Monday Outfit: Red Knit Henley + Wool Suspender Skirt

Good morning, friends! Did you watch the Oscars? I didn’t, though I was rooting for Lincoln, which happens to be the only nominated movie that I’ve seen this past year. In a former life, I actually got paid to create “best-of” celebrity photo galleries for various award ceremonies (crazy, right?). The Teen’s Choice Awards were always good for some eyebrow-raising outfits and the Oscars were eternally glamorous, but the Grammys were the best, especially when Lady Gaga was involved.

I had hoped I could tie in this Monday outfit with some red carpet theme, but the closest I got is that I used the crimson color. My screen is making this top look dark pink, but in actuality it’s a deep red with subtle stripes.

Do you remember this post with 2-year-old K? I used the same suspender skirt pattern from this book, though instead of the 90cm, I cut out the 120cm this go around. I also used this fabulously luxe striped wool. Looking at the older images, I see that I totally reversed the buttons (they are supposed to be on the straps and not the yoke). My skills were woefully elementary back then and I remember being thoroughly confused by the instructions.

I love suspender skirts and their old-timeyness. This one is a little too loose, but I beg you to take a look at the perfect matching of the stripes on the side. I never get that part right. It’s perfect on the other side too. Huzzah.

Now, the red knit henley top. I got this slinky, beaut of a knit (polyester and rayon, but feels like silk) and thought I would use it for myself. Then I accidentally tossed the fabric on top of the grey wool with red stripes while trying to get my stash organized and had an a-ha moment. Given its slipperiness, it isn’t the easiest stuff to sew, though it was surprisingly cooperative in the cutting stage.

Don’t look too closely because the neckline is kind of embarrassing with the uneven stitching and the placket…well, I did something weird there and I still have no idea what I did. But from a distance and hidden under that super cute scarf, it looks completely passable. The pattern is from this book.

The Honeycrisp apples (my favorite) are gigantic this time of year. They are clearly not organic and are most likely injected with steroids.

I love this vintage look, and it took some cajoling, but K came around to liking it too.

I am busy busy busy this week! Some ceramics to teach, some art commissions to complete, some fun sewing projects in the works…very excited! I’ve also promised you some tutorials, and I’m shooting to get at least one of them done this week.

12 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Red Knit Henley + Wool Suspender Skirt

  1. gosh, i would live in that cute outfit if only it were my size! and yes, honeycrisp apples are the best! sometimes i buy pink ladys though… a poor man’s version! 😉

  2. oh, the jobs you’ve had! I love it when you throw in little references to the creative and fun past employment you’ve had . . . certainly makes my former life teaching fifth grade sound pretty mundane:)
    And the matching stripes!! In all honesty, I was marveling at your accomplishment before I even read your comment on them. Nice job:) That wool stripe fabric looks divine, as does the red slinky knit. Such a cute top – the scarf may cover up some inadvertent wonkiness, but does so with great panache! I love the way you and K accessorize these outfits:)

    1. Some of my fondest memories are from my teaching days, Lucinda. I think kids are hilarious, and they always made me laugh.

  3. I have a hard time capturing the true color red in my photos too. I think it’s my white balance… I dunno.

    I LOVE suspenders. So fun, right? I’ve been wanting to make some for Sophie and Lala. Lily has no desire for them, I’m sure she thinks they look “uncool”. WHATEVER! 😉

    1. I think skirts with suspenders are so charming! If I could get away with it, I would totally make one in my size! I’m afraid I would end up looking like I’m trying to dress up for some cheesy themed beerfest, though…

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