Happy Friday + Bouquets for you

Happy Friday! I know they’re silly, but I like writing haikus so they will be my little Friday ritual…you know how I cherish routines.

I saw the white anemones at the grocery store (!) and they were so pretty I couldn’t resist. These black-centered anemones are apparently popular wedding flowers, and I can see why. I am a big fan of chic and minimal.

I noticed that I had an unwitting theme of multiple versions going on this week: two tunics and half-leggings, a cupcake-off, different versions of tights and leggings designs, photos of various writing utensils…and to wrap up the week, here are some flowers I made using supplies I had lying around.

I think I may like them almost as much as the real deal anemones. The white and purple flowers are made from air dry clay which has the most pleasing consistency. Airy, light, stretchy and wonderfully pliable. True to their claim, the clay didn’t stick to my hands at all but adhered to other clay pieces like glue. I used the Amaco brand that came with white, purple, orange and yellow. You can blend them, but with these color palettes, your blending options are pretty limited. The clay takes 24 hours to dry and though it does harden a bit, it maintains an almost spongy quality. The pink and bluish teal flowers are made of crepe paper.

I didn’t follow any tutorials; just made ’em up one afternoon when I had a few extra minutes. So easy. I want to make much more elaborate flowers – maybe next week!

What do you think? Not so faux-looking when combined with the anemones, right? Like  so:

OK, the teal mini-broom looking blossom definitely doesn’t pass muster, but I like the color.

Tonight, K will be performing during Japan Night at her school and I can’t wait! It sounds like she’ll be singing and dancing to what could be considered a “hillbilly” Japanese song; this should be interesting. Have a wonderful weekend, friends – hope it’s an extra good one!


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Bouquets for you

  1. A Hillbilly Japanese… that’s something you don’t see everyday. 😉 The flowers are gorgeous and mixing them with real ones makes is fun and whimsical.

    Have fun tonight!

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