations and one of the reasons I was amazed at her ability to “get” me was because I already had the pattern traced and cut for this week’s top. Strikingly similar to the fabulous dress, right?

There are some differences, of course. This top is from this book, and is a variation of the top I made here. I worry that the back might be a spitch (K’s word for “smidgen”) sexy, but it’s a cool design.

The fabric is beautiful. It’s probably hard to see the details and white is so tricky to photograph, but it’s very textured with columns of slightly fringed stripes. Not the best description, but it’s gauzy and extremely sheer, so I fully self-lined the bodice. K is in love with this top. Of course, she wanted to wear it front-to-back, about which I had to firmly put my foot down.

These shorts were a little less enthusiastically received. This natural linen striped number is actually a skort, and it’s generously sized. I’m enamoured with the silhouette of the two together. Simple and stylish and oh-so-Japanese, I think. I’m pretty sure the fabric is a cotton/linen blend, but feels almost like upholstery weight. I used this book.

She has a passion for Spanish music for some reason, and this is her punching to the beat. I have no idea what the lyrics mean and they’re probably wildly inappropriate, but the tunes are catchy.

The Madras-esque plaid shorts fared better and K was much happier wearing these. They make me daydream about summer, but also evoke images of golf courses for me. An old boss of mine loved to wear similar shorts when he went golfing. Let’s focus on the summery-ness of this outfit since the weather has been grey grey grey.

I think this is a really flattering cut, not that it matters for my svelte little six-year-old, but I always appreciate a particularly good shorts length. The fabric is a cotton seersucker from Pacific Fabrics and the pattern is from here.

That drawing is supposed to be of King Tut. I asked her why he was sticking his tongue out and she said that’s what pharoahs do. Your guess is as good as mine.

We also spent the weekend purging and re-arranging K’s room. She instructed me to move furniture then set-up and styled that corner reading area herself. I was so impressed. And that sign! It kills me with its cuteness.

That’s a wrap for the Monday Outfit. I have an exciting project brewing and will share with you soon!


18 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Fluttery top + Two pairs of shorts

  1. I always worry about open backs on my little girl being too spitch- great word 😉 especially because my hubby is very critical of it! I think this isn’t spitch at all tho- very cute top and shorts. Hope you get some non grey days soon!

    1. Thanks Katie! Hurrah, there’s a bit of sun peeking through right now. I’m a California girl through and through and when it stays grey too long, it really affects me. Glad that you don’t think the top is too sexy! 🙂

  2. I want to make up a word – “prolific-ness”, as in, “Your prolific-ness astounds me!” Coming off the kid’s clothing swap, you are still able to produce THREE items for K’s wardrobe, while I happily page through my pattern books dreaming and scheming, but not sewing! That top is so summery and ethereal – your description of the fabric makes it sound delightful! I chuckled upon reading you nixed wearing it backwards . . . can’t imagine why:) And I love both shorts – esp. the neutral stripes of the first ones. But daughters would also prefer the madras ones, and I would agree that they’re adorable.
    Loved the TJ conversation, and the truth in his comment. Having never been much of a Saturday night party-er, it is reassuring to be reminded that it is a party when I’m doing what I love, usually at home:)

    1. Oh, thanks Lucinda! You know, I’ve realized that I’m not that much of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, which makes me a pretty speedy sewist. I get so eager to see the end result, I often find myself saying “eh, the seam’s wonky and the pattern’s not matching up, but OH WELL”. Gotta work on that. I get the sense that your garments are made exquisitely 🙂

  3. So so pretty… I love that top- my daughter would probably want to wear it backwards too ;). Ya know….just to keep it interesting!

    1. 🙂 what is it with these kids and backwards clothes? Sometimes I’m especially worried when K busts out with pole-dancing like moves – no idea where she learns them.

  4. I love all your little stories about K, she seems like quite the charming child! Any girl who wants to rearrange her room is a girl after my own heart. Your outfits are so cute! I especially love the white top, the fabric is gorgeous! I think it’s perfect just as it is… as long as she doesn’t wear it backwards! 😉 And hooray for sewing all weekend, that sounds so wonderful.

    1. The rearranging was a spontaneous thing and at first I didn’t think her changes would work – turns out she’s much better at spatial reasoning than I am!

  5. This outfit is just beautiful! I don’t think the back is too sexy. It looks totally innocent and sweet. Perfect for running around and letting the breeze cool her off.

    1. Thanks Danielle! That top is definitely perfect for summer – right now it’ll need to be covered up with a raincoat 🙂

  6. This is just beautiful! I just made the same top (only the basic top) after being inspired by You & Mie’s series. My toddler calls it her ‘apron’ and is very excited about feeling she can somehow get away with wearing a nonstandard garment, haha.

    I love your style!

  7. Great outfits, I especially like the plaid shorts too.
    About the pharaoh, I think him sticking his tongue out may be what she thinks she’s seen in pictures when they have that thing on their chin that looks like a fake beard, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, but when I first saw her picture that’s what it looked like to me 🙂

  8. Those are such fabulous shorts, and I *love* your blog. Is that pattern “s” from vol 5? I love the way they look. Mine didn’t fit as nicely, and I just found yours after I blogged about mine:-)
    Great work, really.
    P.S I also linked your post on Japanese pattern books in my blog. It was nice to see which books you like, and I think we share a few common ones.

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