Monday Outfit: Teal Bow Top + Dotty Flannel Pants

Good morning! How was your weekend? We had one of those great ones with zero scheduling. Lazy, easy, happy. I did spend several hours moving around furniture in our living room in an attempt to make it more efficient for my creative endeavors, only to move it all back to the way it was originally. At least I got to dust behind all the furniture (and whoa, those dust bunnies were a sight to behold).

This week’s outfit was a hit with K. She’s been voicing her concerns that I seem to only make clothes that fit my taste and that I’m not making enough “pretty” and “girly” clothes. I think we found a compromise with this one.

The bow on the teal linen blend top added enough girliness to make her happy, and was simple enough in design for me (I shy away from frou frou). It also helps that she loves all shades of blue. Above she is mock-meditating, complete with eyes closed.

We are both ardent fans of polka dots and I just have to try to add grey to every outfit whenever I can. And I thought it would be fun to make cropped pants out of flannel (or “Cozy Cotton by Robert Kaufman” as it’s officially called) if only for the novelty of it.

The bow top pattern is from here, and the pants from here. Both are super easy and fast to make, though the gathered pockets on the pants are a bit fiddly.

Do you recognize the pants fabric? I used it for Bob’s bow tie here, and for her trench coat belt here.

And look! She’s mastered the “Talk to the hand” pose. Or maybe it’s the “Scout’s Honor” pose. I would prefer that to the former. A little bit more of the bow detail here:

FYI, we are finally upgrading my server situation to prevent future blog outages. Tonight! Which means I’m sure everything will go haywire and it will be weeks before I can post again. But fingers crossed and scout’s honor that I’ll try my best to be back tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Teal Bow Top + Dotty Flannel Pants

  1. What a perfect color combo! And when it pleases both of you, even more successful:) Funny you should blog about this today, as my 9 yr old and I just got into it this morning about my tastes vs. hers, and when I relayed this conversation (hoping for sympathy!) to a friend this morning, her comment was, “Well, she IS 9 yrs old!” (as in, old enough to pick her own clothes). Sigh. Don’t I know it.

    Love the grey polka dot fabric – looks very CrewCut-ish sewn up in that pattern!

    1. Oh, the ultimate compliment to be compared to crew cuts! It definitely requires more negotiation to sew for the kiddos when their tastes become more defined (and are different from our own). K loves to mix and match bright, bold patterns so I will probably start incorporating that more 🙂

  2. Oh I love this outfit, especially the color of the top! Funny how we understated mamas with girly girls have to try to balance our tastes with theirs. 🙂

    1. I notice that K gets more and more opinionated with every outfit – do you find that too, Kristin? She actually told me to start making my own clothes in “boring colors” — I think she’s right 🙂

  3. Adorable Sanae! I am in love with the top… you could even make one as a dress, no? Is that K’s face I see?! Beautiful… just her mama! 😉

    1. Ack – I hope her face isn’t too visible. I have strict orders from the husband not to make her too identifiable because he’s certain that someone will try to kidnap her. It’s hard to have to always crop her face – I love her so and she’s beautiful to me.

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