Oh Laundry…

…how you overwhelm me. I can’t keep up and I need a better system. Do you do laundry every day? Are you keeping up? How do you do it?? I think I would be a lot more motivated to do laundry if my utility room looked like this or thisย or this instead of likeย Gollum‘s natural habitat (a terrifying place, our basement).

I have a friend who lived in Manhattan for a spell and she sent out her clothes to a laundry service regularly. “What about your underwear??!” I asked, scandalized. She shrugged in a worldly way, indicating that her time was better spent worrying about other things. The advantages are obvious, but I don’t know – the thought of strangers touching my intimate wear kind of freaks me out and I couldn’t bear to be judged by my underpinnings, but she was an investment banker so she truly didn’t have time and everything was probably La Perla.

I’ll just have to add my laundry room to my ever-growing purging and spring cleaning list. As long as we’re talking purging, I have a lot more fabric I plan on giving away, but last week’s giveaway is still open till tomorrow! I am seriously loving all of the blog recommendations and am flooded with inspiration. Thank you.



8 thoughts on “Oh Laundry…

  1. Oh God… the dreaded laundry. My family thinks the laundry magically washes itself and finds their way back to their closets. I’m still waiting for the Laundry Fairy to come and visit me.

    Just last night my husband was telling me had a conversation with one of his coworkers and they were talking about their kids learning how to drive (yah… my oldest is at that age). Hubby asked, “So when are you going to teach your son?”. The coworker replied, “When he learns how to do is OWN laundry, then I’ll teach him”, and she was dead serious!
    HA! I love it…

    1. I’m waiting for the Laundry Fairy too – love it! That’s awesome that the co-worker has her priorities straight – boys definitely need laundry skills too!

  2. Ugh. Laundry. There would be a lot more time to sew without having to do laundry! I do a little bit every day. Big piles of dirty clothes stress me out.

    1. They stress me out too, Clover! Yet the piles are endless – I think the bottleneck for me is in the folding/putting away and must deal with that…

  3. With a family of 6 I do atleast a load everyday (or at night and then hang it all out to dry the next day) and then I send the stuff that needs ironing to my Dad! Clearly this is a good set up, but I also like my Mum’s solution. When we were little (I have 2 sisters) she would just make us a new dress instead of doing the ironing!

    1. I totally subscribe to your mom’s philosophy! I love sewing with linen but oh, the ironing. So much easier to make another linen dress ๐Ÿ™‚ And wow, how lucky to have a Dad who irons!! That’s SO awesome.

  4. My laundry fairy comes once a year from France! That would be my mom ๐Ÿ™‚ Her goal while she stays besides spoiling her grand kids rotten is to pulverize my laundry piles!
    The rest of the year seems to be spent building that pile! I wouldn’t want her disappointed when she comes.

    Seriously though these are a few rules: I TRY to do a load every other day or when the hallway is blocked by dirty clothes. My main problem is the folding and putting away part so I only put a load in the dryer when the load that was in it has been folded and put away. It is usually the last thing of the day I do before going to bed around 10:45-11pm so you can only imagine how many times I try to ignore the pile when going to bed!
    Finally I have managed to not iron much at all in the past 14 years I moved to the USA (thanks dryers) but lately I’ve had to iron my husband’s shirts boooh

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sophie, I love your vivid descriptions! I can totally see a laundry pile being pulverized, and what a satisfying image. The only time I semi-tolerate ironing is when it’s sewing-related and I’m hoping that some genius will come up with a better tool for this not-so-fun task…

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