Happy Friday + Art Show Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, everyone! What a good week it’s been. I taught ceramics to kindergartners yesterday, and they are the best. I love how there’s no inhibition to ask for help, how they are all naturally brilliant artists. I say, “make an animal” or “create a story with just symbols and images” and there is no shortage of inspiration and they dive in with gusto. Not an iota of hesitation. So great. I have much to learn from these five-year-olds.

My art show is wrapping up next week! I made thank you cards for the folks who purchased my work; I cheated and they are machine-stitched onto cardstock, but I think they’re still in keeping with the general sashiko theme. The fabric got a little wriggly when I sewed onto the paper, but whenever I don’t uphold Martha Stewart-esque standards, I just shrug and tell myself, “it’s charming.”

There are five that didn’t sell, but I have grand (secret) plans for these so they are spoken for at this time. I’ve already shown you a few others and the one above called wabi-sabi, which I am claiming for myself, but I don’t think I’ve shared the other four yet:

Iro Iro (Color Color), 12″ x 12″, Acrylic with embroidery on linen canvas

Shiro (White), 10″ x 10″, Embroidered linen patchwork embroidered onto canvas

Hachinosu (Beehive), 8″ x 8″, Acrylic with embroidery on linen canvas

Uchi (House), 8″ x 8″, Acrylic with embroidery on linen canvas


And a haiku:

Some tutorials
I  did not get to finish
Next week, I promise

Almost done with the photos, but need to write it all up. I have renewed respect for all you amazing ladies who post tutorials on a regular basis; I feel like I’m creating a stop motion video! Have a lovely, lovely weekend friends – it’s March, which means spring will be upon us so very soon!

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Art Show Wrap-Up

  1. Oh Sanae – your wall art pieces are so intricately beautiful! I checked back a few times at the DryGoods website to see if they were for sale on-line, but perhaps I missed it? Iro Iro and Uchi are my faves, though really, they are all so breathtaking. And your thank you cards – they’re little pieces of art in themselves! And for the record, I like your aesthetic better than Martha’s:)

  2. Many thanks, ladies! I am a bit sad that the art show is ending, but there may be more in the horizon!

  3. Thank you, Kristin and Marisa! I did have crab hands for awhile after completing these, but well-worth the effort!

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