Monday Outfit: Easter Ensemble

Good morning! How was your Easter weekend? We had what could only be described as a glorious day. The sun! The food! Friends and fun! It was perfect. I hid roughly a million eggs at the crack of dawn for our annual neighborhood egg hunt, and we spent the entire day outdoors, basking in the warmth of an unseasonably warm Easter Sunday. We couldn’t believe that we needed sunscreen in March.

I made a few things for K, as per usual. This cheerful fabric is Sunspray Ball & Leaves by Lotta Jansdotter, and I love that the circles look like eggs – so fitting!

I had spring and festivity in mind when making the dress, but I also wanted to make her something casual and comfortable. Enter Figgy’s Banyan asymmetrical tee. Such a quick and satisfying project! I screwed up the hem a bit, but it all came together in about half an hour, so I’m feeling proud. K ended up wearing both yesterday, which worked out well.

Going back to the dress, the pattern is from this book, and though I love the way it came out I’m starting to realize how I need to start paying more attention to matching prints. Slowly but surely my skills are improving with straighter seams, better button holes, figuring out directions…but I’ve gained just enough know-how to realize all the areas that need fixing. And yes, K is wearing the dress backwards. Again. (It’s becoming her ‘look’, like here and here)

This Banyan top was a huge hit. Both the coral and light grey knits are a whisper thin jersey and I didn’t like the way the teeny pocket looked so I nixed it. I think it’s a great design regardless. A friend of a friend who was part of our gathering asked me if I would be able to make her one, and I think Figgy’s should consider making an adult version for sure! K is holding a prismatic-effects-generating crystal from the Easter bunny. She’s very very confused on how to make it work.

I got a thumb’s up for both garments from K, so it was a good sewing week. You can see the lining peeking out, and it’s a Lotta Jansdotter fabric as well. And how perfect are those buttons?? The color is a spectacular match and they are a gift from the fabulous Miss Cherie. Thanks, lady!

One of my favorite parts of these regular gatherings we have with our neighbors (who we adore), is that the kids always concoct some enterprise together. They’ve had lemonade stands, plum sales, and even seriously discussed a bookmark selling venture. Yesterday, they decided to sell flowers. At $1 per stem it was highway robbery, but they convinced me to purchase a couple (they generously threw in a few extra blossoms):

And here they are plotting ways to dominate the world:

And their savvy signage:

People actually stopped to shop, and they made a grand total of $10. Kudos to our future CEOs!

Anyway, may your Monday be filled with pranks of the happy variety. I myself am not a huge practitioner of April Fool’s…



18 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Easter Ensemble

    1. Hi Maria! I should get the hint by now and start making her clothes with buttons that are supposed to be in the front! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the Tessuti link – this is great! I’ll definitely have to give it a go. The woman who wanted the shirt is a massage therapist and offered a massage (the non-creepy kind) in trade for a sewn garment. Mighty tempting…

  1. ooOoOoOoooh – I love both of these outfits!! The shirt looks so comfy and stylish and I love that simple dress in the gorgeous Lotta fabric! I’m so glad you were able to make use of those buttons so quickly! I didn’t realize that the dress was on backwards at first and I thought, how interesting that there are pockets in the back of the dress!! Haha, I guess that was your April Fool’s joke on me 😛

    1. The buttons are perfect! Wish I’d thought of using the backward dress thing as April Fool’s — good one! When you have a six-year-old, it feels like every day is April Fool’s…

  2. Sounds like a fabulous Easter! But really, how could it not be with all of that gloriously warm sunshine we had? We spent the day at the zoo, and came home to an Easter egg hunt with our neighbors. It was a great day! I love K’s new outfits… That Lotta Jansdotter print is beautiful. And Figgy’s Banyan tee is perfection. That’s on my must-make-yesterday list.

    1. Ooh, sounds like your Easter was super fun too, Robin! And yes, the weather was phenomenal. I highly recommend the Banyan – such a fun design!

  3. Oh I love her dress! My little gal loves dresses that button up the front so she can do them herself…so I understand where K is coming from. 🙂

    1. See, you were smart and figured out the front-button thing right away. 🙂 Guess what my next sewing project will be for K?

  4. Sanae, you’ve done it again! Such perfect outfits. I am a huge fan of Lotta Jansdotter and have a few yards of her fabric awaiting the “perfect” project. I love what you sewed for K in that print – Eastery indeed! And the Figgys tunic looks über comfy to wear. Love the little pop of color along the neckband:)
    Sewing for Easter is so discouraging in my neck of the woods. Any outfit I made would have to be paired with a turtleneck and winter boots because of the weather we typically still have this time of year. Happy that you were able to experience such a glorious day!

    1. I’ve been loving Lotta Jansdotter’s Bella line so much too, Lucinda! We normally don’t get this kind of weather in spring so it felt like an extra special treat :-).

  5. both so pretty – but the Banyan top,
    well, i want one – or two, Hers and hers.
    a shop, dear Sanae, have you ever thought about it?

    1. You’ve read my mind, Xenia. I’ve been brewing up plans for a little shop behind the scenes, but I am still working out a few details. What to sell, for example. Seems like an important one to figure out 🙂

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